2020: The Great Unveiling


We are officially in the corridor to New Earth that opened with a highly combustible solar eclipse on Christmas. The totality of the “last-minute 1-2-3 punch that ended on Boxing Day” did NOT disappoint, amounted to a total KO for the lower human template after a final face-off with the persecution story/crucifixion wound. In fact, the window from the solstice to the Christmas eclipse was a bonafide “wrath of GOD” passage of Knowing who we TRULY are, but having to hold steady, anchored in that Truth for what may or may not have amounted to a last-minute holiday shit-slinging, as we squeezed the last of that enormous camel thru the eye of that very tiny needle.

In some cases, this ultimate breaking-free process meant sitting perfectly still, fully present to that opposing lower force (in ALL its forms) with a higher perspective…without reacting to it one last time, without feeding those dynamics any life force knowing that we have moved beyond them…but also knowing that we need to see these endings thru to completion in the physical.

If you are still wrestling with those old dynamics, know that 1) we are just burning off the last of a decade of karmic debris and that 2) from now until the lunar eclipse on 1/10 is a last call to run thru your being with a fine-tooth comb and disentangle any remaining knots binding you to causality. This is our window to completely release the false identity, to drop doubts, fears, limitations, anything and everything that is not authentic/LOVE must go. We are at the very end where things can feel the hardest because we are the most (mentally, emotionally & physically) exhausted, but we have to finish the last leg of this 2000 year race strong. Whether we walk thru, run thru, or crawl thru these last-minute obstacles, this is no time to give up.

2020 is the kickoff to the Heavenly realms…the first surefooted steps as masters of our own fate.

The REAL reality is readying for revelation which means we can no longer hold onto anything from “that” world (of separation) because we are moving into a whole new life cycle (shifting reality programs) unified as ONE. The dissolution process has been an all-encompassing endeavor but we are being asked/pushed (at all costs) to align every level of our being with the New Earth timeline because we need to be in full readiness to receive our new mission templates at the onset of 2020.

This eclipse corridor that we are in is facilitating this passage to The Garden, the Nirvanic Realms, the Promised Land…walking us from the dormant DNA of the lower human (false) template to the other side of the rainbow bridge by way of all the triple trinity gateways which have been culminating multiple cycle completions all month long. So many multidimensional timelines are ending, merging right now into zero-point, bringing us thru this portal gateway to a whole new reality where we are complete in our (first) missions→ done with facilitating timeline clearings for the planet.

Wayshowers brought as many people as possible “over the rainbow” (bridge) and now we are spiraling back to zero-point, completing the cycles of time and “raising up our drawbridge” for the new year/new cycle/new decade/New Earth. And we are not only completing multiple timelines, but we are also creating brand new ones that have never been available to the masses before now…entirely new pathways for humanity to follow that lead them out of slavery and into true salvation.

2020 is a universal 4 year, a foundation-building year from which a much higher level Truth will be revealed…the real truth of our inborn divinity. Four is an extraordinarily powerful numeric for physical change…this will be a no-holds-barred year where soul meets body, spirit meets matter, Heaven meets Earth. In Christianity, 3 symbolizes the heavens and 4 represents the body. In Chinese philosophy, 4 is the number of the Earth. In Hinduism, 4 is totality→the meaning/purpose of life is 4-fold. According to Pythagoras, 4 is perfection.

2019 (universal 3 year) was a masculine energetic in which the Divine Child was made manifest through triangulation (The Holy Trinity). In 2020, under a feminine energetic, the Holy Trinity (of GOD) takes form/4m. (Four is the number of matter in numerology…it represents the 4 seasons, 4 elements, 4 directions, and the 4 sides to a cube.) This is the year we begin implementing the new triality structures/systems needed to support the Feminine Force of (Mother) GOD to lead…the set up of a whole new trajectory for humanity’s ultimate liberation in 2021 (universal 5 year→FREEdom).

And of course, kicking off this year of re-form and re-structure to align with the higher trajectory is the famed Saturn-Pluto conjunction (in Capricorn) on January 12th, just two days after the lunar eclipse in Cancer on January 10th. With that eclipse in the sign of the archetypal “mother” followed up with Pluto’s determination to transform (resurrect) the structures of society (Saturn) to align with higher, universal law & order under the governance of the archetypal “father” (Capricorn Sun), we are bound to witness a profoundly accelerated deterioration of the (old) foundation of humankind.

This inevitable & continual breakdown will reveal so much, serving as a final clarion call to humanity, guiding/pleading/forcing all those capable to unhook from the slave matrix and redirect their authority inward…to reconnect to their True power Source, finally reclaiming the governance of their own lives.

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