God is in the detailEDC555edc / October 5, 2019


God is in the detailEDC555edc / October 5, 2019
(by Edwin Courtney)

All this week I am going to be blogging about my holiday adventures!

Don’t get too excited – this year (partly due to finances and partly due to leaving things last minute) we decided on a “staycation” and holidayed at home. Rearranging ones wardrobe and tackling a mountain of ironing looming large in the airing cupboard may not be everyones slice of heaven but for this gay man it was paradise on a stick – I can tell you.

Still – we had the odd day out and our first day saw us doing the obligatory garden centre visit – partly because Andrew wanted to top up on his plant buying addiction and partly because his loyalty card allows for two free coffee’s a month – I know – last of the big spenders right!

Needless to say – what with it now being October – the garden centre was beginning to lay out its Christmas stock – something which in the past would have sent me into meltdown (I HATE Christmas being thrust on me months in advance – not giving me a moment to enjoy Autumn or Halloween or Bonfire Night) but this year something caught my eye.

A hedge like bunch of tinsel sat – all on it’s own – basking in the Autumn sunshine and as I moved the light – catching the plastic multicoloured foils – winked at me – shimmering and shining.

Now as many of you know I am a sucker for a piece of tinsel but this year – knowing that I have more than enough and being super conscious of the fact that tinsel is 100% plastic – I have decided that I am NOT buying any more – possibly ever. Still the beauty of this man made, gaudy frivolity struck me!

It was SO beautiful – this combination of nature and mankind manufacture – so magical that I stood – phone in hand – videoing the sparkle as I moved back and forth, back and forth – undoubtedly the other shoppers thinking me quite insane. What it reminded me though is that God (the Goddess – the Divine) is in the detail and the ordinary and the mundane. That the Divine in all its wonder and magic can be found in the sparkle of a piece of tinsel as much as it can a blossoming flower or a new born child – if you have the eyes to see it. and that art can be found in a wonderful, momentary collision of nature and man made matter transforming a moment – ordinary and dull into something breath taxingly special.

However soppy it may sound God (the Goddess, the Divine) was with me for that moment, holding me in wonder – pandering to my inner child – reminding me of the beauty that man makes and the miracle of nature and blessing the start of my holiday with a little (albeit premature) Christmas magic!

God (the Goddess, the Divine) is in the detail – if we only have the eyes to see it!



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