Clearing F.E.A.R ~ False Evidence Appearing Real ~ October 7, 2019


Clearing F.E.A.R ~ False Evidence Appearing Real ~ October 7, 2019
Posted on October 7, 2019by cindyloucbp

By David Alexander Lightfoot

Energy Update: Clearing Fear.

Some of you might feel there is still old fear in your system blocking you from taking the next step forward in your soul / life purpose living a more abundant and happy life in abundance.

You also might feel strong resistance of people in your work or private life who do not want you to succeed, are testing your boundaries. Stand up for yourself, fear is never a good adviser, only love is. Fear Is In The Mind, Love Is In The Heart. People want us to live in fear so they can continue to control us and enslave us. Standing up for yourself speaking your truth is also love, Self-Love.

I feel the need sharing extra support for all that are having a hard time right now who want to step out of a life of fear and into a live of love but not know how.

I Ask My Divine Higher Love & Light Support Team,
The Ascended Masters And Archangels.
To Remove From Me All Fear Based Programming
Still Running In My Mind, Physical & Energy Bodies.
To Remove All Implanted Thoughts And Energies
That I’ve Absorbed From Others.
To Block All Fear Being Projected At Me.
So My Heart Is Free Receiving True Love Guidance.

Love & Light Blessings

David Alexander Lightfoot



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