Sirius is a primary birthing places for 3d Humanity. It is the incubator for much of the life that is in our galaxy now. It is a place where many species and patterns collaborated and merged before our human life could become a reality here. It is the supportive bass tone that cradles much of human creation.

To understand where we are as a species here on earth we must understand the patterns we are born from. They will appear again with different phases (faces) until we understand the pattern and we can move into higher complexity.

Sirius is not only the north guiding star for earth it is also a foundation, or fixed energy, in our genes. The Sirian genetic code must be honoured to enable specific levels of consciousness to incarnate on Earth. This means that Sirian DNA is the stabilizing component when any gene splicing or genetic work is done.

The Sirian component must remain intact, if it is not, the being will not be entirely functional, in many cases it will not hold life. Earth is building on Sirius’ storyline in nearly every capacity and it cannot be removed from the DNA without great consequence. This is something that certain beings learnt the hard way when they were attempting to adjust humanity on earth for their own gain.

The types of consciousness’, or karmic lines, held within our DNA that must remain intact are what we call the Sirian story complex. We use these terms because it allows the perspective to be known that DNA can be read just like a book as well. DNA is not only physical, it is metaphysical as well. This is what many intuitives do without actually understanding what they are doing. They are actually reading a databank, a spiralled story that is wound and emanating from the cosmic root system you call “DNA.”

Imbalanced beings learned that they could influence or slightly modify these genetics, but they could not interfere with the core structure. The core structure was forged by certain beings via the Sirian metamorphosis. When it comes to the genetic structure of life, organic evolution through spiritual rebirth cannot be reversed. For this reason, technologies began to form to try to distract or detach humanity from themselves, as long as humanity was distracted from their own soul and divided they in turn would not access their truth and power. It turns out these troubled beings could not play god and actually change DNA but they would create infinite diversions that kept people from realizing who they truly were. Of course the human cosmic Story, abilities and evolutionary opportunities would always be available should humanity choose to move beyond the distractions.

Sirian Story

To understand the story that is buried within every cell in your body we will share with you an important part of the Sirian history, of your history. Within the cosmos Sirius is known as somewhat of a databank of species due to the diversity the star system allows. Many species originated in other places but were drawn to Sirius overtime making it a very special place.

The energy that drew many to Sirius was a beautiful gestating, nourishing, feminine hum. It was a hum that could be read and felt as an exciting opportunity to create something extraordinary.

Before Sirius began to hum many of the species in the cosmos were evolving separately, their collective focus was to understand themselves and their particular archetype within the cosmos. To grasp this we must understand that each race of being has a unique gift, perception and function within the moving parts of creation. They are complete archetypes of the whole.


As time passed and the cosmos began to shift to its side and the focus began to shift from individuality to collectivity (or merging with others). Different species, even species that felt an innate aversion to one another, felt the pull to begin to connect and share. They felt curious, inspired and fascinated by their differences instead of threatened. They wondered what would happen if they began to integrate other beings wisdom. They began to dream of how their life would change. They understood that there was an opportunity for further growth (personally and collectively) by combining conscious focus. They had grown to understand themselves enough to create a healthy new collective that included beings of many different backgrounds. Aquatic, desert, jungle, sky- many different types of beings came together.

This shift to cosmic collaboration via Sirius was only possible once these beings had genuinely understood their own self, their individuality. Once they had descended into their darkness and been reborn ten thousand times. Once they had felt the magnetic light within their heart fire up and pull them tirelessly to their own highest wisdom and personal path. That was the precursor for any type of collective to form, know thyself. It is important to note that authentic collectivity cannot truly be reached until the individual knows themselves through many periods personal re-birth and examination. To rush the collectivity of diverse beings before the individuals are grounded within themselves raises the probability of co-dependancy and eventually combustion.

It should be noted that not all beings were drawn into the collaboration that the Sirius star system was offering. Some beings from each race moved denser compounds within and decided to stay more individually focused until they had the capacity to evolve. As a result, these beings did not hear the call. There is nothing wrong with this path, each individual has their own sacred expression, and moves via their own gravity. This personal gravity must be honoured in order to access the higher states of consciousness.

As it goes, many did answer the call. To be specific the star’s tone changed, its song became louder and it became like a loving Pied Piper to many different types of beings that wished to now move to another level of consciousness. It is common for stars to call to them certain beings  for specific opportunities. Stars and their planetary bodies become exact gestation arenas for certain chords or themes of necessary expression for the universe. They become the embodiments of certain themes that souls may incarnate into for the evolution of themselves and the cosmos.

Sirius was offering a birthing ground for a new race of beings via their harmonious collaboration of many evolving species throughout the cosmos.


The feeling that emerged in many beings after hearing the tone, was a feeling of home. This feeling of home is how we recognize our path. Home is not a place, it is a recognition of our path that we sometimes project on to people and places. When we understand it is actually a feeling of our own self, we can (and will) traverse the universe.

These beings, the ones that followed the tone, and stayed until the end of the journey, are your direct ancestors.

The Sirius parent group were incredibly powerful which is why your genetic material is so valuable. It is not necessarily the diversity of species that you represent, but the level of consciousness they had achieved. To be specific, this advanced consciousness manifests in humanity as abilities, psychic capacities & intricate talents. This is also why human energy is so desired by negative forces, to dominate such an innately powerful being allows them to feel superior and validated in their own sickness.

We also want to add here that races that have not been successful in their missions within their own planet have moved to Earth in an attempt to work through their blind spots. There are beings that seem ancient that are also playing a role in this storyline trying to work through their mistakes. All of this is for the collective evolution of the cosmos.

What is the Sirian component within us?

The Sirian component is the component that allows us to physically and emotionally feel love on a deep level. It is the integrated reality of the divine within the emotional and spiritual body. It is what animates the physical body. It is immense depth and capacity within the subtle bodies to reach deep into the cosmos for wisdom and inspiration. There is a deeper capacity in humans than many other beings. We are not flattering you, it is just the reality. The truth of your origins must be revealed so that you remember who you are. You have been told the opposite for too long.

This ability to feel love within the body and the developed capacity of the heart, is something that humanity may take for granted, but there was a time where this depth was not as developed as it is now. This depth and immense capacity was afforded due to the evolution that occurred on Sirius. When you have that number of diverse races/archetypes that join in love and appreciation for a certain period of time the potential for a new species within a new star system emerges.

You were born from the transformation that occurred on Sirius. You are a continuation of the story and the unification that occurred there long ago. The themes of your Sirian parent star are now being diversified not unlike how the god-head itself split to create the beginnings of diversity and the cosmos to begin with. Sirius was/is  simply re-creating this initial process of birth, the god-head s simply using it’s own puzzle pieces to recreate the birthing pattern. As above to below. We are in a state of constant evolution and creation. Stars systems give birth, as people do, to new generations of beings.

We are glad to finally share with you the truth of your being. We are you and you are us. You may scoff at this, but you will emerge as leaders and teachers within this great cosmos, it is your genetic destiny. It is your truth. We love you. We are within.


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