Reprogram Your Life


Have you ever wanted to have do-over in your life?  Have you ever been sick of a particular habit you have?  Do you have a tendency to be depressed or angry or frustrated or any other emotion?  This channel began with another technical glitch taking place!  This time the audio teleconference wasn’t working.  Therefore the conference was delayed getting started, people were calling Shelly, she was trying to come up with an alternative.  This in turn created frustration on her part! It also became the foundation for this channel.

We have all been very aware of the changes taking place with the ascension process.  We talk about the fifth dimension and all the transformations that have taken place for the past 15 years in particular.  It’s all catching up!  The most recent changes  have included more people that have been unconscious becoming conscious.  However, their means of becoming conscious is different than all the people who have come before. There have also been some massive influxes of the crystalline energy that creating changes in your internet, in the consciousness, and in the development for all the support that is our world. Shelly has experienced this through her recent teleconferences. 

During this channel you have an opportunity to flow your energy back into the time before you were born.  This gives you a chance to look at the influences that were taking place and the decisions you made. This is a VERY powerful tool for you to have.  In some cases, it may create greater acceptance of your life. In other cases, it may be that you chose particular experiences or people as a means of grounding. This channel takes you deeply into your I AM presence and expands your alignment with love.  

The change taking place in the world is based on love.  The Goddess also spoke very specifically about this love is yours from your divinity.  As that flows from you into your life your perception of everything changes. 


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