Daily Message ~ Tuesday March 12, 2019


Daily Message ~ Tuesday March 12, 2019

By Trinity Esoterics on Mar 12, 2019 10:27 am

Dear Ones, as you feel things that come up for healing it is normal to want to withdraw for a moment. You will wish to cocoon, to self nurture, to be in your own energies in order to prioritize the shifting that is occurring. Do not allow this temporary desire to separate to trick you into thinking that you have not made progress or have lost your level of attainment!

As you are coming to understand more and more, the universe works in ebbs and flows. There are times where forward movement are supported. There are other times when a lull serves you best. Whatever phase you are in is occurring because it is exactly what you need to assure your empowered forward movement on your enlightenment journey.

If you feel the need to separate, you are not broken and you are not wrong! By taking the time to identify and honour your requirements and trust in the incredibly intelligent process of ascension, you will ultimately deepen your capacity for connection. By lovingly meeting your own needs without question or negative self talk, you will anchor the energies of unconditional love within yourself, which will then open the door for you to connect with others in deeper, healthier, more authentic ways. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young


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