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December 2 to 8, 2019
by Pam Younghans
THE FIRST WEEK of December may appear relatively calm astrologically, but there’s at least one major event to discuss: Jupiter, the largest known planet in our solar system, crosses the threshold from Sagittarius into Capricorn on Monday.

Jupiter takes about 12 years to journey through the entire zodiac, spending at least one full year in each sign. Since Jupiter changes signs every 13 months or so, we might brush its sign change off as being inconsequential. However, this particular shift is noteworthy because it increases the weighting of planets in Capricorn, and is setting the energy for events that will occur throughout 2020, when Jupiter aligns with Pluto three times.

JUPITER is the Great Magnifier, and its passage through a sign usually corresponds with an amplification of the qualities and issues associated with that sign. While Jupiter has traveled through Sagittarius over the past year, we’ve seen an expansion of both the higher and lower vibrational qualities of Sag—on the one hand, greater idealism, generosity, and vision, but on the other hand, greater dogmatism, overspending, and self-righteousness. And, areas of life that Sagittarius rules have garnered more of our attention: trials and courts of law, international commerce and imports, foreign relations and agents, and long-distance communications/mobile networks (5G).

Over the next year, while Jupiter transits authoritative Capricorn, it is likely that we will be dealing individually with the need to be strong, to take charge in some area of our lives. We will see amplification of both ends of the frequency spectrum of Capricorn’s qualities—self-discipline, integrity, and the ability to commit to the long haul, but also materialism, rigidity, and pessimism/fear. Capricorn themes will likely dominate the headlines: corporations and authority figures, governments and politics, minerals and mines, aging and the elderly.

THE LAST TIME Jupiter transited Capricorn was December 2007 through January 2009. Perhaps as you review that year, you’ll see how you took on additional responsibility in some area of life. No doubt, you had to work hard but gained certain rewards as a result. Finding Capricorn in your birth chart can help in this review, to pinpoint more closely how events in 2008 related to Jupiter’s journey through the sign.

As an example from my own life, Capricorn is mostly contained in my Third House, which rules communication, information sharing, and siblings, among other things. In 2008, my sisters and I were in constant communication regarding our father’s well-being; my job was to keep in touch with the company that handled his elder care, to talk with his doctors and social workers, and eventually to find hospice care. It was a challenging time, but one of the ultimate rewards has been a stronger bond with my sisters, one that keeps us connected across the many miles that separate us physically.

AS SOON AS it enters Capricorn this week, Jupiter forms a square to Chiron, with the aspect perfecting next Sunday. We’re likely to get a snapshot of some of the less palatable manifestations of Jupiter in Capricorn with this aspect. Jupiter will be magnifying the wounds represented by Chiron in Aries: a lack of self confidence, the fear of asking for what we want, and an underlying belief that we’ll not be able to have what we want in life. With this aspect, authority figures may “put their foot down,” triggering those wounds of Chiron in Aries.

On a personal level, especially in our places of business (ruled by Capricorn), we’ll want to watch any tendencies to barrel through issues by simply taking an authoritarian stance or “going it alone”—typical Capricorn traits—instead of taking the time to work with others. As we take off our blinders, honoring everyone’s position and contributions, we help heal that Chironic wound, in ourselves and others.

RELATIONSHIPS are highlighted this week, especially those that have roots in the past—whether earlier in this life or in other incarnations. Venus is conjunct the karmic South Node in Capricorn on Monday, bringing up old heart contracts so that we might resolve remaining issues. There is also a Mercury-Pluto sextile on Monday, which provides an opening for an honest exchange of ideas and opinions. And, the Sagittarius Sun aligns with Pallas Athene on Monday as well, helping us see the bigger picture through the eyes of wisdom.

As the week unfolds, there is additional support for a successful handling of whatever might arise. Venus moves on to sextile Mars (on Tuesday) and Neptune (on Sunday). These aspects represent opportunities to formulate new agreements that are based in mutual respect for individual needs, and to rise above the ego’s need to be in full control.

NEXT SUNDAY, in addition to the Jupiter-Chiron square and the Venus-Neptune sextile, a Sun-Neptune square is in effect. If we’ve been feeling stress, this aspect can give us the excuse to just coast for a while. It is a square, however, so there’s a challenge involved.

We tend to be more energetically porous with hard Neptune transits, so we’ll need to be aware of where we might play the victim card, or where we tend to take on the role of rescuer or martyr. If situations arise that feel uncomfortable, we can see if we have any beliefs that prevent us from maintaining strong boundaries—such as, “I’m not being spiritual if I have any needs of my own.”

This common misconception of what “true spirituality” means gives us more insights into the issues we’ve been working with throughout the week. Occurring together on Sunday, the Sun-Neptune and Jupiter-Chiron squares require us to acknowledge our value as an individual, to accept that we were given (chose) desires and needs as a part of the expression of our Soul in this physical body. We are learning the differences between being of service and being a servant, and between martyrdom and true selflessness.

IF YOUR BIRTHDAY IS THIS WEEK: This year you are discovering more about the spiritual component of your life. The lessons of such a year involve learning greater trust and faith, staying in tune with your intuition, allowing your Divine Self to guide your actions, and being open to the counsel offered to you from your spiritual support team. Along the way, you will have opportunities to let go of old beliefs and mindsets, and to move more comfortably with the flow of energy through your life. (Solar Return Sun square Neptune)

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Aspects of Note This Week

All times listed are Pacific Standard Time. For Greenwich Mean Time, add 8 hours.

MON: Jupiter enters Capricorn, Venus conjunct South Node, Sun conjunct Pallas Athene, Mercury sextile Pluto
TUE: Venus sextile Mars
SUN: Sun square Neptune, Venus sextile Neptune, Jupiter square Chiron

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