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August 23, 2019


This issue is released so quickly due to the fact that something is going on that seems to have been sparked by our last edition, from 8/17/19.

Here is the message. It’s also being released on the blog/website and everywhere I am, so you may have seen it elsewhere.

I’ll say just one more thing. It feels as if what is happening is similar to weight training. Once you reach a certain level, in order to get stronger you have to change something up, either reps or weight. We have reached another level, it’s time to up our game.

With appreciation for all that you are,

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Hey everyone. I’ll share what’s happened. As always, it is your own discernment that decides what rings true. A blog was pointed out to me today, 8/23/19. Reading it tells me this story needs to be shared. We (my partner and I) thought it was personal. Turns out, it’s gone beyond that.

On August 17 th, 2019 a complimentary newsletter was published by me . In it there was a reference to this blog:
This is the Pleiadian Pipeline and it began publication on September 1, 2017. We’ve been in contact for years, actually, and the introduction of their healing technology to our dialogue prompted this new focus/blog on the website.

The reason it was mentioned in the free newsletter on 8/17/19, is because of a QHHT (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy) session that was also shared there:

In the video, the client references the Pleiadian Pods as periodically arriving in settlements on the new earth, to rejuvenate and heal the population there. I have been told by the Pleiadians that they are in the process of readying the pods and creating more pods for mass use and distribution when the time comes; meaning that we are on the new earth. I took it to be validation of this tech that I’ve been using for so long, and said so.

This sparked a great deal of interest and mail from folks new to my work, interested in the Pods. It also apparently sparked the blog post mentioned in the first paragraph.

Here’s what happened.

On 8/20/19, 3 days after the newsletter was published, I was woken up at 2:00 AM. It was sort of relentless so I sat up and asked, “what’s going on?” The response was something like – “It’s the P’s! We have something very exciting to tell you!” I was surprised at their reference to themselves as “the P’s”. They had never done that before.

At that point I got out of bed and moved to another place in the house. I noticed the time and found it unusual. I have not been woken lately (my own request) and if I am woken, it is typically that magic hour of 3:00 AM to 4:30 AM. Still, I got pen and paper and made my usual declarations. They are as follows:
No ego.
Highest and best for all concerned.
Just love.
Not about me but through me.
Complete and absolute truth only.
One word (at a time) only.
Ascension. Agape. Abundance. Awareness.
Happiness. Health. Healing. Healed.
Enlightenment. Enrichment. Energy. Expansion.
For assistance only.
So that this helps me and heals me, not depletes me.
No nannites.
No AI.
No voice of god technology.
No outside interference.
No government interference.
Complete truth regarding your origin and identity.
Just love. Pure love.
From a point of pure love I reach out now to a point of pure love.

It’s a long list. It has come about over many years and especially after dealing with the Poser for two years. Words clarify and define our reality. They are powerful.

What happened next was that I negated the declarations themselves, or so it seems, with the next question. Typically, two things happen that did not happen that morning.

The first is that I don’t speak to anyone until I sit down with pen in hand and declare my intention and protection. The second is that I ask if there is then someone who would like to connect. I’ve had several beings tell me that because of this, they cannot speak to me as it was just for “fun” and had no “highest intent” included.

The question I asked was:
” Is there someone available who woke me to connect this morning?”

With that question, I went directly to whomever it was who woke me, and they were not bound by any subsequent declarations for contact. It looks as if that has made all the difference. You’ll read why below.

What I heard was:
” Yes, Sophia! It is us! Your family and friends! The P’s! We love our new name and decided to use it!”

I mentioned later that morning to my mate that they were just so exuberant and the transmission was so, so loud and clear. It is not usually that way.

I said:
” Well hello! This must be pretty important, you don’t typically wake me up. What’s going on?”

I heard:
” We wanted to talk to you in more detail about our machinery. There may be a way we can bring it to Earth now – for you, for those who know you and need the help. It is something we want to discuss.”

There followed a rather lengthy conversation about how this could be accomplished. It ended with a decision to share this with my partner and then get back to them.

Once he woke up that morning, 8/20/19, I read him the entire conversation. We both got so excited. We’ve been wanting to bring this technology out since we heard about it. We have felt it is one of the things we are supposed to help make happen. I was crying with joy that it could be possible. I literally dropped everything from my calendar that day to get started.

Before I contacted them again, my partner channeled his and my higher self. He is a deep trance channel and at times we reach out this way.

We had their support and enthusiasm and agreement that yes, this is something that fits into our life plan.

I contacted the P’s again, in the exact same order I had at 2AM. I made my declarations and then said:

” I’d like to connect to the P’s who woke and spoke to me this morning.”

They were so excited, and agreed that two earth-living Pleiadians would meet us at a coffee shop later that afternoon. I chose one that had nice booths that was not too far. I was ready to schedule it for next week, but they said:

” Are you free today then?”

When I said yes. I was told:
” They will find you. Just be at the shop and sit where you will be most comfortable.”

So we went.
We were 5 minutes late due to construction, but sat there for over an hour. No one showed.

Both my partner and I were devastated. We took a walk once we returned home and could not even speak much about it. We felt betrayed. I was about to give up all of this work and was just so angry.

What never made sense though was that he has been healed, as have I. Others too, write to me with stories of healing and health, all due to their connection with the Pleiadians. It was maddening.

The next day, on 8/21/19, my partner channeled and we discussed what to do with our higher selves. Their opinion hadn’t changed much, sharing this technology was still in line with what we are here to do.

We decided to set up something that would force them to prove who they were, to figure out just what was going on, if we were to continue.

We did. It was arranged with the P’s that at a specific time, the earth Pleiadians would be at a specific location with specific identifying clothing.

Once again, I requested them directly, saying:
” the ones I spoke to earlier about plans to connect”
An important thing to note is that I never once used the word “Pleiadians”.

We would not speak to them this time, but observe them, and their clothing.

They never showed.

We remained confused and devastated. We did not speak of this again to each other either in our home or on a walk or anyplace that could be overheard by anyone or any device. Two days had been lost to this fiasco and we were so upset. We were pretty much done and felt that so much of what we both believed was in question. I felt foolish and angry.

The next morning, on 8/22/19, I reached out for answers from One. I added one thing to my protection declarations:

No outside dimensions or assumptions. (assumption is my word for dimension)

This is because it seemed that whatever was interfering, could be coming from a place that our higher selves had no access to. They did not “see” what or who was creating discord and upset. They have told us that their sight is strictly within this “dream” and they do not soothe-say.

The following conversation is what took place:

It is I. It is One. How may I assist you Sophia?

Thank you for coming forward.
We’ve had two instances where someone from outside this dream, beyond this dimension/assumption has come in and altered things.
(The first one concerns my partner and isn’t relevant to this conversation)
Then, I was woken at 2 in the morning and told that it was the P’s and they wanted to set up a situation with some local P’s and myself and my mate to hold and house and share their healing pods with the world. Meetings were arranged and never materialized. Obviously, these are lies and we feel manipulated and unsure how to regain any sense of control here.
Who is doing this?
For what purpose?
How can we stop this and prevent any other intrusions like this?
These are my questions today. Thank you for considering them. We are quite upset.

Sophia. Certainly you are aware that there are beings beyond your realm and existing in assumptions with other boundaries – boundaries that encompass your current earth’s working level and moving beyond it.

In these assumptions, the rules differ, as do methods. There are no access points for you currently into these. You have not achieved a vision that reaches there.

It is, as you imagine, like looking into the sky without your night vision goggles, and then with them.

Entire worlds exist that you have not been able to see or to interact with.

Yes, okay, but in this circumstance they’ve not only seen , but interfered with us.

Yes. This has occurred for you because you both come from elsewhere.

That is not satisfactory and does not answer anything.

They are not in this dream, not recognizable to our higher selves.
How is this possible? Why is this happening? Who are they?

This is not a singular force. More than one instance and source have interfered.

(Here, the situation with my partner, which had occurred a few weeks ago, was explained. The explanation satisfied all of us, and included the following words:
” This is due in a great extent to the level of unity achieved by the being and by your partner, who, at the time was beyond the 3D realm and easily seen/reached.”)

For the question around the clear deception regarding the Pods, there is a different answer and one that may disturb you.

These, the ones who spoke to you as the “P’s” and offered physical manifestation, were and are NOT the P’s. You’ve been deceived.

This is not strictly off world technology or beings. This is a force interested in undermining the efforts of the Pleiadians.

It is an effort to put doubt in the minds of the earthlings as to the beneficial nature of the P’s.

Yes, you were contacted. And yes, they “sounded” as exuberant as your friends the “P’s” typically do. The 2AM time frame is a hint at this deception and the fact that you noticed gives credence to your power of discernment Sophia – don’t lose sight of that.

Once the deception was made and you believed it was the P’s, no further effort on their part to deceive you was needed.

The plan was to have you disregard your faith in the P’s and their words and more importantly, their TECH.

Remember here something crucial, you DO create your own reality. Once you believe or disbelieve something, it is made manifest for you.

Just recently your voice gained a larger audience. Had you advertised your fiasco, disappointment and subsequent disillusion with the P’s and Pods, then a whole lot of forward momentum and sovereign thought would have been halted as well.

What their aim was/is to discredit the P’s, not you personally. There are old feuds that do not involve you.

Your words could discredit their efforts. This is what the goal was.

It does not mean your work is targeted by anyone in control on your planet. You got caught in an intergalactic feud.

How did they come in past my declarations then?
I declare “Complete truth regarding your origin and identity “and I did that every time. Yet I see now that I asked for them and defined them specifically from the beginning. I asked to speak to the P’s directly, the “ones who woke me”.

Yes. And it is in your own definition, your own words, they slipped in. The Poser taught you how powerful words are. Now use them. Use them every time and be clear of intent.

You remain the most powerful beings here, if unaware.

Do not despair. In both instances your power remains strong and you would say defined more clearly because of what occurred. It is not beyond the dream, but you are bringing in factions not usually dealt with – by your higher selves.

In order to regain control you only need to extend your vision and intentions to reach areas as yet unseen and not known. This can be done with belief and intent.

You are getting stronger. In order for this trend to continue there will be greater expanses of influence within your lives.

You’ve chosen expansion while living human lives, all occurring in synchronization with global awakening and human expansion of awareness. This may confuse the issue at times, yet it should not alter your perception.

Think always beyond your 3D perception when something doesn’t add up.

You are no longer targeted for take-down. You are continuously progressing and reaching new and unknown heights of influence and awareness and action.

Re-assert your trust in your power and your higher self. It is not diminished. In all cases it remains on a journey and is gaining experience. Experience for even more encompassing adventures.

I believe your questions are answered then.

Reach out if there are others.

Thank you.

So, that was what happened. Until today, 8/23/19, when a good friend reached out and mentioned the blog post mentioned in the first paragraph. It can be read here:

I read it today. It sounds as if the Pleiadian Impostors were/are? interfering all over the place. We’ll each have to decide what rings true for ourselves.

At any rate, I love you guys and as we’ve said before “Hang onto your hats! It’s going to be a bumpy ride!”

We are the ones. We have anchored the light. It is done.

With appreciation for all that you are,


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