Sophia – Pleiadian Pipeline # 46


Hello everyone.

Some of you have sent questions and you’ll read their answers below. We connected on 9/19/2019.

Please enjoy our conversation and have a great equinox next week!

With love and appreciation for all that you are,

We are here. Hello Sophia.

We see that there is still doubt, mistrust even.

Hello, and thank you for coming forward.

Absolutely there is.

We are saddened by that.

I can feel that you are.

One of your/my readers asks:

” How can we humans trust who you say you are, and that you are participating with us for the highest good of all?”

This came as part of a much longer message, which I’ve read just now and am hopeful you’ve heard.

Have you?


Okay, will you answer the question?

Part of the process is personal development and discernment. Telepathy carries with it an energetic signature. Although Sophia picked up a clear and excited energy, perhaps more so than she’d ever experienced from this Pipeline, it was not that far off as to be alarming.

She’s met family before and the energy she felt was infectious and clear. There were a few clues.

One was the self-reference to “the P’s”. It was not a term used by us, but, as you indicated in your note, by another and separate group.

Other clues include an immediate and forceful promise for physical contact. This too, is not something we’ve done with you.
There are groups who are mischievous, groups with a vendetta and those who intend disharmony and disruption. It is the latter that was intended. We are certain of that.

To answer your question specifically though, we will say this. If any being or group promotes a closed group, and/or tells you that they’ll take care of your problems, or that you must do a specific action in order to be a part of their “club” – run the other way.

It is not that there cannot be separate agendas, for sure there are. It is that in this dawning age of telepathic contact, there must be transparency and unity. Humans have fallen victim to segregation and isolation long enough. That time is long over.

The descriptions given in your note indicate keen awareness. We hesitate even to say that now, as it may be seen as manipulative and said to gain favor with you. You will, as always, have to decide for yourself.

(That last part was directed at the questioner, not myself. Sophia)

We believe that we’ve unknowingly entered into the arena of your burgeoning telepathic development. This last charade can therefore be a useful tool for discernment. In order for true telepathy to be used, trust in what you hear – and more so in what you feel as you hear it – must be engaged.

We think we’ve answered the question.

Yes. Thank you.

Another questioner wants more specifics on asking for help for someone else. Possibility? Method to use?

Yes, this is possible. It absolutely is when done with love.

The method is to add the full name of whomever you wish us to assist. If that person’s body gives a “yes”, we’ll proceed to do so. We are unable to do so if there is resistance.

Unfortunately, we’ve seen this occur. There are multiple possible reasons for this, none of which we are privy to.

Thank you.

Finally, I want to share this, from another one of the readers:

” Once the USA goes back to gold backed currency I will have money to purchase pods. What I am looking to do is put one or two inside a medical tracker trailer so they can be mobile and go to wounded soldiers and optimize their bodies and make them free of disease. The charge for doing this would be for them sometime in there life to pay it forward to two people no questions asked. In turn the two would need to do the same and so on.

If this is successful I would like to do the same for kids with life threatening disease and injuries. Hopefully this can catch on all around the world.

Love and light.”

A beautiful sentiment and one that we expected from you race! (smiles)

Thank you. I’ll reach out again.

Yes, Sophia. Please do. It is, as always, an honor and a pleasure to be of assistance.


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