Straight from the Heart – June 5th 2019

Straight from the Heart June 5th, 2019 Dear Ground Crew:
Here’s a June 3, 2019 message from Apollo:“As the world turns, you will want for nothing. You will have everything you need. Right now we give you reassurance that the Divine Plan is in action. You are sifting through the rubble of a planet that has been rampaged upon by the dark sorcerers.Your awareness of the rubble is what’s creating your ascension and glorious opportunities for ascension along with the earth. Please concentrate on and take to heart your perfect role in your ascension. How can you bring more purity and heaven into your own life? Likewise, what can you do to assist the planet? You are the bringers of light. You have done an excellent job. Now you can join together to create the great shift. We celebrate you.”
These are times of trial and tribulation. As more is being revealed it exposes more that needs to be healed. As we detach ourselves as spiritually aware beings from the third dimension the world feels surrealistic. We are simply no longer in that reality even though we are physically here. Increasing numbers of humanity are awakening. The U.S. is pivotal in this rising tide of change.
If one reflects upon how this planet is, they can see that humanity has put up with too much. How can we allow the pollution, toxins, war, dysfunctional and unfair systems, to continue? The list is endless. Apollo discussed the issue of how unfair this planet is with me the other day. On May 31, 2019, he said, “ . . .There are no excuses for the poor way that humanity has been treated. It is not aligned with the love of the Creator. You chose to participate in this duality experience and it got completely out of hand. Rest assured that the oneness of Prime Source is yours. It’s here to stay. You will see the dark ones turn tail. They are running/trying to run away and they will be running in place and off the planet. When they are all gone, you will breathe a sigh of relief. Love, beauty and truth will be everywhere. It is happening now.”
On a planetary basis the people are undoing their governments. Upheaval is happening everywhere. The people are tired of the elite having everything with the other 99% not having what they need. In Europe there is a big governmental change with Brexit, etc. This was enough to prompt an earlier than usual meeting this year with the Bilderberg secretive gathering. They are at the top of the New World Order. It took place over Memorial Weekend in Switzerland. These dark ones are beginning to feel the quaking of their plans. It is exciting.

Sifting Through the RubbleBy Valerie Donner
Sifting through the rubble,That’s what you’re doing.Now you’re more consciousOf the great ungluing.
You are masters on stage.The spotlight is on you.You get to showWhat’s good and true.
The old way of beingIs falling apart.It’s crumbling to the bonesBecause it’s so dark.
These great revelationsAre about to be told.From then onThe dark will lose hold.
The rumbling and grumblingRequire little explanation;They are a part of The necessary elimination.
The energies of the highestAre here as we speak.They are the lightAnd are strong not weak.
Enough already!That’s what we say.You’ve had your strongholdNow go away!!!

Other Information
Speakings of comings and goings, some are speculating that disclosure of the ET’s is starting to happen. The mainstream media is beginning to reveal some information about UFO’s and speculating that Galactic’s are a possibility, perhaps even a normality. If you want to watch an interesting video about this topic here’s a link to what Richard Dolan just told us:PENTAGON ADMITS TO STUDYING UFOS. WHAT IT MEANS. PART TWO. Richard Dolan, The Big Picture.
 For another eye opener, here’s a link to Robert David Steele’s book review on David Icke’s latest book:
David Icke Book Review by Robert David Steele
 The other day when I was doing a session with a client she was discussing her disdain for 3D. She works in the corporate world and is spending an increasingly amount of time trying to fix things that are breaking. I told her: “The bottom line is that you can’t fix 3D!” That’s the truth. We need to simply let the third dimension continue to fall apart. It is not healthy for us to try to change it. It is broken so we get to observe it fall. That’s our job!


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