ARE YOU FEELING THIS? (Another Amazing Energy Update)



Dear Beautiful,

I greet you today with additional insight, energetic support, and heart-centered companionship as we make our way through the completion phase of the 12:12 Stargate. Perhaps you are noticing sleep interruptions, emotional sensitivities, or a desire to withdraw, highlighting the amount of activation occurring in our chakras and DNA. As this massive rewiring process reaches its apex on 12/21/19, I wanted to share with you an interesting theme surfacing in many of you who are undergoing this transmutation process. I call this theme, “Death of the False Idol.”

By Webster’s definition, an idol is an image used as an object of worship. While most people think of idols as religious statues, sacred locations, or holy monuments, it is common for our modern-day version of idolization to get projected upon those in our lives to whom we’ve given away our power. While it is natural to create deep-rooted bonds with those we love, we subsequently can feel a tremendous amount of loss, grief, and despair if and when those relationships end– while there is an underpinning of idolization that occurs when those we love become the images or idols that define our sense of value. This means our perception of love can often shift into codependent idolization when someone else’s experience seems to limit or diminish our personal experience. As an example: I love my parents but when I was younger, having my parents mad at me– whether from a tiny household chore I missed or simply triggering their overworked minds and under-loved hearts– felt like a death in my heart.

As a child, having someone mad at me felt like the entire world was crumbling around me. I would find myself groveling at the feet of the parents I idolized, willing to give anything away in the name of being back in their good graces. This led to a life-long pattern of always needing to make sure my parents were happy in order to be happy with my perception of self. This created a series of patterns such as codependency and enmeshment, where choices were made to keep my parents’ approval in-tact, instead of following the flow of my inner directive. Because I was so emotionally and psychologically damaged by the spontaneous withdrawal of my parents’ approval, I allowed their ideas and beliefs to navigate my choice-making, turning away from the pursuit of joy so I could keep my distance from the anticipation of pain.

As our crystalline DNA gets activated, we undergo an emotional purging, where any characters who we have given our power away to are vanishing from our existence– or our deep relationships are going through major shifts (which may appear as relationship tension or upheaval as old patterns are dissolving). While this isn’t the first time this type of mass exodus may have entered your life– from the death of loved ones, being laid off from (or choosing to leave) a job, the dissolving of romantic partnerships, or the even the completion of friendships– it’s important to highlight this phase of interpersonal purging as we release the characters representing co-dependency, entanglement, and enmeshment, in order to make room for brand-new bonds rooted in the frequency of love, freedom, openness, and joy.

During the “Death of the False Idol”, there is a very clear wiping away of toxic bonds, whether with those whose conditioning plays out along a victimhood/narcissistic spectrum, as well as those who drain your energy by identifying with their shadow while unknowingly acting as energetic vampires. While we are all making our way deeper into the radiance of light, and into the mastery of our light, each and every soul has their own unique path to complete and play out. While we offer compassion and forgiveness for the journey of each person, now is the time to help the Universe clear space in your life, so a reality once brimming with toxic patterns becomes a harvest of time-honored friendship and authentic heart-centered connection.

One of the strangest aspects to “Death of the False Idol” is how sad, lonely, and heart-broken we can feel in the absence of energetic vampires, mainly because we are feeling the sting of their rejection, and feeling often alone or invisible in the interim period of solitude, before healing is complete and new members of your soul family arrive. While we no longer may have people sucking our energy dry, for some it at least made us feel useful to have the attention and surface ‘approval’, even from those who were using us for the resources of our light (replaying our early childhood programming and patterns).

This is what often leads to either reaching out to such characters in moments of despair, or allowing manipulative patterning to wiggle its way back into your life. Since our egos make quite personal what is actually the mechanics of Universal energy in motion, it’s helpful to remember that we tend to become the vibrational average of the 5 people we spend the most amount of time with. This can often lead to confusion when it comes to caring for family members, particularly aging parents, who may not be having the most congruent time evolving their consciousness. From one perspective, you might think: “Everyone in my life is toxic and they all must go!” And yet, through the wisdom of your heart, a clearer question arises: “If I am the vibrational average of the 5 people I spend the most amount of time with, why not make time spent with myself an opportunity to be more aligned with love than ever before?”

As we embrace “Death of the False Idol” as a sacred opportunity to be the most vibrationally-inspirational force in our own lives, we allow the purging of loss (from those who drained our energy from the power we gave away) to be a phase of solace, rejuvenation, reflection, and reconstruction. If you are experiencing the loss of friends, family, co-workers, lovers, or simply feel like a ghost walking around in your reality, it is the detoxification of the idolization pattern that offers time, space, and perspective to soothe your feelings and mend each layer of heartbreak and loneliness with the depth of conscious love that will soon be reflected back by a cast of incoming and energetically-upgraded characters. While these new characters represent a party celebrating the arrival of 5D consciousness, we are currently working through the sense where, for many of us, we are the first to arrive at a party in our honor. This makes the ending of 2019 and the entry point into a brand new decade a perfect opportunity to get the party started, knowing more are soon to arrive, especially when we don’t look out the window for those parking their cars, but instead, get lost within the celebration of our own timeless magnificence.

During this phase of rejuvenation, reclaiming power, and releasing toxic relationships, it is a perfect time to:

  • Fall as madly in love with yourself as humanly possible; start by focusing on the things most easy to love about you and then gradually open up to honoring and acknowledging the things you wish were different or that bring up the most amount of shame. Because we are doing deep emotional work, the process cannot be rushed. It must always be performed at the speed of authenticity and honesty.
  • Instead of worrying about the foods you shouldn’t eat, take time to put effort into adding into your diet the foods that promote wellness, balance, and longevity. Perhaps invite more leafy green vegetables into your daily meal-planning, along with purified water with squeezes of lemon to purify the blood, harmonize the liver, and tone the spleen. Simply by balancing out your eating habits, instead of trying to be ultra rigid about your intake, you may find cravings for sugar, caffeine, or alcohol naturally diminish.
  • Prepare for an incredible 2020 by mentally thanking each of the characters who have left your life. Dare to wish them well on their soul’s journey and allow any pain experienced in 2019 to end with a smile. If there are things you aren’t able to embrace to this capacity, simply make more time for self-love, where instead of trying to change how you think or feel, merely offer emotional support and greater companionship to however you seem to be. This isn’t about how a “spiritual person” should behave, but rather being true to your journey as you dare to love yourself.
  • Challenge yourself to perform spontaneous acts of good will, along with sending blessings of light to those on TV, on your social media feeds, or those you pass on the street. If life is an energetic game of “follow the leader”, let us remind the world how we wish to be treated, while being so nourished by our own expressions of generosity that we forget to wait for the reciprocity of others.
  • Rather than focus on the outcomes you hope to manifest in the new year, take time to decide who you would like to be in your words, actions, and behaviors. An empowered co-creator declares, “No matter the circumstances and outcomes that are meant to be, I will be more______, ________, and _________ to myself and those I encounter.” When we focus too heavily on manifesting outcomes, it turns the future into your next false idol, where you toss your power ahead of you just to have something to chase after.

As life helps you purge toxic relationships out of your field, in preparation for meeting deeper aspects of the reborn newly-empowered you, we embrace “Death of the False Idol” as an opportunity to clear away the distractions of drama, so to give greater space for light to inhabit now that we are addressing and healing our core traumas on a cellular level.

With each false idol fading away, there remains nothing in the way of discovering yourself as the Source of existence. While you have always been the Truth existing in all, it only becomes a ‘life-changing shift of the ages’ once it is integrated and embodied on a cellular level. This is why this process is so deep, comprehensive and often uncomfortable to navigate. It’s uncharted territory.

From my heart to yours, may we face our most desperate feelings, welcome our heart-shattering ‘alone-ness’, and soothe the exhaustion and confusion that comes from diving so deeply into the center of unresolved pain. We have so many gifts to unwrap in 2020, the time we take to heal and process emotional discomfort equally accelerates the blessings, synchronicities, and joy we are becoming worthy enough to wholeheartedly receive.

As we enter 2020 as receivers of life’s greatest joy, an entire world receives the honor to encounter and embody such worthiness and grace through our interconnection with the quantum field.

Many blessings sent for a miraculous holiday.

As always, I am with you every step of the way.

All For Love,


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