New Moon is Saturday, September 28 at 12:26 PM Mountain Daylight Time (MDT).


New Moon is Saturday, September 28 at 12:26 PM Mountain Daylight Time (MDT).

This is a super moon intensifying the influence of the themes which are focused on right path, right relationship, right intentions, justice and commitments to your truth and ideals. Because of the intensity, you could be reactive around reactions and projections of others. The challenge will be to stay engaged and connected while staying neutral at the same time. There is growth and healing in allowing vulnerability to drive new intentions, to purge the old, and forgive the old wounds whose residue has held you back from moving forward into a bigger life. We are at the brink of expanding our dreams and our experience of life in a really beautiful way. We can push through our limitations through action, discipline and commitment. What stands in the way is our own stubborn position of blame, being right and not willing to forgive. So take a courageous step this New Moon and allow yourself to complete the wounded chapters of your story so you can turn the page.

The other aspect of this moon is support. As mentioned in the forecast, the universe will support what it recognizes as a true commitment. Look for ways during this time to solidify those commitments. Always honor the support you already have and reflect on ways you can also be supportive to others. A good way to spend this New Moon is to be around important relationships, focus on balance and boundaries and your own truth, and refine your intentions with commitment. Have some fun and be around beauty.


Written by Patricia Liles.  Contact her at

Libra New Moon

Sun and Moon in Libra 5º

Saturday, Sept. 28 12:26 PM Mountain Daylight Time

(Saturday, Sept. 28 6:26 PM Greenwich Mean Time)

Passing the Equinox of September 22/23 brings the Sun into Libra, an active, mental sign of the air element.  We are inspired to step up and take a leadership role in making our lives more aligned with our intentions.  Libra is ruled by Venus, which is a source of Libra’s concern with relationships – love relationships, business relationships, social relationships among others.  Libra’s symbol is the scale of justice, and concern here is to keep the scales in harmonious balance.  Libra will frequently consider the needs of others to the detriment of their own, but truly they are wizards at the win-win situation.  They can skillfully negotiate, compromise, and finesse without creating much visible dissention, without compromising their ideals and still manage to get exactly what they want in a situation.  It can be a joy to witness.  Venus with her love of beauty and harmonious interactions lends the social graces and cultural courtesies to all they touch.

Relationships are what we are really focused on here.  Venus brings cooperation and fairness to Libra’s mental arena, so here we experience detachment, justice and idealism.  Libra can flip easily from peaceful abiding to outrage if they perceive social injustice, and they absolutely take action to make it right and get you on board as well.

At Libra New Moon we begin a new cycle of intention and focus.  We move from a predominance of feminine signs to one of yang, active masculine signs.  In this cycle, it’s about love and money, or relationships and finances.

We have an opposition to Chiron (3º Aries) by the Sun and Moon.  Old wounds, difficult experiences where we took a hit while exploring, risk taking or just trying to find out who we were in the world may resurface in our current relationships-in ourselves or others.  With Libra strong, projection is strong; we see our partner/the other as the source of our problems, so you may feel a kind of restlessness or an impulsive need to cut and run on our commitments.  Uranus, also in a somewhat stressful relationship to the Sun/Moon, magnifies this urge when it adds its power of sudden, unexpected change, need for freedom, and power to blast out what isn’t serving any longer.  Protection you have put up because of wounding and that keeps you from intimacy and the ability to cooperate with others and consider their relationship needs may be more visible at this Libra Moon portal.  We have creative support from Pluto to Chiron urging us to surrender and let these woundings be seen and transformed.  At the collective level, Uranus can also rile up ‘the people’ (represented by the Moon) and create revolutionary action when they feel unjustly treated.

Both personal planets, Mercury and Venus, are in Libra, so they are well placed to bring a desire for peaceful interaction, a need for refinement, and finding agreeable outcomes.

Venus is square Saturn, so this is helpful in looking at the bigger picture in our relationships and financial outlook and opting for stability and maturity.  Both planets in cardinal action-taking signs, (Libra/Capricorn) want forward motion, to get down to business.  Venus also squaring Pluto may fuel power struggles in relating or if control issues, possessiveness or jealousy rear their head, know Pluto is acting from its lower frequencies.  Be aware of the drama, but avoid feeding it.  Better to look at your part in it and understand your motivations for being caught up in the acting out.  Engagements with Pluto are urging us to transform power struggles, involvement with debt, and the molting of old ways and letting in growth and change in our relationships.

Venus and Jupiter, the two benevolent planets, are in sextile (positive) relationship presenting an opportunity to find true enjoyment in the company of others, to find a creative work flow that hasn’t been available before, to experience joyous intimacy at a greater level, or to just be way too indulgent in the good things of life!  An aspect of rich abundance both emotional and material is available to be used for creating in the most luxurious way.

As you can see, Venus, ruler of the chart, has a wide range of influences and choice at the New Moon.  Which way will you take it?

We’re in a time frame of planets moving out of retrograde and heading forward.  This will lend more energy to launching our projects and getting them moving and making progress, or at least feeling more active and ready to take the next step.

Jupiter direct – August 19

Saturn direct – September 18

Pluto direct – October 3

We still are holding the pattern of the Mystic Rectangle thanks to Juno, ruler of committed relationships (there it is again), and formed by the North and South Node, Neptune along with Juno.  Like last New Moon, we have a configuration to support our inclination to learn from the feminine and release the shadowy parts of the masculine.  The path of responsibility to recognize and protect those most vulnerable is emphasized here.

It’s the third and last supermoon that increases the pull on the planet and intensifies the influences.  Work with your intentions, ‘engage in the challenge of relationship’, and celebrate where balance exists in your life.

All times in MountainDaylight Time, MDT

10/03   Pluto direct 20º Capricorn
Mercury enters Scorpio
Mars enters Libra
10/13   Full Moon in Aries 3:07 PM MDT
10/23   Sun enters Scorpio 11:19 AM MDT
10/27   Scorpio New Moon 4º 9:38 AM MDT
10/31   Mercury retrograde 27º Scorpio until 11/20
11/12   Taurus Full Moon 20º 6:34 AM MST

Written by Patricia Liles.  Contact her at


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