Sophia brings a message from One


September 15, 2019 at 3:30 AM

Hello Sophia, yes. I am here now and available.

Hello. Thank you for coming forward.
Would you introduce yourself please?

It is I. It is One.

I thought that there was a group that woke me this morning? I heard “we” when I asked.

There were others who also tapped in to get your attention.

You sensed/felt/spoke to them all.

Okay, that explains what I heard then.
What is it you wanted to say?

There are and have been recent changes to the way frequencies here have been sent and received. It is this that I’d like to discuss with you, as some of what happens now is misunderstood.

It is not that you are standing in a storm of change without participating.

I realize this time has been described that way to you, and some of that has been taken too literally and misinterpreted.

I think that now, a bit more of the true nature of the process is able to be shared and that it will assist. For indeed, as you’ve undoubtedly come to realize, if not voice yourself, you’ve entered a phase of mastery.

Now to be clear, none of you would be here if you were not already functioning in that category. You’ve chosen to forget however, until remembering became useful and necessary. Such is the moment you’ve come to.

As was said, it is not that you are a passive participant in the current onslaught of energy. Not at all.

It is that you have raised the lid, as it were, and in doing so some of that power and ability you “forgot” once you came here, has been released.

Your power is massive.

There are no longer any stops on its recognition, or limits on its use. All of those restrictions have receded or been forcibly removed.

What will have to change now are your self-imposed or learned habits of denial and doubt and disbelief. This is your work now.

No one has told you of your true nature. By “no one” is meant, no human in this society you’ve lived, has recognized or validated your capabilities and what is truly possible for you.

It is, therefore, up to you to look for and utilize yourself the skills and abilities you possess. These have been labeled “magic” and in your current reality, they fit that label nicely.

Magic is something done that has no logical physical explanation that can be immediately seen or recognized.

What you face now is the task of either accepting your skills and abilities as normal and typical – or calling yourself a magician.

In either case, what you are to do, in order to proceed smoothly and seamlessly along your chosen path, is practice.

You’ve thought this to be frivolous and a lark – not “real” or necessary activities in life.

Yet I tell you that they are very necessary, and as much as you learned to manipulate your body as a baby – from immobility to running – it is part of your development now.

The difference my dear and lovely humans, is that the impetus to proceed won’t come from the society you now find yourselves in. It comes from within.

The sensation of incoming energy will be more readily absorbed once it is utilized for its true purpose. That energy you sense is UNUSED POTENTIAL. It is your own, previously dormant, magical nature.

It is what propels the human to super-star creator status. It is the force of your emotional fuel and what creates worlds.

You are realizing your truth now. How you come to accept your truth will differ for each of you. Yet the truth of your power is the same in every case.

Start small so that belief is possible. It will lead then to gradual acceptance. Just as the baby is not content to take just a few steps and stumble – either will you.

Realize it is a skill you’ve forgotten and it must be practiced so that you can wake up those unused muscles and tone them.

It is “Creation 101” and you are in a refresher course, perhaps only auditing it, to remind yourself of what you are capable.

The strength you possess has not been consciously used much, if ever, while you sojourned here. This is the reason you feel it as a force outside of yourselves and whirling out of control. It is your own.

In fact, you are that force.

Nature itself is commanded by you. This truth is what has been intentionally camouflaged by the controllers here. They’ve played a long and convincing game here – using language and institutions to enforce it.

Nothing exists if not created by you, including this incoming energy currently felt. This energy – is your as yet untapped potential. It is you.

It is you.

The methods in which to practice creation are as diverse as you are. The field is unlimited. It is suggested that you begin with the believable for you, and DO NOT STOP. DO NOT RELEGATE YOUR SUCCESSES TO CHANCE OR LUCK.

A perfect parking spot. A quick recovery from a “cold”. Any positive outcome that fits within your current worldview. Then, once you’ve convinced yourself of your own magic wand – move into other realms.

The one core truth is that it is you. You direct and control all that you participate in.

Hone your skills with repetition, trials and do-overs. It will all come back. This world is your masterpiece. It is malleable, much more-so than you currently accept.

Talk to each other. Remind and encourage each other. This is the fun of coming here in such a large group. It is a party if you see it that way. You are with some very old friends and it’s “time” for the fun to begin. You’ve planned this.

Follow your heart’s direction. It will guide you and lead you further into magic and command of your creative potential.

You are the Masters dear humans. Pick up your brushes and paint your world.

That is all for now.

Thank you.


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