Channeled Message from Archangel Israel: via Wendy Kay


Channeled Message from Archangel Israel:

“The last year has been a challenge for almost everyone. It has been a tough year. It has been a year of cleansing and of shedding the old. Many fought the changes. Some are still fighting them, but know that you will lose the fight for you are meant to shed the old and embrace the glory of the new.

You have been preparing for the new. There isn’t one of you who hasn’t been doing that.

There are a few months of preparation left for most, but know the worst is over. Yes, there will be challenges yet to come but now you will be living as you were meant to live without being affected by the energy that was affecting you over the last few years. You were all affected. You all felt it in some way.

You are all learning to live differently and though those changes may be subtle, you will notice them. You will continue to release the old and invite the new for it is what must be.

You are being handed the reins to your life. You can make it what you want it to be as long as you are living your truth. That is most important.

In doing so, remember to spread kindness and love for that is the truth of who you are. That is what will heal the planet. You will share your truth with others in different ways.

Don’t expect others to live as you live for they are also living their truth.They will take what they need from you and move on or they will give what you need and then move on. Yes, there will be those that will walk the path with you but it is no longer a life of holding onto the old, but releasing as needed and embracing the new.

It will be done in joy as you accept it. You will no longer feel weighed down by the burdens you might have been carrying for lifetimes.

Freedom is yours for the taking – you need not ask for it. It is being handed to you freely.

How you share your truth is unique to you and does not have to be what others believe or want. If you are being true to yourself and are also being kind to yourself and others, you will see life change for the better.

Don’t mistake being kind to others to mean doing things to make others happy. There are many things you will do that are meant to be for your life path that will not make others happy for it is not what they want. They must learn to accept and release just as you are doing the same.

You will be a bringer of harmony and that will change the world as you know it.

Live your life to fulfill your dreams and allow others to do the same. Do not compare your life to another for you are unique. Your inner gifts are unique. Your spiritual goals are unique. Your life path is unique.

Expect 2020 to give you many opportunities to fulfill your dreams. Know that you are being guided every step of the way. Trust yourself. Trust your intuition.

You are a healer for your own life now. Every decision you make, every thought you have can now heal you on a very deep level. The energy that surrounds you now is very powerful. Changes come quickly. Remember this as you step into the new year.”
Live in the Light,

Wendy Kay,
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