What if …… A Direct Message From VERONICA thru April Crawford


What if ……
A Direct Message From VERONICA
“What if ……

The sun rises each day in harmony with your energy? Rough edges from preceding dramas dissolve into a mist that elevates out of your form. What was crisis now becomes a point of view that creates growth instead of tension.

What if ……

For every being that crosses your path a decision to be kind supersedes all judgement that rises up within?

What if ……

You truly looked at your self with the same empathy that is often saved for others?

What if ……

Today you chose to be hopeful instead of fearful?

What if ……

An open heart expanded past all the hurtful moments endured at the hands of another? Forgiveness can create and support new beginnings.

What if ……

You did not win the lottery again? Decide to recognize that you may already be massively wealthy in ways that money could not provide ever.

What if ……

The world you reside within decided to be more truthful? Be supportive of that quality in others. There is validity in the phrase ‘The truth will set you free’.

What if ……

The day only brought you happiness and contentment? Be sure not to be caught up in negative projections. See clearly into the heart of any situation that arises. Know that you are a part of its creation. Be happy within. Perhaps it will spill over into the day. Perhaps the few drops of calm you sprinkle into the mix changes everything.

What if ……

There really is a happily ever after?

What if ……

By recognizing your strength you can change how your life unfolds?

What if ……

It really works?

You will not know these things unless you try. Sitting back unhappily while life creates itself will only lead to unrest within your heart.

Today decide to alter the ‘what if’s’ and change the phrase to ‘What is’. Allow yourself to embrace your ability to change course.

Use the ‘what if’ question to propel your consciousness into establishing the idea. From there allow the probability to create itself. Thus changing the word ‘if’ to ‘is’.

We realize implementing is a huge hurdle to get over. With patience and perseverance the creation becomes easier.

Open your thoughts to the probabilities and create the belief that is possible.”


News, Updates, and Background Information
* This issue of “Inner Whispers” Vol. 2 is part of new series that will run in parallel with “Inner Whispers” Vol 1 and the Special Editions. You will receive them all.

* “Inner Whispers” Radio is a 30 minute (or so) radio show and related series of podcasts where VERONICA answers questions posted by listeners and always includes a direct “Message To You and The World” directly from VERONICA at the end of each show.

All shows are recorded live, are commercial free, and all of the podcasts, now 82 of them, are available at InnerWhispersRadio.com and also on the iHeart Radio Network website. You can post your own questions or comments, and all podcasts can be downloaded (free) for your personal collection.

* If you would like to schedule a direct telephone conversation with VERONICA, inquire at AprilReadings@aol.com

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* You probably already know about VERONICA and April Crawford. However, if you have received this issue from a friend or family member, here is the basic background information:


VERONICA is a Causal Plane nonphysical Entity and Guide that speaks and writes via a Full Body Open Deep Trance Channel named April Crawford. VERONICA is internationally known with clients worldwide.

VERONICA has completed over 10,000 telephone and in-person readings with individuals, including medical doctors, psychiatrists, psychologists, professional mediums and energy workers and intuitives, as well as business CEO’s and founders, Physicists, and of course everyday people on a wide range of personal relationship, personal growth, and client related issues.

For more information, including many free videos of VERONICA speaking, try www.AprilCrawford.com To schedule a telephone conversation/reading directly and one-on-one with VERONICA, inquire via email at AprilReadings@aol.com Your friends and family can sign up for this free “Inner Whispers” newsletter at www.InnerWhispers.net.

ABOUT April Crawford:I

The short version is that April Crawford is one of the world’s most naturally adept Full Body Open Deep Trance Channels. April is also a best selling author, with ten print books and more than ten books for Kindle available at AMAZON and other on-line bookstores. You can find all of them in both print book and Kindle digital formats HERE. For YouTube videos of VERONICA speaking, search “April Crawford” or “Inner Whispers TV” when you get to YouTube.

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