Creator Something Better by Jennifer Farley


March 25, 2019

There may be times when you look back on your life and say, “What was I thinking? Why did I do that? How could I have been so clueless?” Instead of allowing regrets and negative thoughts to creep in, examine all you have learned! (Smiling)

You may not have chosen the best way but, you make a choice. You may not have been proud of your reaction but, you learned how to react differently. You may not have known the full ramifications of your decision but, you gained knowledge. For as painful as some parts of your past have been, the wisdom gained is a great and beautiful gift! Give yourself a break, dear one, you have always been learning better ways. ~ Creator
March 24, 2019
Something Better

My beautiful, amazing child…in your existence, you have always been given choices. Love or walk away, stand up or run, ‘accept your lot in life’ or change it to something you desire. This has always been within your power. Now…you can sit in one space, bemoaning the fact that you can’t or use what you already possess and grow into something better. All you need to do is ask The Universe for assistance and support and it is yours. ~ Creator


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