Archangel Gabriel Daily Message – Saturday, June 22, 2019


Daily Message ~ Saturday June 22, 2019

By Trinity Esoterics on Jun 22, 2019 12:37 pm

Today’s daily message is different than usual, but I’m gonna roll with it. 🙂

When I was working with clients earlier this week, I kept being shown a vision of big rusty cogs, kind of like what you would see inside machinery that had been left to weather and seize up. And I could feel that there was a huge build up of energy that kept increasing and that it was going to accumulate to the point where those rusty cogs would finally begin to move out of their stagnant state.

I could even psychically hear the screeching and groaning that the cogs make as they finally started to move again. What I was feeling was that this build up phase that we’ve all been in this year pre-solstice was what was being referred to. This would explain the anxiety and impatience many of us have been feeling, as well as the feeling that something was about to happen. I think a lot of us have been tapping into this energetically.

I also got the feeling that the movement would start slowly, and maybe stall momentarily if there was gunk that got caught up in the cogs but once the movement started it was going to continue. It felt really pivotal, like its been waiting a very long time to finally have the energy behind it to become unstuck and get into action again.

Soooo, I was in the bathroom today getting cleaned up for the day and I heard, “Find your clarity because there is about to be an influx of forward movement” from Gabriel. And this, of course, made me question it because I know we are about enter into a mercury retrograde which is not always a time of super supported forward movement. But this is the message, loud and clear.

And also, I questioned why we needed more clarity. And to this I heard, “If you create something you don’t like you can always create again. But what happens with many of you is if you create something you don’t enjoy you tend to get stuck in the focus of what is unwanted rather than simply redirecting. So your clarity ahead of time helps you stay focused on that particular energetic flow of movement.” He then reminded me that clarity is not micro-managing and controlling things to the point of inflexibility. It is identifying the essence of what you would like to experience and allowing it to grow and evolve and take on form from there.

So there you have it. Get your clarity because there is about to be an influx of forward movement. We have reached a tipping point of some sort that we have yet to discover exactly what it means for us individually and collectively.  There is a feeling of importance behind all of this, so it is time to bring your spiritual A game and really apply what you know. ~An unusual combination of Shelley and Archangel Gabriel 🙂

PS. Husband update: My guy is home! The surgery ultimately went very well. There was a screw from an old surgery that broke off when the surgeon tried to remove it which ended up making the surgery take and extra hour and a half until he was able to figure out how to work around it. I have no doubt that all the prayers, healing, and well wishes you all sent guided the surgeon through it all.  We are so grateful for all your help and love! A big thank you to all of you for taking the time to send well wishes and healing. Now it is just a matter of rest and healing. We feel so loved and supported. (On the way home a truck pulled up next to us and it was St. Michael’s towing!  Such a perfect time for an angel sign!)


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