Message from One through Sophia –

October 18, 2019
It is I. It is One.
There are things to say about the course of the planet. There are things to reveal about what that course feels like for those of you on her.
You are beyond the beginning stages of your planetary upgrade. Enmeshed deeply in the process now, you experience deep resonance as she shifts and settles, shifts and settles, shifts and settles.
It has gone on for such a long time, that the whole notion of “normal”, when considering a day, a week, or a month, has theoretically “gone out the window”. There has been no such thing as normal for quite some moment now, and as a result, you barely remember it and don’t expect it.
When it returns, you will experience a gradual and collective sigh of relief and satisfaction. When it returns, life will look different in very many areas. It will feel uplifted. It will feel quiet even, and it is here that I wish to caution you.
The human instrument craves stimulation and excitement. This can look many ways. It currently is expressed in your very many cultural institutions that are imploding. As you witness this, it seems camouflaged by the very many loud voices and their opinions about all sides.
What will happen at some point is consensus. An answer. A solution will be collectively discovered THAT SUITS YOUR NEW EARTH.
Watch for these, they will be tough to recognize amongst the din of the noise of the opinion. You will know them by their simplicity. You will recognize their sincerity and feel in these systems/people/decisions/actions, a comfort and even-handedness. They will not be divisive and as such – YOU MAY MISS THEM IN ALL OF THE DEBATING OVER RIGHTS AND WRONGS.
There are many different ways to run your new earth and many who are prepared to help. The caution is being introduced here so that you are paying attention to your own addiction to excitement, and not just debating for the sake of debate.
It is understandable, as you haven’t had a voice for quite some time, if ever. Yet I encourage you now to move towards this next phase of your work here. Seek those who harmonize with your own intentions and support and assist there.
Your desire for passion will be adjusting all the while you do this. New Earth affords you an abundance of joy. So much so that this inborn desire for passion finds endless avenues where it will be satisfied. All this, in good time.
I am complete for now.
Goodbye Sophia.
Thank you. Goodbye now.
Here are a few quotes from One. They happened during a personal conversation. This means they were directed to me at the time they were spoken, but in reviewing them, it feels as if they are directed at us all.
May 2019
“You chose the path you did in order to benefit your soul, your soul’s growth.”
“You are eternal. An eternal being is what you are. These facts, this truth is what allows forward movement. It pushes you ahead.”
“You’ve come into this life as not a new one, but an ancient soul. You’ve experienced many setbacks and devastations.”
“Know that this one, the one you face now, has been chosen by you to promote the most growth you’ve ever known in a single moment.”
“The contrast from powerless to powerful is spectacular, and holds a level of transformation you deem implausible, if not impossible.”
“You will see. You will see.”


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