Dear Powerful Souls… Mother Earth needs prayers now…


Dear Earth Angels,

Mother Earth is in need of prayers now
and it is somewhat urgent.

I talked to my friend Jim Law who transitioned
to heaven a month ago. He is busy working hard
and told me through my friend Summer Bacon
(a wonderful trance medium!) that he is
attempting to get enough people in heaven
and earth to pray “FAST AND HARD” in his words,
to prevent a rather large volcanic eruption
that is coming soon if we don’t.

Mother Earth is hurting. The divisiveness in
humanity is ripping her up and if you are
at all inclined, please tell her how much
you love her, pray for her spirit and heart
to be healed, pray that humanity find love
for one another and for ourselves.
We’ve stopped bombs and disasters with our p
rayers before.

I believe we can affect this too.

Love you all dearly,Ann


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