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QUESTION: “Not to throw myself a pity party at all but a lot of my life has been one thing after another especially these past five years. I do my best to stay positive and look inward and try and learn and grow but these incidents will not let up. I’m truly feeling cursed; even my family and therapists are at a loss as to why these things keep happening when I’m doing my best to smile and work hard to face each problem. I’m finding it difficult to get up each day because it’s overwhelming feeling helpless and hopeless. My question is: is there anything I can do to change this pattern or will I spend the rest of my life like this?”

Okay, so let’s see what the Angels have to say:

ANSWER: “So we have quite a few things that we want to touch upon with this because it is not something all that unique; rather it seems to occur quite frequently. Many of you get stuck in cycles that are not something you desire. So we will be happy to share our perspective of what you must do to get out of an unwanted situation.

Now let’s say that you have manifested something that is clearly unwanted and it becomes more and more frustrating as it becomes more and more apparent that you don’t want to be there; and thus the longer the negative cycle continues.

Many have come to us and asked, ‘is this something that I’m predestined to have to struggle through?’‘Is it some sort of karmic debt or is it something that I did in a past life? Or is it something that my soul wanted to explore so that I could learn how to grow past this?’

First and foremost we want to remind you that nothing matters more than your current vibrational state and so when you get caught up in a focus that does not feel good to you, you know that it doesn’t feel good because you have your emotions to let you know that; but when you get caught up in that focus you essentially dial into that vibration. What you focus upon will always expand.

We like to call it a vibrational channel that you are tuned to. So although you’re trying and trying to get out of it and you’re very aware you want something different, you’re also very focused on what’s not working. As you reflect on the negative circumstance we observe you saying “this is not where I want to be. I’d rather be over there, I’d rather be happy. If things would finally change for the better I could finally relieve myself of all this stress.

This is THE biggest misconception and misunderstanding most humans have when trying to manifest something different because they are relying upon the physical environment to look differently in order for them to be able to feel better.

So inevitably, not much can change. It’s a different day, different time but overall the vibration hasn’t changed very much so the experience and situation hasn’t improved.You become almost expectant that there will be something else that goes wrong and so from that expectation, it inevitably does. Expectation is a very strong vibration; and so what happens is you accidentally tune to the unwanted experience.

It’s not that you’re cursed. It’s not that your soul came here to specifically subject itself into a terrible life just so that you could come out on the other side and grow. Growth is inevitable. You will grow from every experience regardless of how you’re viewing it.

However, we want you to know that your soul did not come here to struggle, you came here to be able to use that ability to decipher between what you do and do not like so that you could push off of that negative experience and create something very different. However, what has happened is you have tuned accidentally to an unwanted vibrational channel that does not feel good to you. But what you must know is that the only thing that can resolve this issue is a change in your focus onto something you do want.

We realize it’s one of the most challenging things for each of you to do when things are seemingly going wrong is to shift your focus away from it but a shift in focus it is the only thing that’s going to give you something different.

Remember, you shift one thought at a time. You climb up a ladder one rung at a time, and so it is with your thoughts. You shift your vibration one thought at a time. By finding something else to focus on that you’re grateful for, or that’s working well in your life or frankly any thought that you can use as your excuse to feel better now.

In doing so, you start to build some momentum in the positive direction and it starts to literally redirect the experience. That’s how you build that momentum. Your thoughts are the only thing that has kept you here and that’s the only thing that’s going to get you out.

So we hope that has helped

In love and light, we are your Angelic Guides

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