Full Disclosure is an Inside Job ~ Eric Raines ~ 14 August 2019


Full Disclosure is an Inside Job ~ Eric Raines ~ 14 August 2019

Source: Unleashing Natural Humanity

We are now in a place where the world elite are beginning to truly be exposed on multiple levels, Epstein is only one slice of the pie.

Worldwide levels of consciousness are breaking through trauma programs of every level as these major Black Swan events begin to cascade the foundation of what we thought was permanent and all powerful just less than a decade ago.

These physical revelations are j ust the beginning. We are starting to spark the first filaments of ionic/electric connection with our Galactic Central Sun.

Now is the time to go within, to transmute these extremely dark energies as they come up, because they are only going to start hitting faster, with more intensity.

Full Disclosure is an inside job. Only when the energetic interferences plaguing our planet are common knowledge, will we have True Disclosure.

Humanity. The doorway to a new world is cracking open, light is spilling through with a whole host of color we haven’t been able to see.

This is the first of many pulses. Eventually these pulses will turn into one solid broadcast.

Creation is waking up.




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