Sunday, August 25, 2019


The video of David’s workshop was posted as a bonus on the Livestream after the Conference, but without the slides. The transcriber found many slides online. Most are the same images David posted, but a few are similar but not the same.

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All right. I came to bring it! That’s what I intend to do today. [Cheers] Absolutely.

It’s so exciting when [unintelligible] begin to happen.


It’s very sad that Pete Peterson died before we were about to tape a whole new round of stuff.

He told me that ever since he was a kid and these extraterrestrials were teaching him about their technology and their crafts that he had been . . . he doesn’t know exactly how many, but that he had traveled to 60~65 – somewhere in that range – off-planet locations.

And it’s fascinating, because in the final analysis what does this mean?

This means that had Pete Peterson not been silenced, he would have validated even more of all the same data that we heard from Henry Deacon, that we heard from William Tompkins, that we’ve heard from Emery Smith, that we’ve heard from Corey Goode. The information stays consistent.

And as difficult as it is for most people to believe, or even imagine, this is real.


We are dealing with actual, genuine whistleblower testimony – people who have come forward and risk their lives to do this.

It is very sad to point out that we had another insider that we were calling Woody. He was the top signatory for the West working with this so-called Dragon Family, which if you don’t know this: the Dragon Family is the real secret power in Asia.

This is not the Chinese Communist government. This is the Asian banking system.

And we have started to form an Alliance with the Dragon Family, believe it or not. I can’t talk too much about this right now, but I will say that one of the things that they want to do is make the real definitive Hollywood movie about their story.

And they have initially said that we can be the ones that help get that movie made for them.

So this is very, very exciting, folks.  [Applause] That’s new information.


You’re dealing with an Asian-looking culture that came to the area around Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam in spacecraft.

They ultimately found a gigantic vein of gold on Earth – it’s much greater than anything else – to the point where you could take a bulldozer and literally just bulldoze boulders of gold out of the ground.

Now, that vein . . . This is in Laos-Cambodia-Vietnam, and then the vein actually goes down into Australia as well.

It has been kept very, very secret because it would validate the value of gold as a precious commodity if we knew how much we have.

So you have to understand these folks were taking so much gold out of the ground that they were building, like, for example, entire statues of the Buddha out of solid gold. And then the heads would screw off, and inside this container is all jewels – diamonds and stuff.

And so all of this treasure was held in repositories mostly by private families, but the Cabal had a trick up their sleeve.


If you go throughout Japan, one of the things you notice . . . [David stops to comment on the difficulty of some in the audience to see him because of pillars in the room.]

Anyway, the Dragon Family builds a whole lot of treasure, and then the Cabal had different plans.

So what the Cabal did was to infiltrate Japan. That is why when you go to the old Japanese Shinto shrines and you’ll see the Star of David, because while I do not say the Cabal is a Jewish conspiracy, they’re certainly were people of different religions including Judaism.

So there are still places where you see a Star of David in these old Japanese temples.

And isn’t it strange . . . One of the papers I did in college got me one of the best ratings from my professor was: I wrote about the Meigi Restoration, right?

The story goes, you have in Japan the Shogunates, the military war-lords ruling over society – Tokugawa Yoshinobu being the last one, right? This is where all the Samurai stuff comes from.

And I’ve said to Beth, my wife, Elizabeth, this martial art is the military, okay. It was the military of its time. So you have to get educated in the weapons of the time. There are always cool weapons.

Unfortunately, with the advent of modern technology, that whole way of life was invalidated.


The Samurai became obsolete. This began with the arrival of gun-boats from the West that showed up at the shore of Japan and just started firing off cannon blasts into buildings, and you’re seeing this massive destruction.

The Japanese essentially surrendered on the spot. And so this is where the term “gunboat diplomacy” originated, right?

You have your gun-boat and that became the law.


What we really don’t understand yet is this thing called the Meiji Restoration where Japanese [unintelligible] and they became Westernized. They literally went from a medieval, feudal society in which there’s things like kimonos and wooden shoes, called [unintelligible]. And there’s tea ceremonies and there’s Samauri who are sold into this warrior code, right, and if you draw your sword, by the Bushido code, you have to draw blood.

And if you don’t actually draw somebody else’s blood, you have to cut your own hand with your sword, so that they literally never really bring the sword out unless some blood is going to be drawn.

And, of course, this is also where you get “harakiri”, right? “Oh, my God, why does he stick this thing in his stomach?” If you’ve been dishonored, you’ve got to kill yourself? Whew! I don’t know about that.

I’m not quite ready for harakiri, or the “harikari”. that’s the English pronunciation.

They go to Myramar. “Oh, it’s ‘Burma’.” There are so many examples of this kind of thing.

Anyway, we could so on that rant for a long time.

Anyway, the Japanese westernized in what’s called the Meiji Restoration.


The Meiji Restoration supposedly was a “student-led revolution”, but what we actually know now is that it was these Rothschilds, it was this Illuminati, that were using the students as pawns. They said, “Don’t worry, you’ve got the guns behind you”.

And, in one generation, all of the Samurai, all of the martial arts, all of the really cool stuff, where you’re not only defending freedom, but it’s like “dance” quality at the same time.

All that stuff got lost in favor of guns and a whole lot of violence.

What we don’t usually understand is that the Japanese were then weaponized as a people to essentially destroy this Dragon Family wealth, or to try to seize as much of it as possible, which they did.

So, we have enormous amounts of Japanese incursions beginning really in the 1920’s.


After, in WW1, they had grown so fast into an industrial power. They literally go from medieval to being contemporaneous with everybody else.

And their goal at the time, which they talk about openly, was to build what they call a “Greater East Asian Co-Prosperity Sphere”. And that semantic terminology actually means they just wanted to dominate the entire planet, okay, as “co-prosperity”.

Well, what starts to happen in the 1920’s is Japanese soldiers invade Korea, they invade China, they invade all these other little countries like Laos and Cambodia. They torture people to death; they use all the Illuminati tricks. They were taught how to do this.

And they say, “Where’s the f_ing gold?”


And the gold was given up. And so they got a massive amount of gold, which all became a part of the Global Collateral Accounts.

And then, what most people don’t know about World War II, is that the Americans and the Germans . . . Well, you know this because you’re all fans of my work, right? [Applause]

What you find out is that the Nazis and the Americans were actually working together the whole time.


What do they do? In 1933, they make it illegal to own gold.

What do they do? They take your gold out of the safe-deposit box because you’re in the middle of the Great Depression. So they created this whole thing.

And then they say, “Oh, my God. Oh, my God. We’re all bleeding to death in America. There is no money. It’s all because of that nasty gold.”

They go into your safe-deposit box, which was a big trick. They told you, “Oh, yeah, it’s safe in the bank.” They’ve got the keys.

They open up your deposit box and they take your gold. And then they hand you, you know, a little stack of ten-dollar bills in there.

You go back and all you’ve got is worthless paper money. That’s what they were doing.

Not only did they confiscate everyone’s gold in America, but they went all through Asia doing this.


And then, in World War II, what was the first thing that both the Americans and the Nazis did as soon as they got to a new country?

They break open the central bank. That’s the first thing they do. The tanks roll straight in. They go straight to the central bank. They blast the doors open with dynamite and they’d load it all up into tanks and they drive it off.

This is the secret, or not so secret now thanks to the history of World War II.


What do you do with all this money? You build a secret space program, okay?

The Global Collateral Accounts secretly created all this money that was hidden off of the books. But the idea was that the countries involved were told, “If you let us do this, then, even though it appears to be printing money out of thin air, it’s actually backed by something real.”

The Asians were given enormous chests and boxes filled with these bonds in exchange for their gold. The bonds were supposedly . . . Some of them had a face value of one billion dollars.


So, the Dragon Family is the root-source of all this wealth, and, they actually originated as extraterrestrial beings who flew in from another planet.

And in “The Law of One” they say it’s from Deneb [NOTE: 10:15 and 21:28 of The Law of One. Ra actually says Deneb is the name of the galaxy from which they came. They were living on a second-density planet that was having trouble reaching third-density because of the age of their sun.], and I would have every reason to believe that.

These folks lived for 200-300 years, and they use interesting herbs to prolong their life. Interesting. They still have their ships, and their ships are still here.

And they are very centrally involved in the Secret Space Program. They have been building craft here on Earth. They have a major, major facility in Nevada.


And this guy, Woody . . . We were going to meet with him – “we” meaning Elizabeth and myself. We were planning on this.

And he was the main person signing off for the West on the new financial system.

Now, what does this mean? It’s really important to understand all the shade that Ben and Rob hurled yesterday against the Communist Chinese government – that is NOT the Dragon Family.

The Dragon Family in my view, based on everything I know personally does appear to have our best interests in mind.

And with that understanding comes the liberation of the Disclosure that we are seeking. The Dragon Family is a key part of this. They have already been using this technology.


What does it mean when we get this new financial system?

First of all, there is no more war! War becomes obsolete. War doesn’t ever need to happen. [Applause and cheering]

We see all these examples of diplomatic failures leading to war.

One of the great whistleblowers from the Bush-era was this woman. She was assigned to Iraq to figure out: How do we get them to comply with UN sanctions, right? Remember all that crap if you’re old enough to remember that crap? Don’t raise your hand, you’ll have to embarrass yourself, but I certainly do.

And they were totally compliant.

The Iraqis were doing everything. Why in the world would you want to piss off the US military whose budget is like 8 million times higher than all the other world’s militaries combined?

Oh, we’re so afraid of China. Oh, we’re so afraid of Russia. Whatever, right? We’ve got this gigantic sledge hammer, and it’s like, “Oh, we’re worried about these little thumb tacks. Boom, boom, boom, boom. There go the thumb tacks.”

All right? That’s really what the world is like.

So Karen Hughes is out there trying to bring about this change. – or whatever her name was. I might not have her name right.

But anyway, . . . That’s a different one. Karen Hudes is a different one. I might not remember her name correctly. [Note: The name is right. It was Karen Hughes.]

Well, anyway, someone will remember who this is.

She was supposed to do the UN weapons inspections, and they were being compliant. They were doing everything that they wanted them to do.

And then the orders came down: sabotage the whole thing. Sabotage the whole thing.

What I’m telling you folks is . . . And this is for posterity too for the filming of this – the nature of where we’re going as a society.

The Iraqi’s didn’t want to have a war. They didn’t want to be invaded. They didn’t want to have ‘shock-and-awe’. They didn’t want to have weird psycho-acoustic weapons used against them.

Remember how they all surrendered, right? How weird was that? The Republican Guard, the top levels of Saddam Hussein’s bastards just come out with their hands up?

Well, it’s because we have these psycho-acoustic weapons where you completely lose your battles and you will do absolutely anything in the world to stop that sound from coming into your ears and body.

So what we don’t see is that all of those guys had messed their pants when they came out with their hands up. It was horrible.

So bear in mind that part of this new financial system, so we are told, is a genuinely peaceful world. WE DO NOT NEED TO HAVE WAR. That is a diplomatic failure. It never needs to get to that point. Why does it get to that point? Because it’s profitable. [Applause]

Well, here’s a great idea. We’ve got this amazing military-industrial complex. We don’t want them to lose their money, right, because a lot of people would be out of work. And we’ve built this awesome machine.

This is what the Space Force is ultimately about. Let’s take that initiative of the military-industrial complex . . . We’re not hating on them; we’re not saying they are bad, right? There are a lot of good Alliance people there.

Let’s become the Star Trek society. Let’s go out and do peaceful space exploration. [Applause] We’re already there. It already has happened.

What does Pete Peterson tell me? He tells me that he’s been to 65 different off-planet locations, working with extraterrestrials, teaching him how to build their ships, how to fly their ships, because they didn’t want to work with adults.

If you’ve ever had a septic system back up, right, and you’ve got that septic smell coming into the house – it’s happened to us a couple of times; it’s coming through the kitchen sink – and it turns out we had to pour a little bit of water into the grease trap. That evaporated and then was coming up.

Eventually, what we got – this is all true – it turns out there was some kind of baby bib that somebody has flushed down the toilet at one point in the house that I was renting and it got stuck in the pipe and it was going down at an angle.

So none of the sewage was going into the septic tank for years. And it kept coming up and up and up. It was in Elizabeth’s bathroom.

So we had to make sure that we had enough water in the grease trap to block the gases.

How in the world did I get into this? [Laughter] Man, this conversation has just gone way off base. Septic tank, dude? I don’t know.

The point is, it was a simple fix. This horrible stench, this horrible problem, could have been easily fixed, and it finally was once we actually cared enough to look at it.

The problems in the world are not unsolvable. The illusion of hell is that hell is eternal. The reality is that it’s just a few changes that can be made.

The extraterrestrials did not like talking to adult military personnel because the bodies that most of us are walking around with right now to them is like that septic-tank backing up and “out-gassing”.

So, they wanted to work with kids. Why? Because, kids are happy. Kids are guileless. They don’t want to hurt anybody. They are ready to have fun. They are ready to meet new “people”.

They go off and they ride on the ship and they learn how to do it and they teach the adults.

So Pete Peterson, as it turned out, wasn’t just trained in Area 51, he was trained in all these different off-planet locations.


And one of the things that he told me before his untimely death was that within six months, as long as the Alliance maintained enough power, they could work through the current Presidential administration, because that’s why everybody’s so mad at Trump.

And I agree with the haters. He has made some really strange comments and he’s made some very unpopular decisions.

But I talk about, like I said the other night, the movie ‘Godzilla’ when Serizawa is watching this one monster fight Godzilla, and they just want to drop a nuke on both of them, and he says, “Let them fight!”

That’s kind of how I look at it right now. Because if either one of these monsters is greatly weakened, it’s a whole new way in for us.


And you look at what’s going on with Q Anon. My goodness! This is about to become mainstream. The fact that on September 19 they actually said, “Programs exist outside the public domain”, meaning, that was the answer to the question, “Are there secret space programs?”

Man, that is a Corey Goode-David Wilcock question all the way. And, yes, I just spoke about myself in third person. [Laughter] It’s not going well – this whole talk. I don’t know what happened. Sewage, third person, man, it’s crazy.

I got married. That’s what happened. [Laughter]



Pete Peterson was involved in this program, and then on the other side, we have Woody, who was signing off on the new financial system.

This is a really big deal, folks, because the Dragon Family intends for FULL disclosure. [Cheers and applause] So bear that in mind.

When this new financial system comes online, we have A WHOLE NEW GAME FOR HUMANITY!

Everything, EVERYTHING, changes almost overnight.


Once you have lived in a society where you can travel to Venus, you could travel to Mars, you could travel to Pluto, in one day, maybe almost instantaneously, depending on how quickly they can declassify this stuff. There already is instantaneous teleportation technology.


And what was also incredibly fascinating is that Pete Peterson, right near the end of his life, was telling me that they had found – “they” as in DIA, the Defense Intelligence Agency Secret Space Program – they had found new and much, much better technology, which, ironically is the oldest ‘crashed and buried’ technology that they ever have found.

This technology, for some strange reason, works on a unique physics principle where you have to have exactly 27 crew members in the craft.

Somebody was asking me, “David, I need new intel for your talk.”

Okay, you want it? Yeah, this is new intel. I hope you’re happy. This is great stuff.

So you have to have exactly 27 people in the ship and it has something to do with the numerical properties of the number 27 and the holographic properties of that number.

But with this type of a ship, you can basically travel instantaneously anywhere in the galaxy. You don’t even need a stargate portal network, which takes some time, because you’ve got to go from station to station. And it takes a series of ‘hops’ that give a certain amount of actual duration. There is a certain duration of time involved right now in traveling to some of these outposts.


Pete Peterson also was the one who told us: “There are Americans that were born in America all over the galaxy!”

Now that scares the “f” out of me! Pause. Nobody laughed. It’s like, “Well, yeah, it’s true! Pretty f-ing scary. Let’s just sell them hot dogs, SUVs and gas stations way on the other side of the Milky Way, Krispy Kreme Donuts, In-And-Out Burger. We’ll get all the chains that we need right in place.”

So without that technology, it does still take some time. But with the new stuff, the latest stuff that they are perfecting . . . They are working on it right now. They’ve almost got it perfected, including not necessarily needing 27 people in the ship. There’s other sciences you could do.

So even with the Secret Space Program and all the insiders that we’ve been talking about and all the cool stuff that they have, they found this old stuff and are just on the brink of getting it to work.

And before he died, Pete Peterson had been tasked – this is one of the briefings he gave me – with designing a radio communications system for this, using, if you will, the sub-space frequencies.

They are instantaneous and do not require light-speed electromagnetic propagation. They work on gravitational waves that are actually instantaneous.


So what does this mean?

This means that as we get Full Disclosure, as we get the civilization that we want to have, we’re getting a quantum leap in the technology that THEY have been using, even the highest level best-kept secret technology.

That ALSO is about to have a massive quantum leap in its quality and its effectiveness. And we are going to get that coming in on the ground level! That is SO exciting! [Applause] Yes!


But, in order to inherit this, I do believe also that we have to go through a profound maturation.

We cannot stay so ignorant.

If we can’t even solve racism on Earth, what are we going to do when we are dealing with aquatic humanoids! [Laughter] “Oh man, those water-people! Have you noticed all the splotches they leave on the floor when they walk around? Good God, man! They smell like fish!”

How are we going to walk into that new society?

So bear in mind that we are on the threshold of this new world. We are on the threshold of this change.


And once this new financial system is implemented, the whole planet can be kept at peace, and that, believe it or not – many different briefings have told me this – is an absolute requirement. It is an absolute requirement that we achieve a sustained world peace before we are welcomed into the Galactic family.

“You’ve all got to sort your shit out! We’re not going to let you guys go running around the galaxy with all this cool technology until and unless you can get over your [unintelligible].”

“My God is better than your God!”

Quit playing: “My country is better than your country.”

Quit playing: “My race is better than your race. My gender is better than your gender. My age range is better than your age range.”

This is going to happen.

I’ve been tracking through my insiders the foundation of this new financial system and it is very, very important to know that until the new financial system . . . until they worked out the kinks, and the East and the West ratified a treaty and came to a mutual understanding, we were stuck.


Through an incredible amount of hard work and an incredible amount of diplomacy, that treaty WAS signed. [Applause] It actually happened! It actually did happen.


Now, Woody, our insider, who had signed off on this treaty, basically signing the death-warrant of the Cabal, crushing the Cabal, died a day-and-a-half after signing off on that thing. They found him face-down in his apartment.

Now, it’s okay, because he had already signed off. The deal had already been done.

These are spiteful people and they did this anyway even though it was too late. It was just like a revenge-attack, okay?


The very same day, Pete Peterson mysteriously died. Now, is that a coincidence? [NO!] Not at all, especially because we now know that his death was from some sort of ‘accidental’ injection.

Yes, it’s crazy! “Accidental injection.”

We don’t know if it was an air-bubble, or that they gave him the wrong drugs, or what.

I had spoken to him a week before his death, and he was fine. They were just getting this denture thing sorted out so he was comfortable. He sounded totally lucid.

You know how when people are dying, you kind of know? “Man, he’s going to go.”

Pete sounded fine. There was nothing wrong with him. And all of a sudden, just like THAT! [David snaps his fingers.]

So, I am not going to let the deaths of these heroes be in vain for as long as I’m still here. [Applause] That’s right.

So, whether your name is Rachel Maddow or whatever, I’m freakin’ Godzilla! Let me fight! [Applause]

I mean no disrespect to Rachel Maddow. Honest to God, I’m happy to educate people. I’m happy to take some shade; I’m happy to take some verbal abuse, because as you guys have seen, I’m very fast on my feet and you can’t upset me.

If you try to insult me I’m just going to laugh, because, guess what? I’ve been there and done that. I’ve been hated by the world, I’ve been rejected by the world, and yet, somehow, the crowds keep getting bigger, and the story keeps getting more exciting, and we are winning this war! [Cheers and applause]


I want to bring you some of the suppressed science that even if . . . because a lot of you guys actually did my Ascension History School class. [Applause]

Now, we ARE planning on relaunching that, maybe even later this year, and I’m going to do a lot of new stuff, okay, so if you haven’t seen it, you’ll still have the opportunity to get it again, which is great.

I only promised like an hour and a half per module – five modules. I ended up doing nine modules that were four hours long.

It’s nine modules that last for four hours. And we have the unprecedented experience of Elizabeth come in . . . [Cheers and applause] . . . because we had all kinds of fun, technical stuff, going on – real “fun”. If being  is your idea of having fun, it was a blast.


So I want to get into this. I want to get into the geometry because geometry is so much more than what we think.

And I’ve told you guys this. You’ve seen this, but I want to build beyond this to give you something that . . . The only way you could have heard this is if you’ve been to my Sedona talk.

If anybody was at the Sedona talk, raise your hand. [Only David’s technician raises his hand.] So if he falls asleep, Elizabeth, just give him an elbow.

So this is very, very cool because geometry is actually the Unified Field Theory.

Now, I want to talk about the fact that all of this technological build-up, the new financial system, the new spaceships that you put 27 people in so you can go anywhere in the galaxy that you want, this is all stuff that’s building up to what we’re going to get our hands on in the immediate aftermath of this Solar Flash that I’m talking about, which is called a micro-nova.

NASA is now openly talking about the fact that these things happen regularly throughout the galaxy. That’s new!


Geometry starts out as a vibration. Geometric patterns, as it turns out, are a representation, in three-dimensional space, of the way that things vibrate.

We’ve all seen this, I’m sure. [David shows an image of a drop of magnified water.]

This is not new to anybody, but just in case there’s that one guy in the back with his arms crossed, looking at his watch . . . “I don’t know about this whole Dragon Family, man.” “I don’t know about this septic system. I really didn’t need to know that.” [Laughter]

THIS IS going to blow your doors off. I guarantee it.

What we’re seeing here is simply a drop of water. The only other thing that’s in that water is little fine particles of sand.

“Well, wait a minutes, David. You’ve got a whole geometric mandala thing goin’ on here. What do you mean it’s just water and sand? Wouldn’t normally, if you stirred that up, it’s just going to look like a muddy glass of water?” Absolutely.

That’s what it starts as.

The only other thing that we do is that we vibrate the muddy water with pure sound frequencies, like the diatomic scale – the white keys on the keyboard of the piano.

And by some very bizarre natural law, as you play that sound into the water, the particles mysteriously turn into a snowflake-kind-of-thing. It’s just the result of the sound. It has to do with the interference pattern.

Then, it gets even more bizarre, because this is the same drop of water just a split second apart. [David shows another slide.]

The only thing that has changed here is the frequency of the sound.

So what I’m going to tell you is that this is the atom. This is the building block of the Universe. Every atom is doing this in the nucleus, and – as you are going to see today, really for the first time except for Sedona – the electrons are not really particles, either. They do the same thing.

For the sake of a philosophical argument, okay, before I get into all the proofs, let’s just take this as a postulate.

Let’s say, “David is going to prove this to me.”

Let’s say, “By the time this talk is done, I will be convinced that atoms are not really made of matter at all. They only appear to be solid.”

Well, science has already shown us that.

The part we missed was that it’s vibrational.

Well, what is a vibration? Let’s just talk about that for a second.

If you play certain notes on the piano keyboard, you might get 280 Hz., you might get 360 Hz., you might get 440 Hz., which is, “Oh, that’s the Nazi 440, right. It’s really 432, man.”

You’ve heard that one I’m sure, right?

A hertz, those measurements, like you’re looking . . .


Let’s just take 360 Hz., okay? What does that actually mean? That means that air is vibrating exactly at 360 times per second. I couldn’t stress this enough.

The number represents how many times air moves in one second. “Woo-woo-woo-woo-woo-woo.” And it’s just the number of movements per second that determines what sound your ears hear.


“So, hold on here a second, David. You were just saying that matter is built up from this purely vibrational system.”


What does that actually mean?


Let’s go back to Clifford Mahooty. Let’s so back to sacred Native American drumming. What are they doing? [David hits the microphone like a drum.] A nice even rhythm.

They are creating a vibration.

They are setting up geometric patterns in your mind and in your heart and in your soul.

And the singing, holding certain tones, these sacred chants, these sacred songs, are creating geometric patterns that you might not see, but they iterate into your body. They iterate into your soul. They transform your physiology.

All of these studies that have been done about music being healing. You can actually get a degree in Music Therapy where you go to places where people are sick, and you play the music, and, sure enough, they get better. It’s true.

So this is the essence of matter.

Well, hold on a second.


What if our thoughts can create the vibrations? What if we don’t even need to hear a sound? What if this is something deeper in terms of it’s vibrational nature than just acoustic sounds of air vibrating?

What if it’s NOT about the air vibrating? What if it’s about some other stuff?

Well, this is the core of my work – the “other stuff” I call the Source Field: the source of biological life, the source of consciousness, the source of God, actually, the source of matter, the source of energy, time.

Everything runs off this energy, which actually is simply gravity.

We’ve explored the heck out of the electromagnetic spectrum. We have barely scratched the surface of what it is to know about gravity.


Gravity is intelligence, and I’ve done a lot of work on this stuff.

So, I propose to you that your consciousness, as you think, creates this geometry.

However, let’s think for a second. When you look at someone who is in a state of stress and misery and pain, and you look at their EKG readings, which is the brainwave activity, what do you think is happening? How much geometry are they creating in their body when their mind is [unstable]?

Can this ever stay solid? [David points to the water-droplet/atom-like image on the slide.] You have to have a consistent tone, right?

The tone has to stay “O-o-o-o-o-o . . .” [David makes a single note tone.] And then that’s when this happens.

What happens when people are mediating? Their brainwave activity becomes sinusoidal. It goes in a nice smooth curve.

What can get you there? Shamanic drumming, rhythmic repetitions of beat patterns, singing, chanting. Okay?

You are literally creating a crystalizing pattern in your soul. Your soul is becoming more crystallized.

Your aura . . . In “The Law of One”, they talk about the chakras. They explain that the way they measure how advanced you are is by how crystallized the energy centers are.

And when you start crystallizing your throat, when you start crystallizing your Third Eye, what does this mean? It’s the steady ability to retain the silence of self for long periods of unbroken concentration.

Don’t get confused into thinking that that has no greater value. You are literally crystallizing your soul because your brainwaves are creating these new frequencies.


Your brain creates geometry. This is the big secret. We are creators. Our thoughts create reality, and all we really are, ultimately, is just an “address” in the source field. We’re like an eddy/curve, like a little whirlpool in the source field.

And the more coherence we generate, the more of an effect we have on others. So, guess what?

With the Meditation Effect, you get 7,000 people together. They are meditating under one roof, and that 7,000 people, somehow – and this has been statistically proven in 39 different studies, at least, of just this one group alone – reduces global crime, terrorism, war and fatalities by 72%! [Applause]

It’s an indisputable fact. Indisputable.

They ruled out weekends, weather, holidays; every independent variable that could have skewed the results was [unintelligible], destroyed.

That excites me greatly and it also shows me that it’s just the beginning.

When we look at the corruption in the highest places, we’re seeing a hidden evil, an evil that is lurking behind a smiling face of “chiquatee” to win an election.

And this happens all over the world. I’m not singling anybody out. This is just the way it is right now.

We have hypocrisy. We have people who tell you one thing and then do something else, people who just get by enough to win an election and then they change everything they said they were going to do. This is the archetype.

And then we get pissed off and then we vote for the other side. “Oh, I’m going to vote left instead of right.” “Now, I’m going to go right instead of left.”

And then the same thing happens again and we get mad again and we go around and around.

On the inside track, let’s bear in mind that these hidden aspects that we see in the world are holograms of our own lies and how we live every day.


In my podcast that I did with United Intentions Network and the host, Tim, I really got into this. And what I said was, “What do you deal with when you have a severe pathological debilitating addiction in a family? Let’s say it’s alcoholism. Let’s say it’s sex addiction, which can be really, really rough. Let’s say it’s gambling. Let’s say it’s rage. There’s any number of addictive pathologies. Overeating would be another one.

Regardless of which of these has emotional resonance for you because you’ve suffered with it, what is the real problem when dealing with addicts?

If you go to the 12-step groups, you find out that they always use one word, and the word is ‘hidden’.

It’s “the hidden”. It’s what they don’t tell you. It’s the lying. It’s the deception.

The addict doesn’t let you know when they use. You have to figure it out.

“You know your eyes are a little glassy.” “You’re not quite standing right.” “You’re slurring your words now. What happened?”

“Oh, I’m fine, I’m fine.” [Laughter]

I had an alcoholic living with me for a while. I won’t say who it was. And I found this whiskey bottle in a crumpled-up brown paper bag underneath the sink.

And that got me curious so I started looking around the kitchen cabinets, and I found out there was this one . . . You know that cabinet over the refrigerator? Nobody ever wants to use it! [Laughter]

There was a whole stash in there, man. It was hidden. It was “the hidden”.

If we want to really understand addiction, we have to remember that the greatest act of deception in the addict is self-deception. We lie to ourselves. We tell ourselves that “this addiction is fine for me. I’m great. My life is great, nothing’s wrong. If they don’t like what I’m doing, they don’t understand me. They don’t know me!” [Laughter]

You are hiding from yourself.

Oh, a couple people have left. I might have hit a nerve here.

“You don’t know me, David. I can quit whenever I want. Just tomorrow. I’ll do it tomorrow.”

How are we going to deal with this holographic effect where 7,000 people can reduce global terrorism and crime by 72% if we are not willing to heal our own addictions?

And I actually have become a lot less radical over the years. I don’t mind if you can do this in moderation.

If you’re in a place where cannabis is legal, I mean, it turns out there’s all kinds of stuff that cannabis gets rid of: PTSD, glaucoma, all kinds of stuff.

If you can handle it and you can do it recreationally, and it’s not something where you become, like, using it six times a day to be maintenance-high, I’m not going to tell you “no”. I’m not going to tell you that you can’t have drinks with dinner.

But if you become reliant on that drink to the point where if you didn’t have a glass of wine with dinner that something is really wrong, you might want to look at that. That’s all.

When we clear up the hidden aspects of our own lies, when we learn to love ourselves, then we have the opportunity to holographically change the world.

The Solar Flash that “The Law of One” refers to is not a fixed event. There is no exact date. “The Law of One” makes this very clear.


They say that the Orion crusaders, which is their name for the Draco Reptilians – we’ve heard about it in every culture; every ancient culture has these weird scary creatures – can only come to a planet and try to conquer it until the planet achieves “social memory”.

That’s the keyword in “The Law of One”: “social memory”.

What does that mean? It’s a strange-sounding term. It has a very specific meaning.

When a certain critical mass of people in the society are “one seeking or orientation”, when enough of us agree that we want to see peace.

How do we tell the Universe . . . How do we authorize our Ascension? How do we authorize the transfiguration of human life on the planet? We do this by authorizing our own PERSONAL healing.

How are we going to change collective consciousness if we haven’t changed ourselves? If we haven’t been willing to get our hands dirty and do the hard work, where have we been less than fully honorable? Where have we been less than fully loving of ourselves?

Do we have patterns of negative self-talk that define our identity, such that when we look in the mirror, we’re not seeing a perfect hologram of the One Infinite Creator? We’re not seeing a being of infinite worth, which is what they call you in “The Law of One”.

You are a being of infinite value. Is that how you see yourself when you look in the mirror?

I have this crazy frickin’ zit right here. [David points to the side of his nose.] I’m like pinching that thing and these little [unintelligible] are coming . . . It’s so bad! [Laughter] Finally, a week ago, after a shower, I had the pores opened up enough I could get that thing to go. [Applause]

But my point is this: you better believe that during those times I’m not looking at myself as a being of infinite worth in the mirror. [Laughter] It’s true.

I’m fully accountable for the fact that I don’t necessarily nail this down.

And one of the great things it says in “The Law of One” is: in order for you to ascend – I’m slightly paraphrasing and rearranging the words, but this is better for public speaking – it is entirely necessary that you consciously realize that you are confused and you do not understand.

So, I’m very, very concerned when someone comes out on the public speaking scene in our community and acts like they are the savior, and they’ve nailed it all down. They’ve got all the answers.

I’m just another student of the great mysteries, as are you. And I share with you the best that I can produce, while also understanding that I make mistakes all the time and I’m fundamentally flawed.

If I can be up here and I can admit that to you as a human being with an open heart, and totally honestly as I look into your eyes, I know I’m messed up, I know I have my problems, I know I am not a perfect person.

But by doing the best I can, I have every confidence that I am never coming back to this f-ing 3D density again! [Cheering and applause]

So think about the fact that the atoms that make up your body are ultimately just THIS. [David points to the image, above, of the atom-like water-droplet that was hit by sound.]

It’s just vibration; it’s just frequency!

And, therefore, as you think these thoughts that are more peaceful and loving, your body falls into accordance with that.


Isn’t it interesting, if you’ve seen my work, that we now have these Cal-Tech scientists that have cracked the greatest puzzle in the history of physics? How did everything come into being? Where did the Universe come from?

And what they concluded was that all of space and time is an emanation from a singular geometric form.

That means that no matter how big you think the Universe is, we are all inside a holographic terrarium where it’s all just a hall-of-mirrors, and there’s only really one thing – there’s only ONE THING – that makes the whole Universe.

So the visible boundaries at the edge of the Universe are really just the edges of this one form, and this is where it gets really trippy.

The form is simultaneously the biggest and the smallest object in the Universe, because it’s not about space. It’s not about size. Size doesn’t matter. [Laughter] A universal term: it doesn’t matter. [Laughter]

So this geometric form . . . Actually they drew it like this and I said, “Oh, it doesn’t quite look right. There’s something wrong here.”

But then I saw the wireframe diagram and I realized it is this.

They just got a piece of it. So this is the merkaba: the basic pattern of the Universe.


And this is what they drew.

They got a quarter of it, but just getting a quarter of it was enough to make all the quantum physics work out.

What this means is that every little squiggle that they’ve ever measured in quantum mechanics is a little vibration of this. [David points to the slide of the merkaba.]

You can trace it back to being just a jiggle of this object.

What you get is simultaneously the most gigantic and the most microscopic form in the Universe.

Size doesn’t exist and time doesn’t exist. All past, present and future moments exist simultaneously in this geometric pattern. That’s very trippy.

They got a quarter of it and has enough to make the math work.

And I realized very quickly, you see again here, that you can blend in the other four corners – if you want to think of it that way – and you get this merkaba, which is, again, one of the most basic patterns of vibration.

So, if there is only one shape that the whole Universe is made from, we can make it out of vibration. And that means the Universe itself is made out of vibration, which means it becomes a lot more important to incorporate vibration into your spiritual practice: sacred drumming, sacred chanting, listening to music, music that uplifts you. This is actually crystallizing your soul.

So here’s the next thing that’s so amazing if you haven’t seen this. And I’m going to give you the new stuff, so just give me a second. This is very important.

We’ve now got scientists capturing photons on an individual level. Individual photons and they know exactly what those photons look like.

And as they do this, this is the form they got. It is a Celtic cross.


Celtic cross

When we take this shape, which we know is what a photon looks like, and then we superimpose the merkaba on top of it, what do you think is going to happen? They line up, which means, fundamentally, the Celtic cross is not such a weird ancient symbol that has no meaning.

It was given to us because they knew eventually we would figure this out. That’s a very, very cool concept.

Look at what happens when we take this shape, which we know is what the photon looks like, and then we superimpose the merkaba on top of it. What do you think is going to happen? Let’s take a look.

I’m going to take it away again and going to see it again even more on the other side. I want you to look at the box, the black lines and then these little blue spots here that seep over the end of the black line. This is just the tip of the photon at a certain angle.

Let’s put the box over it, and look at that.

The blue lines, these little guys here [David points to the blue lines outside the area of the merkaba], are in exactly the right place. And even the indentation is the same.

Can everybody see this? Okay, well, you’ve just got to trust me. [Laughter] I’ve done the math. This really works.

This little guy here [David points to the photon image] is a photon. You’re seeing the shadows of light coming off the photon. These are like reflections.

The part that really counts is the part inside the black lines where you get the colors.

This is just the geometry that I’m showing you tilted at a certain angle.

If they captured the photon differently, this would look different because this is a 2-dimensional flattened out shape of an individual photon.

So the big reveal that I had from looking at all this stuff was to fundamentally understand that this so-called “amplituhedron” [a quarter of the image of a merkaba] was misnamed.

This one thing that the whole Universe is made from IS the photon.

Well, holy crap. Wait a minute, David.

You’ve just geometrically proven that the Universe . . . These guys from Cal Tech, they did all the research; it’s been validated. This is not a joke. It’s not conspiracy theory. This is mainstream science.

They know that the whole Universe is emanating from one geometric pattern that is the biggest and tiniest thing in the Universe. And now we know that geometric pattern is identical to the shape of a photon, which is how light travels: individual packets of energy.

Photons are individual ‘particles’, if you will, of light.

They are vibrational in nature. They have the same shape as these vibrations that I was showing you that appear in water, and there’s only ONE photon the whole Universe is made from.

Well, wait a minute, David. You just proved that the Bible is right. I know.

“In the beginning, let there be light, and there WAS light”. Kaboom, there it is! That’s a sign of a highly educated and scientific opinion that you see in the Bible, based on reality.

So, everything in the entire Universe – this is the new science that we’ve learned – all of the atoms, all of the molecules, all of the planets, the stars, the galaxies, they’re all simply vibrations of one photon. The whole Universe is really just a single photon in a bunch of reflections.


Now, this also iterates into the science of consciousness.

If the only thing that exists in the Universe is that one photon, that’s all there really is, and YOU are a product of that photon. Your body is made from this thing.

And we assume that you are conscious. I think everybody here appears to be conscious.

Let’s assume that you are conscious or reasonably conscious, quid pro quo, the photon is conscious because you are conscious and the photon is all there is. The photon made you.

Therefore, when you actually utilize your awareness to think, that IS the awareness of God, for lack of a better term. Sorry if you don’t like the gender use of the word.

The Creator, it’s you. The Creator’s awareness is YOUR awareness. That’s really, really crazy.


The first photon fractalized into the first star, which we call the primordial Sun. That’s the original star, the first star that the whole Universe budded out from.

It buds off more and more stars. That becomes the first galaxy. It buds off other galaxies, and the whole Universe essentially flowers into being.

It’s kind of like the idea of the Big Bang, but not exactly.

So, again the first star buds off and fractalizes into a galaxy. The first galaxy fractalizes into a super-galaxy.


And if you’ve seen all my work, you know that I show all of the stars in the Universe make one big gigantic galaxy.

That is not normally talked about – the holographic aspect of it.

Why are all the galaxies in the Universe along a big flat disk?

It’s not a big sphere where they are all around the whole sphere. It’s a flat disk. It’s one giant galaxy that the whole Universe coalesces into.

So what did I say? I said that if the whole Universe is really just made from this one geometric pattern, the pattern is a photon.

And, what about your consciousness? What about thought itself?

This is one of the things I’m so excited about – a stunning breakthrough. It has confirmed our entire scientific model. It’s SO amazing.

And this work was done . . . It only came out last year on April 21, 2018. I first saw it on the Science Alert website.

I did go into this in Ascension Mystery School, but we’re going to go on from here after this.

And it says right here, “The human brain can create structures in up to 11 dimensions. ‘We found a world that we had never imaged.’”

Now, what’s going on here? Let’s look at these pictures for a second.

You have a bundle of neurons on the left. And then on the right you have this strange computer-generated diagram.


What they actually found in this particular study was that our conventional idea of synapses is wrong.

What is the whole idea of the synapses? The idea is, okay . . . How does a brainwave form?

There are two cells and they have these little branches that come together, and then chemicals have to be secreted into the gap. When that happens, electricity can pass through, and that’s what causes consciousness.

Those synaptic connections are not supposed to be related to other areas of neurons. In other words, there is only an electrical connection between one synapse.

It’s not like when one synapse fires there’s another one that’s maybe fifteen cells over on the right that fires simultaneously. That’s what we thought. It’s WRONG.


As it turns out, the bundled synapses fire together in bundles. And the bundles have a geometric shape! Holy crap!

This slide is a computer-generated diagram of the geometry that is forming inside someone’s mind in real-time, spinning and twisting around, as they think.

These are bundles of neurons. There are neurons here, there’s a bundle over here and they’re all working together. [David points to the diamond/tetrahedral-like shapes in the image.]

And then the neurons themselves don’t even seem to matter because the geometry is moving and twisting.

So, you have these groups of synapses that are firing in the presence of an energetic pattern, and it’s really the energetic pattern that determines which ones fire! It’s totally different.

Now, check this out.

Here is your bundle. They call it a reconstructed micro-circuit.

And then down here, B3, you see what they are calling “clicks”. These are groups of neurons – how they fire together. In this case, they fire together in a pentagonal shape. [David’s referring to a slide that is not available on livestream, but is likely to be a close-up of the computer-generated image in the right panel of the article. Below is a close-up.]

Right here, and this is from the same scientific study, the most basic pattern that they see all throughout the brain is the merkaba, the tetrahedron. You can see it right there. It is their diagram. I did not make this.


And then what they’re doing is they’re calling it “dimensions”. But what do they mean by “dimensions”?

This is where it gets a little confusing because they shouldn’t use the word. It’s the only thing I have that’s critical.

What they call dimensions simply means the number of different bundles of neurons that fire off simultaneously.

So, remember the original headline said, “The human brain can create structures in up to 11 dimensions”. What this means is that they have found, already, geometric patterns in which 11 different bundles of neurons fire simultaneously in the presence of this weird, weird, geometry.

Well, if they could get a little more research in, they’ll find that there are also bundles of 12. This I’m quite certain.

And at that point you have the basic shape that we’ve all known and loved, if you’ve followed my work, called the icosahedron.

But they also have the octahedron right here. This is another one of your basic five platonic solids.

Five Basic Platonic Solids

This shape, of course, is now showing up in the brain.

So, trip out on that for a while, the idea that, as I talk to you, that these geometric patterns are forming in your brain, and they are rotating. They’re twisting around.

Look over here on the right. [Again David refers to the image at the top of the article above.]

Look at the complexity of an actual real-time map of someone’s mind as they are thinking, and the way the geometry twists and turns around inside their brain as they are having thought.

It’s frickin’ amazing, because guess what? Your mind works fine. You don’t have to worry about whether this is going to work. It just works.

You don’t have to work about it. It’s like we didn’t know about gravity, right, but it was working just fine before the apple hit Newton’s head! [Laughter]

Now, this is a quote from the paper: “There are tens of billions of these geometric patterns standing around even in a small speck of the brain, up through seven dimensions.”

All right, let me hit you with this for a second. Remember what the geometry actually is, how we defined it in the beginning? It’s a vibration.

What do you think is going to happen if you’re meditating with all this geometry banging around, tens of millions of them inside your brain?

You think it’s possible that it’s going to get more structured, more regular, more crystallized?

“The Law of One” was right! You can crystallize the way your mind is working, you can have larger geometric patterns iterating in your brain, fractalizing and staying consistent.

And what they say in “The Law of One” is that as you do this. You are, and they use this word, “harmonizing with the mind of God”.

If you could meditate so well that all the geometry inside your head stayed one-pointed – this is one of the things they use in “The Law of One” all the time – the one-pointedness of mind, you could construct a perfect merkaba inside your brain – a perfect merkaba.


This is why they advise, in all the sacred mystery schools, to visualize sacred geometry, because if you think about it, it actually helps it form.

The more that you are transforming the vibrations in your mind and in your soul into a merkaba, the closer you are to pure love, because the vibration of that geometry IS the vibration of love.

The Universe was made from love and light, so that shape represents pure love. It’s gotten way distorted, okay, but that was the original intention.

So, that’s a trippy thought, too, because what happens with the Tibetans? If they spend 13 years having nothing but loving thoughts, if they can hold that merkaba shape in their brain long enough, they not only get to ascend. They’re not just going to 4D. They go straight back to the Oneness.

So if it’s helpful to you, you can now start to understand the scientific validation that we never had.

Of course, the ET’s knew this all along, okay, but we only just now can scientifically validate why meditation is important and how meditation is fundamentally transforming the energy in your body into the pure energy that the cosmos itself is made from. That’s a very exciting thing!


We know that the geometry affects matter, and this is where Robert Moon comes in. He was one of the guys who was a founding father of the nuclear bomb.

And so if anybody had studied matter enough to know how to make a nuclear explosion, you better believe he’s qualified to solve the mystery of what IS matter. What does it look like?

And what he discovered was that this is what is going on inside every atomic nucleus.

Side view. Credit: Robert Moon

This is so amazing, and I’ve talked about it at great length in many other works, including the Ascension Mystery School.

But just to get to the point, if you look at the cube in there, what are we looking at?

Each of these corners of the cube, actually in his model, represents a proton.

Now, wait a minute, David, it’s protons, neutrons. Well, in Robert Moon’s model you don’t need neutrons. The neutrons are only there to hold everything together and to keep the balance, and they are not necessary.

So just get rid of the neutrons. It’s simply a mathematical thing they added in because otherwise it would fall apart. They didn’t understand vibration. They didn’t understand this hidden structure of the cube that holds the sides together between the sides.

So each of these lines basically represents a neutron, if you will. You don’t really need to worry about the lines. All you need to do is to look at the vibration.

There are lots of different atoms in the periodic table. And what you do is you count the number of protons, right.

So, hydrogen has one proton, then you have 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 . . . Well, those . . . the 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 protons are very unstable. They will immediately have a chemical reaction. They will turn into something else. They will bond with another atom.

But then you get up to eight protons and all of a sudden it becomes totally stable. You can throw it into other things and it never has a reaction. It stays intact. That’s because the cube has this vibrational unity, okay?

Then as we go out through this hierarchy and as we start adding in more energy to the atom, the next shape that you get is the octahedron, and that becomes silicon.

Silicon has a certain number of protons, which I believe is 14, and then you’ve got another stable shell. So when you look at silicon, if you could look inside the nucleus of the atom, you’re going to see an octahedron with a cube inside.

Then the next layer becomes icosahedron.

And now we’re going to be better off with this diagram. You can see the icosahedron shape a little better.

Top view. Credit: Robert Moon

That becomes iron, and it’s very interesting because iron is the only actually magnetic metal.

What we’re now learning is that the nuclei inside the iron core, the core of every nucleus, because it’s got this beautiful soccer ball type of shape, it can slip around. So that’s why you can magnetize iron.

You stroke the magnet across an iron nail and it will start to become magnetic, because you’re taking all these little guys, because they can roll around inside the nail. You get them all aligned in one direction, and now it becomes magnetic.

Then last but not least, we have the dodecahedron on the outside of the atom and that’s how you get palladium.

Palladium is very strange because if you drop it in heavy hydrogen it vibrates very fast and creates heat, which they call cold fusion.

Nobody knows why cold fusion works, but the answer is in solving the mystery of the atom.

This is the geometric atom. I’ve talked about it in great length. We could go a lot deeper into this than I’m doing right now, but I want to get through this for the sake of time.

I knew that we were onto something with the electrons, because even in the conventional diagrams of how they think – and this is very important – how they think electrons work.

This is all mathematical abstraction based on a theoretical model. They’ve never photographed this, but this is what they thought it looked like. You can kind of see some geometry happen there from the side view, from the top view. This is actually side view. The other is the top view. There is your merkaba right there, sure enough.


There was this guy online, Dr. John Baez, who discovered that there is this shape in the electron clouds that nobody had seen before. All you have to do is make one basic assumption.

Dr. John Baez

And here’s Dr. John Baez. He definitely qualifies as a nerd. [Laughter] If you don’t believe me, here’s the proof. He actually used Google+ – the weird Google answer to Facebook. Who the hell uses Google+? Good lord. Just go on frickin’ Facebook. You want Google to control everything? No. Let’s at least keep Facebook where it belongs. Stay in your lane, Google.

Well, sure enough, I go there and now they’ve deleted all of Google+. Everybody who made an account on Google+ and posted good stuff on there, they all got betrayed.

So a lot of the writing that Dr. John Baez did was destroyed because he’d only uploaded it to Google+. Hopefully, he’ll find another outlet. And he’s going to get a lot more attention as I start talking about this more often.

But some of his papers were not on Google+, thank God, and they survived.

So I have a little bit of text from him that I think is important where he says:

“In quantum mechanics, the position of a particle is not a definite thing – we call it a wave function. That says how probable it is to find a particle in any one location. But it also contains other information like how probable it is to find a particle moving at any speed or velocity.

So remember this: The particle has no fixed location.

Take the hydrogen atom and look at the wave function of the electron.

Question #1: Can we make the electrons wave function have all the rotational symmetry of a dodecahedron – the wonderful platonic solid that looks like a soccer ball with 12 pentagons on the spaces?

Can we actually do that? Can we make a wave function where the electron would have a dodecahedron symmetry?

Yes, in fact it’s too easy. You can set up your wave function to look like anything you want.

Let’s make the question harder. Like everything else in quantum mechanics, we don’t know the speed. It can be uncertain.”

Angular momentum means speed, right?

“You can never make all three components of speed and angular momentum have a definite value at the same time.”

So we can mess around with speed.

“However, there are lots of wave functions where the strength of the electron’s speed, the magnitude, is completely well defined.”

Okay, that’s great.

“This naturally leads to the next question first posed by Gerald Westinthorpe.”

Hang in there with me because this is going to be amazing when you see where this is going.

“The question is: Can you take the wave function of the electron, give it a definite size for its speed, while having all the rotational symmetry of a dodecahedron? The answer is yes.”

So, bear in mind, these guys are fundamentally overturning all the assumptions of that stupid “Bohr” model, as it’s called, B-O-H-R, Bohr model, where the atom looks like a little atomic solar system, right? [It has] six lines, or three loops, in a pattern of 6.

“Can we make it look like a dodecahedron? Yes, by fixing the magnitudes of the speed, setting that wave function up that way.

Question #2 is a trivial solution that’s too silly to even seek to bother with. It’s a spherically symmetrical wave function.

And if you set it up that way, it doesn’t change – it’s invariable under all types of rotations.”

Now, let’s just stop right here for a second.

Because these other scientists in the past thought that electrons were particles that they had to move around in an orbit – this is like thinking it’s going to be like the solar system, right – they imposed that assumption upon the math.

They said, “We’re looking at electrons. They have their own orbit in their own little orbital cell. We are only going to make wave functions that force it to look like that. We are trying to ‘force’ the atom. We’re not listening to nature. We’re not listening to what it really does. We are trying to force it to do what WE want using math.”

Let’s just get rid of the idea that the electrons has to have an orbit, right?

Let’s just say – and it should be simple enough, right – let’s just say that all of these so-called electrons are in a perfect sphere.

Let’s define that mathematically.

Let’s just say we don’t know if they’re really electrons or not, but let’s just make it spherically symmetrical.

Well, why did nobody do this in the first place? It should be that way; it’s obvious.

When we do this, we have to figure out the simplest non-trivial solution, and Greg Egan figured it out, and here’s what it looks like.

So bear in mind, this is what we’re about to see.

All you have to do is make the math around the nucleus, the math where the electrons are, into a sphere. It’s so simple. He’s just using a lot of geek-speak to explain this.

But this is what he got.

And sure enough, what do you see here? You are seeing a dodecahedron. This is what the electrons actually look like in the atom.

So bear in mind that up until now, we’ve all been brainwashed. We thought the atom looked like a little solar system. It’s wrong. This is the solution that fits with our model.

And remember, again, this geometry originates as a vibration.

So now we not only have the nucleus of the atom looking like a vibration, we have the electrons looking like a vibration.

So here’s Greg Egan. [Image not available; his web page says that there are no pictures of him on the Internet.] He hardly ever had any pictures taken. He’s out of Australia.

The rotation here is just an artistic touch. Realistically the solution should be sitting there or perhaps changing colors, staying the same shape.

In what sense is this the simplest solution? Well, it’s the magnitude of the angular momentum is equal to . . .  the number L is quantized, right, and it can only take values that are integers: 0, 1, 2, 3 and so on, no fractions, no decimal places.

Trivial solution to Question #2 is where you set L at 0 – you don’t need to understand all this – the non-trivial solution has L=6.

And why 6? This is where it gets interesting. We can get it using the six lines connecting the opposite bases of the dodecahedron.

Now, things are getting really cool. But you’ve really just got to look at the pictures at this point.

So Question #3: What’s the smallest choice of L where we have two linearly independent wave functions – both have the same L and have rotational symmetries of a dodecahedron. Again, you don’t need to understand all of this.

It turns out to be L=30 creating the image of a wave function oscillating between these two possibilities.

[NOTE: If you look up “Greg Egan dodecahedron” on Google Search, under Images you can find the animation of these images and watch them rotate.]

Yeah, this is really amazing. This is what’s going on. This is what atoms look like.

If you’ve ever had a fever, if you’ve ever accidentally ingested psychedelic drugs, [Laughter] you’ve probably seen something kind of like this.

Little did you know that you were seeing the intrinsic structure of the Universe.

If you want to be able to manipulate matter like Jesus, how are you going to do that? Just like it says in “The Matrix”: there is no “spoon”. There is only yourself.

You BECOME the spoon, and the spoon bends to your will by becoming the matter.

If you see the geometry, if you feel the geometry and you’ve gotten good at visualizing it, you can control matter. It’s very, very exciting!

And then he says, “Here’s L=10, which looks like an icosahedron, once again an amazing, amazing shape.


L=10. So that’s another perfect vibrational shape.

And here’s L=15.

Now this one, in particular, is very, very amazing as we’re about to see, because this is the shape of the Earth’s geomagnetic grid. If you’ve seen my work you know what I’m talking about. Now you get it. You got the pay-off!

This is so incredibly exciting because this is what is happening down at the atomic level.

Forget about the little atomic orbits. Forget about the electron clouds. Just get rid of it.

It’s all geometry. It’s been geometry the whole time. It was working fine without you even being able to know this, and as your mind is working there are geometric patterns tinkering around inside your head – millions of them in a very small space in your brain.


Your thought is geometric.

And here’s the really trippy one. What happens in the near-death experience?

You leave your body. You’re clinically dead. You have no brainwaves, no heart rate and no respiration, but you have a full consciousness.

This geometric part of your consciousness, it’s showing up in your brain. It’s activating brain cells, but the geometry itself is your soul and doesn’t require the brain cells. That’s why you think perfectly fine when you leave your body behind, because you are a geometric crystal.

Your thoughts are a geometric crystal that shifts and morphs.

So then this is very big geek-speak where you say that it looks like something called a quantum Coxeter complex.

And then, again, it looks like this, which is exactly the same shape as the global grid that I’m about to show you momentarily.

So we also see that this holds up under [unintelligible] because when IBM took a picture of a single molecule, this is what they actually got.

This is a real ink-blot molecule. You don’t see electrons loose, but what you do see is a ‘honeycomb’, and those are all icosahedrons.

They are all nested together and they are very, very symmetrical. This was not expected. They did not expect matter to be this organized.

Look at that shape and tell me that you don’t see the merkaba, the original photon. The hologram is there. It’s amazing!

Then we have Murray Gell-Mann where he looked at these things called quarks and he found out when you break up an atom into little pieces, they shoot off in different directions.

He measures how they spin and how they move, and then he says, ‘OK, that’s a quark”. It’s what happens when an atom is shattered, but they all emanate from a single unity.

There is one shape that determines which way they are going and it’s a tetrahedron.

So here’s the shape of the tetrahedron.

Here he is with the obligatory geeky chalkboard and the big-rim black glasses. He’s got the part down.

Murray Gell-Mann

Here is the geometric unity.

And again, nobody ever talks about this. They don’t say: “WHY is it a tetrahedron?”

Well, we know now, because that’s the core shape of the Universe.

And so when you break it up, depending on how it moves as it flies apart, it either goes up, down, charm, or strange, and that’s what the UPC&S refers to.

You can see how they are all just different levels of the tetrahedron as it breaks apart, and then they measure how it moves. It’s very, very straightforward.

And then sometimes he chops off the top or the bottom, but the core is still there.

He wrote a book, “The Quark and the Jaguar”.


Now, in the short time I have remaining, I’m going to pay off everything we’ve been talking about regarding the Solar Flash.


3,300 different ancient stone structures, pyramids, obelisks, monoliths, Stonehenge, Easter Island, all these different things, they are all connected by ley lines. This is a fascinating science that I never got into in my previous television shows.

Sir Alfred Watkins, the discoverer of ley lines

Sir Alfred Watkins discovered this in the early 20th century.

What was he doing? He was going around the English countryside in the 1920’s and he found all these different holy sites going all the way back to the Neolithic era were in straight lines. He decided to call them ‘leys’ based on various ancient myths.

Extremely different ages of our society that are millennia apart were all on straight lines. This is never talked about in the open world, but it’s obvious and we’ve known this now for 100 years and hardly anybody talks about it. He discovered this.

The Christian churches, abbeys and cathedrals just so happen to be built on these lines. Do you think that’s a random coincidence? No!


So here he is out there with his photography equipment looking at this.

This is actually a real one. This is one of the ley lines in southern England.

What you’re seeing here, where every single word is, that is a sacred site, okay, some of which are churches, some of which are cathedrals, some of which are ancient like Stonehenge right here, okay?

How in the world did this all get done, and it isn’t until the 20th century that someone actually discovers it outside of a secret society?

We are going to zoom in on it a little bit more and you can see all these different examples.

It turns out, Stonehenge is just one thing that’s on actually a crossing point between two of these lines that he discovered, and he wrote about all of it in his classic book, “The Old Straight Track”. In the next round of the Ascension Mystery School we will go into this in more depth.

The question is, though, where do these ley lines actually come from?

And the answer . . . And, again, I’m moving quickly, but this is very important, and I’m going to be doing a lot more of this stuff in the future. The next round of the Ascension Mystery School will go into this in a lot more depth.


Ivan T. Sanderson

One of my favorite paranormal researchers of all time, Ivan T. Sanderson, started to go through these enormous records of ships that are on the sea, that vanish on the sea, and planes that are flying through the air that vanish as they are flying.

They don’t leave behind an oil slick. They don’t leave behind flotsum. They simply vanish.

And every time that he finds one case he puts a push-pin in a map with a little piece of paper on it that says where it was.

He starts putting pins in the map. “A plane disappeared here, okay. There was an ocean liner that disappeared.” “Another plane disappeared.” “Another ship disappeared here.”

He does this thousands of times.

Now, you would expect that the ships and planes disappear pretty randomly across the surface of the Earth. There’s going to be pins all over that map. That’s not what happened.

All of the pins clustered into only 10 places – only 10 places. And then, when you add the North and the South pole and you get 12.

And then what’s even stranger is that these 12 places where everything is disappearing are perfectly spaced from each other. They are equidistant.

And you will see this. It’s better to just show you the graph.

When you connect the dots, you form a sacred geometry called the icosahedron.


The Bermuda Triangle, which we’ve all heard about – and there are thousands of examples of things disappearing around the area of Florida, Puerto Rico and Bermuda, okay – that’s only one of the 12. It’s the one we know about the most.

Bermuda Triangle

So here’s the Bermuda Triangle. You’ve got the island of Bermuda up here, San Juan, Puerto Rico and then Miami. It’s not really a triangle, but this is how these particular diagrams are made.

These are where Ivan Sanderson’s pins ended up in the map, and only in these 10 places. Then, of course, you’ve got the North and the South pole.

But wait a minute, they are all perfectly geometric, because it is such a high risk that you will portal out.

Still, to this day, you cannot fly a plane and you’re not allowed to use your ship, to pilot your ship, through that area. It’s just dead space. It’s still the case.

And then we have one on the western coast of Australia. This is really, really fascinating because this is where the portals are happening.

But, wait a minute, David, if I put this together on a globe with the North and South pole, now I’ve got this perfect geometric pattern.



Regular Icosahedron                                  Earth Icosahedral

Well, David, wait a minute, did you say before that this geometry was all vibration? Yeah, I did.

And didn’t you say, David, that this is what’s happening in the center of the nucleus of the atom? Yes, I did. Okay.

Now, what are we seeing? We’re seeing that these corners that not only represent protons in the atom, if you have the full size of the Earth, that’s what’s vibrating now.

Let’s say the Earth is undergoing its own vibration, right. There are portal effects. There are disappearances. There are things vanishing.

The matter is transforming because if you’re in one of these places, the vibrations of your own atoms can be up-leveled to a higher frequency, and you cease to be visible, and you slip through time and space.

Many of these vortex points involve time slips where you come back but you’ve time traveled.

It’s all based on the same weird geometry.

So, this is one of the maps that Ivan Sanderson came up with. It wasn’t drawn very well. This was a low-budget thing, but still it’s an amazing scientific discovery.

Icosahedron                                                                              Dodecahedron

Then, the Russians come in and they figured out that you can flip the icosahedron inside out geometrically – it’s a very simple way to do it – and now you get another shape called the dodecahedron.

If you take this pattern and you put both of them together, and you superimpose that over the Earth, as these three Russian scientists did – Goncharov, Morozov and Makarov – something totally amazing happens.

Please remember, all you need to do is find the 12 coordinate points, the 12 points where everything is disappearing. All the ships on the sea or all the planes, they just vanish. Nobody knows where they went. There are thousands and thousands and thousands of cases like this.

Take those 12 points, draw your icosahedron, flip it inside out. Look at where the lines are. And what did these three Russian guys discover?


Every single giant stone monument on Earth is precisely on that grid. There is nothing outside the grid. Ever.

Wow, it’s amazing!


This is the way the pattern looked in the original Russian scientific paper. And, of course, when we go into the full look on it, we are seeing this same phenomena as the electron clouds that I was showing you before.

So, then, the question becomes, wait a minute, you know, David, you said that the 12 points are where everybody is portalling out.

Could we be portalling out some of the stone? Could the stone be getting lighter because we’re actually moving some of the atoms out of our reality, and is this why they had to build the pyramids on the grid?

Maybe technology doesn’t work other places. Maybe you need that time portal capability and geometry in order to cause stone to levitate, as it gets so much lighter.

Well, absolutely, the answer is yes.

So here are the three Russian scientists. Goncharov, Morozov and Makarov with their little model of this thing. They are unsung heroes, because this science will take us into the future of time travel, teleportation and anti-gravity. They just haven’t been given their fair shake yet.

And now you’re seeing another map they came up with.

But here’s the real amazing point: Becker and Hagens found that you could add in some extra lines and now you get this thing that determines where all the continents are located. All, again, based on the original 12 points that are visible here as black dots.

You can even see this flat dot here and how it buddies into the side of South America like you’re biting into a cookie. And then look at South America and how it’s precisely sculpted by these two lines right here. [David points to the dot east of Australia. The eastern side of Australia would fit into the middle of the western side of South America.] And there are lots of examples of this that you can see.

So, sure enough, when we connect all the dots and we put it all together, this is the real shape of the grid.


Doesn’t that look familiar? Isn’t that what we just saw over here?


The atomic nucleus is a multi-dimensional structure – the atomic electron clouds. It’s a multi-dimensional structure.

It’s right there, right in front of your face.

In the short time that we have left, I want to jump ahead here because I want to get to this one thing.


Is there any example of this Bermuda Triangle effect on matter? The answer is absolutely yes.

This is what we would call a portal phenomenon.

One of the weirdest things that I’ve ever gotten into that I usually have talked about over the years is tornado anomalies.

And I remember first hearing about people saying that after a tornado went through, that they found straw – individual pieces of straw – embedded in plate glass windows with no cracking. It’s just like it melted into the window.

I’ve never been able to find photos of this, unfortunately. Maybe as the Internet is growing I should go back and look again. I might find some new stuff.

This is a photo of a piece of straw embedded in an oak tree after a tornado.

But this is an example and I have a link at the bottom of somebody who a tornado going through and pieces of straw got blown into the wood in a tree and embedded in the tree. That’s pretty amazing.

This is from a museum exhibit of multiple examples from a tornado of pieces of straw getting embedded into pieces of wood.

This picture I had heard about for many years, but it took a long, long time to find it. This is literally, probably, one of the two best photographs ever available.

What do we see here? We see one piece of wood that holds up the side of the house. A tornado moved through and a second piece of wood literally blew through the first.

Now, what’s happening here? A tornado has all this rotational energy, and it dematerialized that horizontal plank that you see. That plank is mostly outside of our physical reality, which we now know matter can do.

While it’s essentially transparent to other matter, it’s blowing along, and then the tornado moved out of the way and it switched the matter back on, because the field is gone.

As the matter switches back on, it embedded itself into the plank. It took me years to find this photograph. Isn’t it amazing? Give a big round of applause for this. [Applause]

Another core example that we actually do have a picture of is of this wooden plank that got pushed through the solid metal of a bridge.  And this is a little bit tricky to see, but not too much.

The tornado came through. It was so powerful that this train – this was in the 1800’s – got blown off the tracks. You see it lying down there.

At the same time, one of the actual planks of the railroad ties got blown off the railroad and it pushes through the metal like nothing was there.

If you actually cut this thing off, what you find inside is that wood and metal have blended together. It’s not like the wood pushes the metal out of the way. The metal atoms and the wood atoms literally combine.







[NOTE: We’re unable to find the same photo that David shared, but here is another example with a 2×4 stuck into a brick wall by a tornado.]

So, this is very fascinating because we look at stories of religious leaders, and we see examples of Jesus where he’s levitating, where he’s walking on water, which would imply that he’s lighter than the water. He’s reduced his mass.

This is the science that shows that matter can actually do this.

Another totally amazing example of this is in Peru: Sacsayhuamán.

Sacsayhuamán, Peru

What you have are these stones that have been pushed together, sometimes over the course of 8 feet wide between planes, and this is one stone that she is standing against has nine different facets.

The archaeologists say, “Oh well, they just didn’t want to waste any stone so they just carved it like that, actually”.

Well, wait a minute, this is impossible. What you’re seeing here are rocks that have been energized with this vortex technology.

They become very soft because most of their matter is not in our reality, just a little bit of it is. And then they literally just get “mushed” together, and you can actually see where they still have markings on how they pushed these things together.

I’m showing you how big Sacsayhuamán actually is here. It’s a huge, huge monument.

And they found skeletons with elongated heads around this area.

And there are stairwells built for beings that were taller than we are. They were built into the rock.


This was a big fortification.

Another really strange example of this in Europe is called ‘Vitrified Forts’ where you see different types of stone that appear to have been melted together.

“Vitrified forts” found in western and northern Europe.

This is an example of a pile of rocks that at one time looked like they were all rocks, but then somebody melted them together, and all the stone was fused.

Now, one theory is that this was caused by a solar flash, that the solar flash had melted this rock, and I like that theory. I mean, you look at this and you can clearly see what looks like the stone has melted.

But here’s a guy walking along on these piles of rock. So it’s possible that the rock piles were originally just loose, and the solar flash cooked them up so they’re all melted together.

But another possibility is that somebody had this technology, and they just made the rock piles and then they zap them, and the rocks just melted together with this gravitational space and time warping technology.


We also see examples of bronze clamps in all these different archaeological structures where they mushed the thing in. They literally take a piece of metal . . . They originally found this bronze here.


You’ve got two stones side-by-side. You push the metal in because they’re soft and the metal makes an indentation like a soft cookie.

And they see this in Egypt. This is [unintelligible]. You see it in Cambodia. That’s Angkor Wat. And they see it here in Puma Punku in Peru.

What does this actually mean?

It means that the stones, when they’re zapped, become so light they levitate. And they put this metal clamps in between the stones so you can push around a whole big bunch of stones together like they’re all hot air balloons. It’s amazing.

So, this is the secret of the pyramids. This is how the pyramids were actually built.

So if your body goes through a vortex like this, what do we say happened to you?

Well, that’s the Ascension!

So, I’m just going to run through a couple things real quick here because this fast and it’s going to make some sense out of all of this.


There are naturally occurring time portals where you can jump through millions of years instantaneously, and we can prove that.

These time portals are ultimately little bubbles that come out of the center of the Earth, and they rise upward.

Just like Corey was saying . . . Remember, when we had him on stage last night, he was talking about how they were psychically detecting portals.

He was in a little ship, and they were trying to find where these were.

And remember, what did he say? Some of them were underground, some of them were on the surface and some were in the atmosphere.

And if they could find them, they could travel through them.

Well, sure enough, this is what we see. Portals move around.


And what type of creatures might be getting through space AND time?

Well, the Egyptians have this Bennu bird that you always see on the Egyptian staff, right? Everybody knows this staff. [NOTE: The images of the Egyptian Bennu bird staff are similar to but not the same shown by David.]

What we don’t really pay attention to is this so-called bird whose head is on the top of a staff. When you look at the head, it clearly has this ‘fin’ coming off the back.

Here’s another example of the Bennu Bird. And here it is up close. Here’s another example where it’s even more stylized and specific.

We looked through and there no birds in our modern era whatsoever that have this particular physiology. There is only one thing that fits, and it is the Pteranodon.

So what does this mean?

This is the phoenix. The Bennu bird is the bird of fire. It’s born in fire and then it disappears.

These Pteranodons are flying in through portals, and we know through modern reports from Papau, New Guinea, that they flicker with light as they come in, and then they disappear again.


So, this is also the source of the dragon legends.

When a portal over England was the most active, these Pteranodons were getting in. They flicker with orange light when they’re materializing in our reality. That’s where the “fire-breathing” comes from.

And, then they get hungry! [Laughter] They invite you over for dinner, in a sense.

The dragon-slayers had to kill the dragon.

Well, guess what? It’s not a myth.

In modern times, in the African countries of Zambia and Zimbabwe, they have this thing called Kongamato, a flying lizard with a gigantic wingspan, and huge sharp teeth, and on the island of Umboi, in New Guinea, they have a legend of this thing called the “Ropen”, which looks just like a Pteranodon.





Jonathan D. Whitcomb

A forensic videographer, Jonathan Whitcomb, went there and studied all this stuff in great depth, and he came up with a composite sketch based on hundreds and hundreds of eye-witness sightings of this “bird”, and this is what people are seeing.

Looks familiar, right? This is a dinosaur that accidentally flew through a portal in the sky, and portalled into our modern-day reality, and they’re hungry and it’s a big problem when these guys show up.

Here’s the Ropen illustration.

And here are the actual fossil records of a Pterosaur.

Jonathan Whitcomb went around and started interviewing people from New Guinea and described what they saw. They saw one of these flying lizards, this gigantic lizard.

You can tell. Look at this guy’s eyes. He has no reason to lie.

This professional psychologist in 1971, Brian Hennessy, was there. He saw it. He was scared to death. He does not want to talk about this.

I want to make sure that we understand when we’re about to interview his brother that no marijuana was involved in this sighting whatsoever. [Laughter]

This professional psychologist in 1971, Brian Hennessy was there. He saw it. He said it flickered with light when it first materialized.

Duane Hodgkinson in 2004

A very famous sighting from 1944 in WW2, Duane Hodgkinson was stationed out there, and he saw this gigantic set of wings come up out of the reeds near where his soldiers were, and then when they came down, the flap of wind was so intense some of these guys were blown over backwards.

And it takes off in the sky. It scared the bejesus out of them!

Scholars have a perfect explanation. Oh, yes, they say it’s a fruit bat.

Wait a minute, the biggest fruit bat ever seen is a flying fox bat that has a wingspan of 7 feet.

flying fox bat

This is the composite sketch of Duane Hodgkinson’s in 1944, and all the modern witnesses in New Guinea today say it has a 29.3 foot wingspan!


Back in the old English times, there was a portal that was open over England, and they’d have to fight these “dragons”.

That’s where the whole myth comes from.

Then, we have this guy, David Wutzel (sp?) in 2004, who saw the bioluminescent glow coming off of these bodies as they would materialize.


In the 1930’s, we start hearing a lot about the Loch Ness monster, and this, again, appears to be a dinosaur that portalled through time. The first sighting in 595 AD was where St. Columbia said he saw the burial of a man that was bitten by a large monster at Loch Ness.

By some accounting, there have been 7,000 sightings of the Loch Ness monster in the 20th century, and this cute little film called “Water Horse: Legend of the Deep” captured that legend. Go rent it. It’s just a really fun film.

This appears to be one of the real photographs [of the Loch Ness monster]. They do occasionally show up in other lakes. There is one in Lake Champlain called “Champ”.

Loch Ness monster

Every single forensic description of the Loch Ness monster is literally identical to this old dinosaur called the Plesiosaurus. It’s got the neck. It’s got the flippers. It’s got a tail. It’s the same thing. So, there’s an example of a portalled-in dinosaur.


Then we have the Mokèlé-mbèmbé, who’s a little Brontosaurus showing up in Africa.

In 1776, French missionaries found huge footprints with claws in central Africa. Each foot was three feet in circumference. It’s gigantic. It’s as big as an elephants foot, but an elephant’s foot doesn’t have claws.

One priest actually saw these creatures munching on vegetation.

They are still to this day being seen in the People’s Republic of Congo, around Akikawa Swamp. This is a 55,000 square mile area larger than the state of Florida, and the government has declared that, even to this day, it’s 80% unexplored.

Now, why would people not want to explore this land? Because this is Pygmy country, folks! You don’t want to be dinner, okay? But, if the Pygmies can’t get a human being, they’ll settle for Mokèlé-mbèmbé. They will kill one of these things and have “bronto burgers”!

In 1913, a German explorer made peace with the Pygmies – at least he got out, thank God – and he heard stories of Mokèlé-mbèmbé. This is when it first came up.

The scientists at the time noticed that what they were describing had never been heard of in Western science and was exactly the same as Sauropod dinosaurs, which are 70 feet long, and they get 12 to 15 feet tall. They look like a brontosaurus.

The natives revealed that they would catch, kill and eat these creatures.

So here’s an actual illustration of the pygmies throwing their spears at Mokèlé-mbèmbé, because it’s party time when these things show up. You’ve got burgers for months! [Laughter]

But one of the most amazing ones of all is at Angkor Wat. Angkor Wat, we think, was dedicated in 1186 AD.

I talked the other night about how the architecture of Angkor Wat and the architecture of temples in India are identical, and I talked about how the monuments at Angkor Wat are laid out in the position of the constellation Draco but only as it would have appeared 12,500 years ago.

Angkor Wat, Cambodia


So, very likely, these monuments are a lot older than the guy who claims they were dedicated in 1186 AD.

And, very likely, the monuments were made with time portal technology that they were using to levitate the stones and get everything built properly. I have no doubt about this.

So, with this technology, with the understanding of portals, it is quite amazing, because in this very ancient temple they have these various circles with animals inside of them, but one of the animals really doesn’t seem to fit.

Yeah, this is probably a 12,000-year-old structure, and it looks exactly like a Stegosaurus, except that – notice, this is really cool – if you look at the old pictures of the Stegosaurus, they have these big, long spikes that are on its tail. They don’t really know if that’s where the spikes belong, but just made an assumption based on the fossil.

You don’t see the Stegosaurus usually drawn with spikes on the back of its head but that’s apparently where the spikes actually fit on the real thing.

So this is not some fake. We know how old this building is, and these little guys are nestled in with all this other stuff on the side of the temple.

Then, in the same area, we have pyramids like Prasat Prang – this is in Cambodia – that very precisely are duplicated with pyramids that we see in Mesoamerica.


Baksei Chamkrong                                                  Tikal, Guatemala

This is Baksei Chamkrong on the left in Cambodia, and on the right we have what we see in Mesoamerica. This is Tikal of Guatemala.


I talked last night about the solar flash that took place at our closest neighbor.

This “Giant flare around Proxima Centauri, again, may kill hope for a planetary system”, and this is where they describe what happened.

“Scientists have discovered a flare off of the Sun’s closest stellar neighbor, Proxima Centauri. Many are reporting that it could spell trouble for any hope of life on this planet, but it might also kill off other planets around the star.”

Study author Alicia Weinberger from the Carnegie Institute used a large radio dish telescope in Chile.

“This new analysis implied that the star actually released a flare that lasted about one minute, a thousand times brighter than the stars usual shine of light, perhaps ten times brighter than the most powerful solar flares from our own Sun . . .”


Now, I talk a lot about the salamander-frog experiment – it’s one of my favorite ones – where you take eggs from a frog, and then you have eggs from a salamander, and you zap laser light through the salamander eggs into the frog eggs.

Even though they are hermetically sealed you get this complete metamorphosis of frog eggs into salamander eggs. They grow into adult salamanders.

We also see that our own human DNA is already changing. This is a study that said that DNA is the universal constant, making humans and ET close to “cousins”.

This is from a British study; “American’s heads are getting bigger – in just 150 years, the volume of the average skull has grown by the size of a tennis ball”.

Just since the mid-1800’s our brains have gotten bigger. That’s why we’re headed toward this elongated skull look.

One of the finest anthropologists, Dr. Richard Jantz, studies ancient human remains and he has discovered this increase in skull size.

So this is really, really fascinating, and it goes on and on from here.

My point in sharing all this with you, to summarize is as follows:

Look at the geometry. Look at the fact that the whole Universe is made from a geometric pattern. We saw this with the amplituhedron.

Quid pro quo, biological life is implicit in the Universe, right, because if all there is is this one geometric pattern, and we are alive, then the geometry makes life.

So if the whole Universe is made from this geometry, there is going to be intelligent life like us everywhere.

We are holograms of that infinite creation.

Now what else did you say about geometry, David? Well, I said that all matter is made from this vibration, right? And we said all space and time is an emanation from this form.

Well, what we see in the portal science is that the same geometry, when look at it on Earth, appears to be, in certain cases, responsible for portalling dinosaurs into our present. You see this with things like the Pterodactyl or Pteranodon, which is the Dragon, it’s the Ropen, it’s the Kongamato.

They’re seeing them in modern times in Papua, New Guinea. They flicker orange and yellow as they come in, which is like they’re “on fire” – the Phoenix, the Sāṁvartaka Fire.

So, that’s millions of years, 65 + millions of years time travel all at once. We see the Stegasaurus in the Cambodian temple. It’s literally carved into this temple that might be 12,000 years old, and it IS actually a Stegasaurus.

We see the little brontosaurus in Africa. We see the Loch Ness monster which is a Plesiosaurus.

So, what I’m saying to you guys is, that if our closest stellar neighbor, Proxima Centauri, has had a solar flash, that the timing of when they dated this thing to occur is the end of 2012, because it took the time of 4.3 light-years to get to us. That’s when they first saw it.

So, the actual time when “The Law of One” and the Mayan Calendar expected a solar flash we had one on Proxima Centauri. We’re talking the exact timing of when our Sun was expected to have a solar flash.

That has not happened yet. It has been held off.

But when I say to you guys that I do believe this Solar Flash is multi-dimensional, that it will cause Ascension if you are ready.

How does it do that? It changes the frequency of the atoms in your body. It restructures your geometry. Remember, one geometric pattern can go o another geometric pattern.

How do you get ready for that? By meditating and getting yourself crystallized with love.

Loving energy causes the geometry in your mind and the geometry in your soul to become more crystallized.

And if you have enough crystallization, then, you can handle the intensity of the vibrations coming in. You can handle the intensity of the Ascension and your entire body can shift from one geometry to another. That is so amazing. [Applause] Yes.

David leads a guided meditation:

“I’d like everybody to close your eyes now and put your feet flat on the floor. Take a nice deep breath and let it go. Take another nice deep breath and let it go.

“As you tune in deeper and deeper, breathing slowly, imagine now the geometric dance in your mind of the thoughts that you think becoming more relaxed as clusters of neurons are interconnected with geometry that twists and glides and tumbles around.

“Have you noticed all the twisting, the tumbling; millions and millions of these in a small part of the brain? Slowing it down, slowing down geometric movements, slowing down the complexity.

“As you relax more and more, notice the geometry is slowing down, staying still, and as it does, it gets larger and larger. The crystal is growing. The Merkaba is forming.

“And you may also notice that your heart is open, allowing in more love, more acceptance for the beautiful being that you are, seeing yourself with love in the mirror, as a being of infinite worth truly knowing that all is well that you are okay.

“It is a perfect plan. It is a perfect Universe, and when someone judges you, they only do this from a place of ignorance.

“Turn your gaze now to the faces of those around you, knowing that they all emanate from one photon, one pure light/love vibration.

“Allow yourself to have patience, to forgive, to love, to see the inherent purity and goodness that they represent. In this is your freedom, as this crystal in your mind is growing more and more perfect, more and more pure, as the love keeps enhancing love for yourself, love for others, love for the animals that have been so exploited, love for the plants and the trees, love for the oceans and the atmosphere, love for this Earth.

“Imagine the Earth itself bathed in love, bathed in light and then imagine enough people on Earth reaching quantum mass – a social memory – enough people understanding that with love comes the safety to take those forgotten parts of yourself out of the realm of the hidden, no longer needing to lie to yourself, to hide from yourself the ways in which you might be killing yourself or hurting yourself, or killing others and hurting others.

“Did you have this habit-pattern because it was a crutch to help you feel like you could survive in this mean and vicious world?

“And might there be a way in which patience, sweetness and relaxation and love can make you better suited to accept the bumps on the road of life, that you do not need to hide from yourself or your pain, that you do not need to hide the truth from others, you can be open and honest about who you are and what you’re struggling with.

“And as you relax more deeply, understand that it is required to see yourself as confused. Embrace your confusion, embrace your ignorance, embrace your lack of perfection because only through this portal are you perfected. Do you Ascend?

“Then you are ready. Your heart is open. You understand yourself. You understand the great mystery and the role that you play within it, to love yourself first and foremost, even those parts that don’t seem acceptable, that don’t seem possible to be loved. They’re too ugly, too dirty, too shameful.

“Letting go of the shame, letting go of the hurt, forgiving yourself. This is the core.

“I invite you to give yourself that gift. To let go of shame, to let go of feeling that you need to judge yourself; that you are a bad person. You are good. You are perfect. You are pure. You are whole. You are a being of infinite worth.

“As you learn this you no longer have any deficiencies. Anything that’s coming your way is just some old karma that you’re burning off, and the same is true for all others. See them in the perfection that they are.

“Don’t keep your love for others hidden, as you don’t keep it hidden for yourself. Embrace that they might have anger, they might have jealousy, they might have depression, they might have sadness, they might have ignorance. It’s all OK. It’s part of the design.

“By embracing all of this in love, all of these bumps and bings and wobbly bits and old creasey lines – let’s say your face looks like an old worn-out leather shoe – it’s totally OK. I love you, we love you, God loves you. Everything is fine. You are beautiful and perfect.

“In the greatest sense, you always know that you ARE the light, you ARE the love, you ARE the one infinite creator. This is as it was, as it is now and as it always shall be and nothing and no-one can ever take that from you.

“As you stretch forth your hand toward the Ascension light, you understand that you are a being of perfection by embracing your imperfection, by embracing the imperfection of the Universe and the social interactions and all the crazy things that you see. This IS the perfection within the shattered hologram of life, the hall of mirrors, the one photon infinitely reflected back to itself in an apparent duality. The holographic projection of the apparent Universe that is an emanation of one life, one love, one truth, that IS you.

“Your awareness IS the Universe. Embrace that and see how it is perfect that you are confused. It is perfect that you are here now, and it is perfect that we are heading toward this greatest moment in human history as we all come together in one mind, one heart, one soul and one love, embodying the perfection that we already are, by simply declaring it to ourselves.

“Let yourself be okay. Let the Universe be okay. Let the world be okay.

“And once you embrace the perfection of that which is apparently imperfect, never forget that you also can see that it is perfect for you to help change the illusion, and make it more comfortable for yourself and for others. Never accept this karma – that which you can change.

“We take this energy we’ve raised and we send it to ourselves. We bathe ourselves in light. We send it to those we care the most about. See their faces, both incarnate and discarnate. Bathe them in light.

“See the faces of others. See the faces of creation: the animals, the birds, the fish, the trees, the water and the atmosphere.

“See them as perfect. Bathe them with light. Embrace the Earth in this life. And embrace the Sun.

“Allow the Sun to have its Solar Flash. Allow this to happen. It’s not going to happen right now, but when it does happen it will be right NOW. The Ascension will happen to you right NOW. You will experience it consciously in real-time; the most blissful, euphoric, psychedelic, spontaneous transmutation of your consciousness that you could ever have imagined.

“Hold that space. Allow it to exist. Allow your Ascension to occur. Know in your heart that you have embraced yourself and your imperfections enough that it WILL be done. You are ready to graduate. You will authorize it from your own higher level.

“Claim your inheritance and LIVE in that path. Walk in the truth that nothing needs stay hidden. Your love need not be hidden.

“Anything within you that you felt was too ugly, too shameful, too dark, let it come forth to be healed.

“SEE the perfection in all of your wounds, in all of your misery, in all of your frustration, in all of your anger. Let it be so. Let it be healed. Declare it. Claim the healing in the melting influence of love. And so it is.”

Now, I’d like you to take a nice deep breath. Breathe yourself back into the room. Wiggle your finger; wiggle your toes.

And when you are ready I’d like you to stand up. We have one last exercise; this is audience. Give your neighbor a handshake or a hug as you feel that it is appropriate for you.

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