Sophia – One speaks on next steps


Is there someone now who wants to connect?

It is I, Sophia. It is One.

Thank you for coming forward.

What is it you want to say?

There are things to say in order to comfort you around and during this ascension you are going through.

There are bits of information. There are facts of your history of which you may be unaware. There are plans and patterns and schedules of rhythms that affect your planet and then, by connection, affect you and alter your life. These are the things I’ve come to discuss.

Thank you. Go ahead then.

You enter these ripples of waves now, and they rock you. As the words suggest, how much you are rocked depends on your structure, the sturdier ones have been through this before and/or have prepared themselves. Their world will not be as shaken.

I have a question.

Even having been through this before, is it not a possibility that this time and this body could be strongly shaken up, i.e. “rocked”, due to genetic make-up?

I tell you this.

You have come prepared for this. If there is one singular reason for different diet and medicinal preferences it is this. You are each unique AND THIS IS A 3D WORLD.

(Note – all underlining and capitalization came through as I was receiving this message. There are several times where you’ll notice the extra stress made on specific words. They are not my interpretations of what I heard, but highlighted that way as it came through. Sophia)

You may eat meat. You may not. All occurring while you are in this dense and tightly maintained reality. As you awaken yourselves and move into different frequencies, this too will change.

The external pressure of doing or not doing specific things in order to “ascend” is mis-information, and, whether given out with this intention or not, potentially harmful.

By this ( a reference to the meaning of “potentially harmful”) is meant having the opposite effect, and not encouraging a higher frequency, but preventing one.

It is in comfort where you will be guided. This is not to be confused with rest, or what is now termed “relaxation”.


By comfort is meant pleasant, reinforcing, and positively directed towards creation.

Comfort is joy. It is connection with life.

What has been put in its place (meaning in place of “comfort”) , with the word “relaxation” and the things practiced in order to achieve that state, is merely an escape. An escape from the dense and constricted atmosphere of this 3D earth you inhabit.

Comfort, instead, inspires passionate creativity. It includes a sense of freedom.
Comfort physically encompasses emotional, mental, spiritual as well as physical.

You are unique beings. It is true that you embody now a specific human form. Yet remember that your eternal essence has its own blueprint and this body you occupy is imprinted and living in that embodied essence.

What this means is that your original essence has a repertoire of abilities and preferences while it has its human ones.

It is the combination of these that forms this, your current unique identity.
Realize that while some of you may reach great heights of awareness and light with specific practices, others of you not so much.

You are here with alternate purposes and plans to affect change on many different levels. All to assist in this shift. All to assist the planet, the humans on her and yourself.

You came to experience the change while human, just like everyone else. If there are others telling you that you have different or special needs because of your origin or purpose, I tell you that you do not have these things because you are more special or advanced spiritually than others.


That would be a falsehood.

You are here to experience oneness. While it appears to be the opposite of what is played out, it remains true.

You are here as well to assist a race on their journey.

You would not be here, not any of you…

if you were not experienced at this,
or (if you) did not desire an alternate version of this,
or (if you were not) an angel.


EACH OF YOU IS UNIQUE in purpose, structure and strength.

You are not unique in origin.

You are not good or evil, you are love.

Love appears as its own definition, according to whom it is appearing to.

Love is not defined by form. It is expressed in form and then attempted to be defined.

Yet love is not a thing you can identify by action.

Take the phrase “making love” to define the physical conjoining of two. The act could be witnessed, without knowing context, as an act of either intimacy or violence and appear to be the same. With its actions and physical movements and sometimes loud exclamations – IT LOOKS MUCH THE SAME.

Yet I say to you, how do you tell them apart? It is in the emotions within the actions seen that the story is told.

It is the same with love itself, as expressed by a human life.


The reasons beneath are many and varied in their motivation. Evolution happens on many levels’ unseen.

You are here to realize unity with those you may despise. Unity does not imply loving the actions or words of the ones you are united with. Instead, it implies cohesion, oneness, inseparable. You would not be whole without the other.

All of these words are to tell you that yes, you are unique in your ability, while physical, to withstand or accomplish specific human things (and this too is by choice).


The Ascension happens as you declare it does. Not as I/One declares it does – not as Source declares it.

YOU ARE ALL – and it is in your reaching that pinnacle of comprehension and embodiment that the Enlightenment occurs.

(Note – a huge download came here; being one with every hated being, right now. Those are the closest words I have to describe it, and what I wrote in the margins as it came through. Sophia)

It is not meant to be easy.

It is meant to be accomplished.

There is no single correct method of eating or sleeping or acting that is correct, other than what you are inspired to do and led to doing by your passion.





Smile, and welcome each new idea and feeling with joy. These are messages from you, from your essence, urging you towards perfect action.

“Producing results” is an idea that has been introduced to your human consciousness as a form of measurement and worth.

You are each equally worthy.

In order for comfort to ensue, you will have to allow yourself to be comfortable without judgment.

This will produce your greatest and most loving “results”.

All occurs in its correct and perfect timing.

These things are defined moment to moment as you create them. Such is the beauty of the human – a fickle and quickly bored creator. (Note – such humor and love came through with that last sentence! Sophia)

Keep your focus on joy and you will find there, your most rapid affect. For this Ascension is Bliss and you all know what that feels like.


Thank you.

That’s it for today!

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We are the ones.
We have anchored the light.
It is done.


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