by Love’s Beginning

Today we are here to emphasize sameness. The ego calls sameness by the name of “boredom.” The sameness to which we invite you is the equality of all beings across time and space. Beyond that, it’s the beautiful resonance of simple beingness available to all at all times. Eventually, it will be natural for you to abide in this resonance, to stay there. As long it does not feel natural for you to abide in this resonance of beingness, connected to the purity of all at all times, we are here to assist you Home whenever you need our help.

In fact, allow us to let you in on a secret. We’re not doing anything. We’re just shining eternally in the purity we are, as we always have done, and you are allowing that to speak to you in the context of what you are experiencing now, in the context of who you believe you are right now. You have simply been willing to see us, to feel us, to recognize that you are not apart from us. When it seems that we are doing something for you, it is always you who are allowing a shift.

As we are here to emphasize sameness, we are also here to emphasize peace. Peace is unending and eternal, and as such it is that sameness. It is not boring. In fact, boredom isn’t. It doesn’t exist. Through your choice, you can deliver an illusory experience of boredom to yourself. It truly is up to you. Illusion can never be real, however. It is like ordering off a menu. The way you order is through the thoughts you value.

We invite you to find peace everywhere and in everything today. If you appear to be where peace isn’t, look to your heart. What arises there? What is the source of disturbance? What thought comes into view? We invite you to surrender this thought unto us. This thought will never bring you peace. We’ll make a deal with you. Give us this thought for the rest of the day. If you need it back tomorrow, we will return it.

When you surrender this thought to us, you open up space in the mind. Into this space comes a happy flow, a simplicity of obvious guidance without judgment. You will soon learn that what comes into the space formerly occupied by egoic thought is far preferable to the torment of attachment to egoic thought.

Sit quietly in peace for a minute or two if you can. This resonance is everywhere, available always. We ask that you bring all disturbing thought here, to this place where we meet in peace. You don’t have to make anything of such thoughts. You don’t have to analyze them. You only need to place them in the light, asking clarity to replace disturbance. Clarity is what you are. It always becomes obvious once you surrender what you have been using to cover over your true nature and that of others.

We ask you to come into this resonance of peace, and to stay there. The resonance of peace is the resonance of joy. You often think joy is because something went right, but joy is a pre-existing condition, and it is available always.

Thank you for abiding in this resonance of joy. We love you, we honor you, and we always walk with you.

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash


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