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You may have found yourself stretched to your limits and beyond in a situation that may even have replayed old outdated dynamics that you know do not serve your higher good.
You may have even felt bewildered as to how you find yourself in such a situation which you have already learned so well in the past.
There must have been something lingering within you that needed to be learned, dug up from the depths of your subconscious and released.This may very well be related to your self worth.
Whatever this situation has been it has been dragged out just enough to be over it.
By now youre sure to get it.
You may feel depleted by it all
But this just had to play itself out until all of this remaining lack of self worth is totally out of your system.
You may have been surprised at yourself for even finding yourself once again in such a scenario after all you went through in life and learned.
No need for any self judgement
If this is what was in you it needed to come out until the last drop was out
And you find your self dignity and value all over again fully.
Whatever has been dragging out has finally come to a halt.
The energies at the moment are supporting your alignement with your higher self and purpose.
You can feel the inner victim game ending for you.
You are recognizing your value and this aligns you with your power.
You no longer accept disrespect.
You move forward and make decisions based on total respect of self.
This is the only way you can move forward and build anything positive in your life.
Its time to dismantle once and for all any faulty structure upon which you have had your life stuck.
These old perceptions must crumble and go completely.
This is what you have been witnessing
And this is why it has been difficult to let go of and so painful
Because it has been with you for such a long time
It has been your base, an unstable one at that.
No matter how painful and exhausting this might have been for you,
See it for the opportunity it is
See the thorough and deep work that has been done on your inner structure.
Be grateful for having been able to clean it all up and start anew knowing your worth and demanding nothing less for yourself and your life.
Stand Tall.
Know who you Are.
Your inner work is blessing your ancestors and generations to come.
Thats how important you and your work is
Be Proud and Honor yourself and all your hard work, your dedication and determination.
Step onto your Higher Path
Within the power of Aligning with your worth
Within this power you are also able to give yourself and others the best of you
Thats a whole different ball game.
Much love
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