The Ground Crew Straight from the Heart April 5th, 2019 –


Valerie Donner
“Your Work, Love, Light and Prayers are making a profound difference on the Earth at this time!”

~ Valerie Donner

The Ground Crew
Straight from the Heart

April 5th, 2019

Dear Ground Crew:

Here’s a recent message from Apollo on April 4, 2019: “The dark ones have increased their numbers of willing ones who want to go along with their journey. No one is loyal to anyone. They are placating themselves into thinking and believing they can still rule the planet. It is good because as they blend together it means it is easier for us to expunge them from the planet. They think they have security in numbers. We are taking them to places where they belong and it is not the earth. The ultimate decision is theirs. This crisis point is coming. You will feel a greater difference when they are gone.”

The month of March was a challenging one for many of us. The energies and forces at play were un-fun. Uranus moved into Taurus until 2024, so if any of you are Taurus’s, March might have been a humdinger. Last month went down in the records for some of us. Then we had Mercury in Retrograde from March 5th, until March 28th. Many things got messed up in a very third dimensional manner. Some of us had to deal with negative energies. It was a test of patience, endurance and strength.

On a spiritual level, waves of higher consciousness energies came intensely to the planet last month. Our bodies were being upgraded and turned into more crystalline energies. Many needed lots of extra rest and this is being carried over into this month too. We are doing a lot of work in the dream state now and are often getting called into meetings where we are needed. It is a clear merging of higher dimensional energies. Many of us spend little time in the third dimensional energies. You know, we are here but we are not all there!!! Our bodies are here but we are multi-dimensional beings who are capable of being in many places at once.

The Schumann Resonance, which measures the heart beat of the planet, is usually around 7.87. At certain times in March it was at 150, about 18 times its normal rate.

FRecord Schumann Resonance Spike 150hz! 03/16/19. We felt the impact of of this higher rate for much was happening to our magnetic fields and to the planet. About 20 years ago I remember author and teacher, Gregg Braden saying that when the Schumann Resonance reached 12 we would be at Zero Point. We have come a long way since then and we are at a pivotal point in our evolution. The earth is speaking to us loudly and clearly.

The other day one of my friends who lives in the Portland, Oregon area, texted me, “Well it seems that people all around me are getting sick and dropping like flies. I am really concerned about the environmental toxins that are going on.” It is happening here in the San Francisco bay area. A few of my friends have also gotten sick and left pretty quickly.

It seems that some people have completed their incarnations and are choosing to leave at this time. Some are uncomfortable with the higher frequencies. Perhaps they don’t have a vision for a new planet that we are busy creating. They might simply prefer more of the material world. Maybe they can achieve more from the other side? One obvious thing is that the veils have been lifting and many who have lost loved ones still communicate with them from the other side.

Paul the Venetian Message

On April 3, I did a Monthly Meeting with the Masters Class. Paul the Venetian, Master of the Third Ray, the Maha Chohan, the pink ray, and the flame of Cosmic Love, came to be with us. These are a few of his words:

“You are moving into a new phase on the earth. You are shifting from taking from the earth to giving back to the earth. She is in a state of disrepair and you will benefit from moving into your new work. There is much to be gained. Let beauty be your guide to a new life. Let truth sing its sweet song. Fall in love with your life and your self anew. Be an example for others…
“Pretend you are having a fireside chat and that we can talk about anything new under the sun. What is the wisdom to be gained from all of this turmoil? When the old systems are torn down what will they be replaced with? Some will not be replaced. You won’t need them. Let your heart show you the way. You won’t be learning through duality. That is working its way out to be done forever on this planet…

“What can be revealed can be healed. This is the great awakening. The missing parts are being put back together. It’s part of the whole and coming back into the oneness. No one will be left behind. Everything is being magnified so it can be transparent as a part of the great awakening. Human hearts are opening. Love will be the mechanism of repair. Remember there is strength in numbers.”

A Pep Talk for Lightworkers

By Valerie Donner

Dear ground crew,
We know you are tired.
You have expended yourselves
And are being rewired.

You get up in the morning
And turn on the news.
A few minutes later
You have the blues.

Rip out the cable,
The phone and TV,
Tune into your self
And meditate for free.

Eat your favorite foods,
Bask in the sun,
Read a good book;
Go have some fun.

Forget the dramas
The plights and the flu.
Look to the skies;
See what is new.

Listen to music
To soothe and to heal.
Tune into 432hrtz
To hear what is real.

Laugh with a friend;
Ignore the old mold.
Do something special;
Let love take hold.

Find a purpose.
Be bold and true.
Do what you can
To be a part of the crew.

A Message from Mira from the Pleiadian High Council through Valerie Donner, April 4, 2019

Greetings, I am Mira from the Pleiadian High Council. I am still present with the Earth Council assisting the planet with the ascension process.

We understand that your nerves are being frayed and your consciousness is getting overwhelmed. There is too much information and dis-information for the human brain to process. The is part of the chaos of ascension. It is called playing the game of scramble (not Scrabble). Technology has taken over in the way that can keep one suspended in the matrix.

Do not let this stop you from doing what must be done. Stay directly on your path. Listen to what you choose but turn up your discernment. There is much to read between the lines and lips of those speaking. It is too easy to be swayed one way or the other. It is all a game that will end with the truth.

The dark ways are burning up the wires with deceit. Let it be. Let them spark the fires of their wrong doings and reap the karma that they are creating. It will not be pretty. When certain beings go about trying to hurt others, especially those of the light, they actually intensify their karma. Hurting others is a double edged sword. For them it will be a smoke filled world and they will be in that world for eons.

Please know that we are busy working behind the scenes to intervene when possible to prevent the most serious damage. Just because there are dark intentions it does not mean that those plans will be implemented. You are loved and watched over by the light. We are capable of offsetting the worst laid plans of those who would harm the earth and humanity. Stay aware and do not let your self get caught up in that energy.

Technology is running rampant and the human egos involved have almost gone past the point of no return. Remember what happened to Atlantis? You are here to shift the errors of the past and return the earth to the beauty that she was intended to be.

Please remember to take deep breaths and breathe with the earth. This will help bring some peace to many. The world needs peace. The other energies will not be successful. Greed and service to self will fall by the bay. This is the time for the Golden Age. Breathe in those energies and help create the New Earth.

I am Mira, with love from the Pleiadian High Council.


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