The insights of The Council regarding The Divine Yes


The insights of The Council regarding The Divine Yes
by Ron
The insights of The Council regarding The Divine Yes
One of the questions most interesting to us is the following regarding the acceptance of all possibility, the Divine Yes:

“When in meditation with a group recently, I was blessed with a message from those I refer to as my ‘Sky Family’… I asked of them, ‘Who are we?’ and the response: ‘We are The Yes’.

This ‘divine Yes’ rings true in my heart – but my head keeps trying to make sense of it. In reading your kind words through Ron, I find great relief and clarity – and encouraging validation. With my heart full of gratitude (and empty of expectation), I ask for the insights of The Council regarding The Divine Yes.”

We are delighted with this question. First of all, congratulations to the questioner for having been open to receive our answer to “Who are we?” And then we would point out that the ‘we’ that was asked about included the questioner.

This implies that you, many of you, have reached a point at which you are beginning to accept yourselves as integral parts of the we that we reference so often.

Yes, there are groups, there are councils, there are federations, etc. But when the pronoun ‘we’ is used, readers would never be far amiss to feel as if they were being included.

The question was, however, not about the ‘we’, but about the ‘yes’. As we stated in our opening, the Divine Yes is the absolute acceptance of the possible. And to the Yes, anything that can be imagined is possible. One could say that by definition it is already created. Because a thought is a thing. And all things are creations.

A further thought we would introduce is that if everything is possible and can be created, and if the one reading this is a creator, and you are, then anything is possible for you. Which means what? It means that you are free. You are free in ways you have never imagined.

As an example, let us propose that a great many of the restrictions on yourselves are simply the result of your having bought into the idea that you are confined to the boundaries of your physical bodies. You say, “Oh, that’s just my imagination!” as if what is in your mind is not ‘real’ like the stuff around you that you can see and touch.

May we offer that as long as you continue to think in that way, you will be confined to this dimension (because you believe you are). And that explains, for example, why those of higher dimensions can visit you, but you find yourselves unable to visit them. Yes, we are quite aware that many of you are beginning to bypass that restriction. Congratulations. Perhaps leave a trail of crumbs for those just behind you.

Thank you for your wonderful question. We shall speak again soon.

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