This is the promise – The Council


This is the promise – The Council

We will make quite a few statements, assertions, today. And rather than explain our reasons now, we will do that at the end of this message. Let us begin.

Nothing exists, nor can exist, except it is made by your Source, your Creator, whatever you name that.

No one that you know, or that you do not know, exists outside of Creator.

Every molecule, every atom, every wave or particle is made by and of the Creator.

Nothing else does nor can exist.

You, although you may not understand it as so, exist as a manifestation of your Creator.

You, know it or not, are the experience and the experiencer of and for the Creator on this level of being.

So is he or she whom you dislike or whom you disagree with.

The same force that animates you, animates the entirety of what is. You see it. You feel it. You hear it. You taste it. You breathe it. There is no separation within it. Separation is an idea that you have chosen to believe. Microscopes proved that idea wrong long ago.

If it, if she, if he, if this, if that exists, it has a right to be. Further, it may change form, but it will not cease to exist. It may cease to have form as you define it. But as an idea of Creator it will never cease to exist Nor will you.

This is a very short message. And now we will come to our point. The day, the moment that you live and act from the knowing of this, your world will be new. And you will have made it so. Do we speak to mankind? Yes. Do we speak to each who may read these words? Yes.

This is the promise. It has always been the promise. It is Truth.

We have been far more direct and pointed in our speaking recently and will become more so. It does not seem so soft, perhaps. But we assure you that our words contain only the greatest of love. You have left your lower grades of school now. And the time has come when indirectness and hidden meanings must be discarded. There is need for you to see clearly. We speak clearly. Those who are not ready will continue to learn elsewhere.

We are honored to speak with you. Know who you are. Be who you are. It is for this that you came.

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