Creator Time To Be… by jenniferfarley


Time to start breathing again.  As your world moves into the upwards swing of the arriving wave, it is important to make sure you know exactly where you are.  I can hear you saying to yourself, “Wait…what?  I’m here!”  But, are you really?

Due to circumstances you may or may not be aware of, more than a few of you have opted to remain ‘out of body’.  For all intents and purposes; the body is small, confining, it does strange things and it may not feel safe.  The Universe wants you to know that you have learned enough and can protect yourself when you are in body.  The vehicle you chose when you arrived on your Earth plane is how you relate to others and dispel preconceived perceptions of how a person ‘should’ be.  You are all beginning to see things differently and that, my dearest one, is an amazing thing! ~ Creator


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