The Universal Mindstream


Wednesday, July 3, 2019

The Universal Mindstream

Life on Earth as physically embodied multifaceted, multileveled, multidimensional Souls provides us with the opportunity to experience a veiled physical environment.  In this environment, we have the opportunity to remember and reveal our innate potentials, gifts and abilities.  We have the potential to Become – to BE and to Know consciously that we each are the manifestation of the Creator – remembering and learning and discovering who we are and what our innate gifts and abilities are! 

Humanity’s only requirement?  We must answer the predominate question of our Life:  What do I want to Become and Be?   

Through a process of responding to our choices, we co-create and manifest our Life’s Purpose. Some of our choices will directly align us and resonate us and move us into our Purpose.  Many of our choices, it seems – only serve to lead us towards the direction of our Life’s Purpose. “Mistakes” are common.  Our service to and upon Mother Earth goes on.  We live through it all and we learn and the Universe expands.  “Mistakes” actually provide the contrasts and guide us towards learning more about our Self.  This is The Way that – one by one – our Life’s Purpose on Planet Earth is revealed. 

Yes, of course, Life on Earth would be far easier if we were born with our Soul’s memories fully intact and easy to access.  This is not the case, and so, we begin by becoming conscious of the fact that we are more than a physical body with innate abilities to feel and sense in all of our environments.  We become conscious of the fact that we are the animating force of and through the physical body. 

Humans have emotions – peace and calm, gratitude and joy and happiness, sadness and anger and pain, empathy and compassion – and the list goes on. While our emotions serve as indicators to guide us towards our Life’s Purpose and are vital to our growth, we are not our feelings.  Our feelings provide insights and knowledge about what we like and dislike, what and why we tolerate and understanding of what contributes to our overall joy and happiness.  This is true for each of us on the individual level, as well as the Collective level. Yes, we feel other peoples’ stuff! 

As we consciously remember to pay more attention to the multilevel feeling and sensory experiences encompassing our entire transitioning world, we are gaining the required insights and Self-knowledge.  Our moments of self-evaluation are the keys to gaining Self Knowledge. 

We are also being and becoming conscious of the presence of global changes occurring.  This is no accident, Dear Ones.  As Mother Earth raises humanity to Universal 5th Dimensional consciousness, the increase of global changes leads the Human Collective to awareness of the Universal Mindstream!  Collective awareness of the Universal Mindstream is moving humanity towards consciousness of – and outside of – our own Solar System now.  

Humanity must resolve its most prevailing global issues – climate change, capitalistic inequality and structures, and failing to recognize each other in an egalitarian way, etc.  The development of our connection to the Universal Mindstream will not occur instantaneously, but will be developed through our increased awareness as to the cause of the global changes that are occurring! 

Mother Earth and Her Kingdoms are now expanding and transitioning and integrating into the Universal Community of the Fifth Dimension.  Do we let this transition pass us by and ignore it completely?  Or, do we increase the self-awareness that contributes to our Self Knowledge to KNOW and UNDERSTAND that Mother Earth’s Changes are giving us the opportunity to be and become the Fifth Dimension’s Universal Vibrational Frequency?  

By increasing our self-awareness and recognizing and realizing that Mother Earth, Her Kingdoms of Light and her Solar System are transitioning to integrate into the Universal Community of the Fifth Dimension, the role of our Hearts and Souls increases. The essence of the Energy emanated by our Hearts and Souls is Love.  We allow Love to guide us through our maturing emotional responses now.   

Many will be slow to know and understand that our world is in transition.  They will fail to adjust and acclimate to the new frequencies and circumstances.  Nevertheless, as humanity evolves into being and becoming emitters of the Universe’s Fifth Dimension Vibrational Frequency, they will also be and become a mature race of sentient beings serving to take care of what we all have in common – our Home – Mother Earth!  We are the Caretakers of our planet, Her inhabitants and Its boundaries, and our Solar System! 

Within the Universal Mindstream, humanity will find Unity and Oneness as the Caretakers of Mother Earth, Her Kingdoms, and Her Solar System.  Without the connection to the Universal Mindstream, humanity will continue operating in lack – competing, comparing, and judging each other to seek economic advantages against each other. 

Mankind is now in the time range of settling our differences.  Mother Earth will usher in a series of sweeping physical changes upon her body from April 25, 2020 to March 29, 2042!  

What will Mother Earth be and become?  She will become a fully operational Universal Fifth Dimensional Creator Planet with 15 Chakras and total access to All That Is.  At the same time and in unison, humanity undergoes a similar process of evolutionary physical change!  We are each contributors and co-Creators of our Destiny.   

We must be and become enabled for Life in Mother Earth’s Universal Fifth Dimension!  That is the process that is upon us, Dear Ones.  From September 7, 2019 through February 17, 2020, we will be initiating our Society of Light to support our New Reality as an emotionally matured race with the Universal Mindstream intact! 

Peace and blessings in Love and Oneness.  Namaste. 

Received and written, edited and shared, in co-creation – Alexandar Kosmos & Brenda Garcia.


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