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December 16 to 22, 2019
by Pam Younghans
WHILE IT MAY BE COMMON to feel a bit grumpy on Monday mornings, this week we have an astrological excuse: Mars in Scorpio is in hard aspect to Jupiter in Capricorn, amplifying any resentments we might hold toward those in authority or about being controlled by circumstances—perhaps specifically about the need to go to work when we’d much rather be doing other things. We will need to find positive outlets for the tension of this Mars-Jupiter semisquare, since tempers are hot and can easily flare.

A disgruntled mood may linger for a bit, since there are no significant planetary events to shift the energy on Tuesday and Wednesday. But the Moon will be in dutiful Virgo on those two days, helping us apply ourselves to whatever tasks need to be done. By Wednesday, we will also start to feel the effects of a productive Mars-Saturn sextile that perfects very early on Thursday. This aspect provides opportunities for us to make progress on projects that we care deeply about. It can also help us direct any irritation we felt earlier in the week in more reasoned and reasonable ways.

THROUGHOUT THE DAY on Thursday, a Mercury-Neptune square makes it difficult to focus our minds on practical matters. But, when the mental boat is allowed to drift, it enables us to perceive the subtle realms more easily. One of the gifts of a Mercury-Neptune aspect—even the hard aspects—is greater access to our imaginations and altered states of consciousness. The square aspect just indicates that problems arise when we try (or need) to steer the boat, in spite of the fog that obscures our knowing of which direction to go.

Adding to the creative/spiritual themes in the last half of the week is a Jupiter-Neptune quintile that perfects on Friday. This aspect helps us embody the very best of the “holiday spirit”: compassion, generosity, and creative inspiration. It’s a subtle energy, so may not turn every Scrooge into a magnanimous Uncle Ebenezer, but it does allow for better access to our inner creative or spiritual resources, perhaps most readily through the dream state, meditation, or other altered states of consciousness.

THE SOLSTICE occurs as the Sun enters Capricorn at 8:19 p.m. PST on Saturday, December 21. This event, of course, ushers in winter in regions north of the equator, and summer in southern realms.

The birth chart drawn for the solstice is said to reveal how we are likely to experience the coming season—and this year’s Capricorn solstice chart is quite complex and very telling. Here’s an overview of planetary aspects in that chart, and what they foretell about the next three months:
Sun conjunct Jupiter and the South Node: With these alignments, karmic patterns of the past are highlighted. Outdated behaviors and systems will be exaggerated so that we can make clearer, more evolutionarily-sound choices going forward. We will find progress thwarted until we align ourselves with the North Node in Cancer, choosing heart-centeredness over self-centeredness, connection over separation, and empathy over suspicion.
Chiron square the Sun/Jupiter/South Node: This is an important time of healing, collectively and for each of us individually. Ancient survival fears arise that must be addressed if we are to move beyond them. Ignoring the fears will not resolve them; they are healed only through love and understanding, both for ourselves and for all others who walk this planet with us.
Ceres conjunct Saturn and Pluto: This stellium represents the essence of the upcoming Saturn-Pluto alignment we’ve been talking about throughout 2019. Old systems that are based in the need for control, in protectionism, and in fear are being dismantled. On a personality level, syndromes of possessiveness, competitiveness, and powermongering as ways of either maintaining control or demanding love are likewise being exposed so that they might be transmuted.
Mercury conjunct Pallas Athene: This pairing in Sagittarius indicates that the inspired solutions we seek are within our ability to conceptualize and actualize. As a warrior, Pallas helps us see the bigger picture, to fight as needed for truth, and to bring the skills of negotiation to the table. As a healer, Pallas facilitates the use of visualization, positive thinking, and spiritual knowledge to bring about changes. When Mercury and Pallas are aligned, it increases the skillful use of words. This power of speech may be used in very positive ways, but we will also want to be cautious about following someone simply because they speak persuasively.
Eris square Saturn/Pluto: Dwarf planet Eris symbolizes the archetype of the Forgotten One who seeks revenge for having been ignored or discounted. As a female goddess, her involvement represents the voice of the feminine that has been minimized and is now demanding to be heard.
Uranus trine the Sun/Jupiter: With Uranus in earthy Taurus, this aspect facilitates changes in the way we approach environmental issues and climate change. With larger-than-life Jupiter involved, it is the sheer magnitude of the need that drives the change.
Venus square Uranus: This aspect points to instability in some or all of the areas ruled by Venus: relationships, finances, alliances and treaties, arts and pleasures. Our experiences in these areas may fluctuate, or unexpected situations may arise that require flexibility and independent initiative.
Mars sextile Saturn/Pluto: This aspect indicates that we have the courage, depth, and stamina to handle the powerful changes that are occurring over the course of the next three months. To access those qualities, we will need to claim the truth that lies at the deepest realms of our being and then to fuel our actions by our willpower and dedication to that truth.
SAVE THE DATE! My last webinar, in June 2019, covered astrological events through January 2020. Because of that, my next class is set for Thursday, January 30. In the class, we’ll of course review all that has transpired during January’s incredible line-up of planetary events, and then move on to discuss what we can expect for the first half of 2020.

My working title for the webinar is “After the Tornado: Toto, I have a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore” (see graphic below). More details to come in the weeks ahead!

IF YOUR BIRTHDAY IS THIS WEEK: Flexibility will serve you well this year, as changes are likely to occur that are outside of your control. Remember that each of us, no matter how brave we may be, can benefit from acknowledging the existence of an inner child aspect of our personality that needs our care and support. Take time this year to embrace that part of you, to tell it that you understand its fears and that you love it. As you do this, your inner child is able to heal and becomes a strong ally in all of your endeavors. (Solar Return Sun square Chiron, trine Uranus)

In Gratitude and Light,


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Aspects of Note This Week

All times listed are Pacific Standard Time. For Greenwich Mean Time, add 8 hours.

MON: Mars semisquare Jupiter
THU: Mars sextile Saturn, Mercury square Neptune, Venus enters Aquarius
FRI : Jupiter quintile Neptune, Venus semisquare Neptune, Mercury sesquiquadrate Uranus
SAT: Venus sextile Chiron, Mercury conjunct Pallas Athene, Sun enters Capricorn/Solstice 8:19 p.m. PST
SUN: Venus square Uranus, Mars sextile Pluto

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