Archangel Gabriel Daily Message – Saturday, January 11, 2020


Daily Message ~ Saturday January 11, 2020

By Trinity Esoterics on Jan 11, 2020 09:05 am

Many enlightening human beings, due to their kind and caring hearts and focus on being the help rather than receiving help, are feeling overwhelmed. If you are in overwhelm, it is very difficult to imagine taking on one more thing. This can make you feel resistant to expansion.

If this is the case, we urge you to immediately start to reevaluate what you can let go of and allow others to take on. What can you delegate? How are you perpetuating an unhealthy balance? Can you start to include yourself in your loving care? What can you release or simplify? Can you start to make choices based on what would be empowering to everyone involved?

One of the prevalent themes of the energies you are now entering is expansion and creation. Do you think allowing yourself to have a big beautiful life only means more work for you? What if moving forward and expansion made your life easier for you? What if it brought more joy, more comfort, more satisfaction? Are you pre-judging the future based on carrying too much of a load in the past?

Dear Ones, you are powerful creators. Powerful creators that are shifting from the martyred service paradigm into joyful, supported service. Find new ways to honour yourselves and others, and start to reframe how you see change. It is absolutely possible to flow into a life that celebrates you for the beloved aspect of Source you are, and everyone will benefit in the most marvellous ways. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young


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