August 15, 2019
I am here, Sophia.
Hello. There are things I’d like to speak about with you.
Thank you for coming forward, again. 
(Note – I had been woken in the very early morning hours by this being, and asked to be contacted again later so that I could continue sleeping.)
You are most welcome.
Would you introduce yourself?
(I hear nothing at first…)
My name is Jengade. I come to you now from another star. I am female, and physically, although there is a resemblance to the human, you would not mistake me for human because of my size. I am quite a bit larger than you in size. I am quite a bit larger than you in height and you would not be comfortable engaging with me physically. Average heights are twenty feet in your measurement methods.
I stand at 23 feet.
Hello Jengade. What would you like to speak about?
The way that I have come to understand life is a result not only of my form, but my society. It is organized quite differently than yours seems to be.
The fact of your evolution, in combination with your current choices around it and within it, tells me that you may be ready to hear alternatives.
Alternatives to what?
To the formal process of control that operates your planet and the race.
Okay, please go on.
The sheer number of us, along with our mass, demands organization if we are to live in harmony with each other, the planet, and all life here.
This organization does not come from a single ruler or ruling body however. It sort of erupts from us, from within us.
Once noticed/realized, it is then shared publicly so that the rest of the population can either adopt it, modify it, or reject it.
Please explain “erupts from us”.
Well, I cannot explain how this began, as I was not part of our originals. I am new, what you would call young. Perhaps similar to your youth on the verge of adulthood.
A teenager?
I am not familiar with that term. I am not a “child”. Yet I do not have a family of my own and I am not responsible for anyone but myself.
Okay, I get it. Please go on.
I can tell you my experience.
When there is an issue somewhere on the planet, it is first noticed and spoken of. A gathering is planned then, a meeting. All are invited, yet it is not mandatory that you attend.
Once we are gathered, the issue at hand is spoken of and recorded on a hologram. This then is placed in the midst of the gathering. It tends to begin as a reddish color.
Those who are gathered then focus on the issue – absorbing, examining and attempting solutions. Once and if a satisfactory one is discovered by any individual in the group, it is added to the hologram, which still floats in the midst of the gathering.
(What I did not record, but saw here, was that the color of the hologram changed as solutions were put forth. It moved further and further from the red color and into a green/blue color as the solutions were added to it. I do not remember what the final color was, but it had changed considerably from its initial shade. The hologram itself was not round, but more geometric; some sort of polygon.)
Now the discussion begins, and this happens within. It is heart to heart communication and it is shared openly along with the hologram. There are no leaders.
It is understood that the goal is a solution that honors all.
If and when a solution is reached in this gathering, it is shared with the race.
Again, it is done in an organic and telepathic manner that utilizes heart communication. If it feels satisfactory, you are then able to give a nod/a “yes”, and the solution is adopted and announced.
If there is further opposition, then more discussion is necessary and a second gathering is announced.
This is repeated until a satisfactory answer erupts/emerges. It remains until someone or some group or some situation has trouble with it and does not feel harmony with it.
The process may begin again at any point.
What facilitates the process is our awareness of our connection to each other and to all of life here. We expect oneness as a living, breathing component of life here.
The fact of the human’s separation from each other and from your ability to connect in this way would prohibit such as form of species management.
However, all signs point to your awakening and with knowledge this becomes a possibility for you.
It sounds wonderful.
It is all that we know. It is seamless, a part of life here.
Is there anything else you’d like to share?
I think that should do it. Thank you, Sophia. I wish your race luck and success on your journey.
Thank you! Goodbye now.


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