Archangel Gabriel Daily Message – Wednesday, June 5, 2019


Daily Message ~ Wednesday June 5, 2019

By Trinity Esoterics on Jun 05, 2019 11:04 am

Someone recently asked, “What do you do if you have hurt another, apologized, but they still can’t get over it?” We would like to address that today.

As human beings, you are on the planet to have many experiences. Within this vast array of experiences, you will end up trying or doing things that you come to regret. This is normal and part of your growth process. It allows you to reevaluate, expand, and redirect yourself in a way that better matches your truth, your energetics, and how you wish to show up in the world.

If you have behaved in a way that you regret, please understand that the regret is an indicator of your desire for growth, change, and to shift into a better alignment. It is a sign that you are evolving. Having the introspection and awareness to recognize this is a wonderful thing. So please know your desire to do better or differently is truly something to celebrate.

If you, from a place of self awareness and self responsibility, sincerely apologize and another cannot accept that apology, you must allow them that choice. It may be that they need time to heal. It may be that they need to see that you are sincere and committed to change before they can feel safe with you again. It may be that they are not ready to let go of seeing themselves as a victim, or wanting to punish you. It may be that your soul contract with them has come to an end.

The bottom line is, in any situation, you can only show up with your best intentions and highest awareness, and whether a person can see or accept you in that way is completely up to them. You can only control yourself and your own actions. What others do is completely up to them – a combination of their own individual path and desired experiences for their own growth and evolution, and their free will of how they wish express themselves.

So if you have erred and have regret, we suggest you apologize sincerely and demonstrate a new way of being consistently. Do not push people to forgive, as it may take time. Commit to your own growth and your highest self expression. Take the gifts of the experience, know your truth, shine your light, and from there people will begin to see and recognize you in your latest level of attainment.

Forgive yourself and see the purpose of all that has happened. And most of all, know there is never, ever a time that you can ever fall out of our love or favour, for we love you completely and unconditionally through every single experience you have. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young



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