A Message to Lightworkers – March 19, 2019


A Message to Lightworkers – March 19, 2019

The latest guidance from the Ascended Masters, Galactics, Earth Elementals, Faery Elders, Angels, and Archangels known as the Collective [Channeled live on the March 12, 2019 Ashtar Legacy Call:

Greetings, Everyone! This is, perhaps, an unusual time in certain respects, because you have experienced a winter, some might say, of severe discontent, to borrow a bit from our friend, the Bard. 

And so you’re looking perhaps at your country, particularly if you live in the United States, as most of you do, and you’re seeing great unrest. 

You’re seeing great crimes committed against humanity, although that is only one part of the story, of course, because the Light that is being borne by those who are seemingly victimized is shifting your Earth in very powerful ways.

And you are seeing this bizarre weather, this extreme winter, [with] all of this snowfall. And as our writer sits here in Sedona, Arizona, it is quite cold, damp, and rainy outside—very unusual for Arizona at this time of year!—and seemingly, one calamity after another.

And we understand, as we wrote in the [March 11, 2019] Message to Lightworkersearlier this week—we understand that you would have some consternation, regarding what is becoming of Mother Earth and her people and all her Beings. 

Environmental protections seem to be disappearing, and corporations given carte blanche to do whatever they wish. It’s understandable [that] you would be disturbed.

Now, we want to ask you: When was the last time someone came into your room to awaken you, hopefully with your permission the night before, but came in and awakened you in the morning, without shaking your shoulder, or without saying your name?  

When was the last time someone woke you up at any time, without saying or doing something—without disrupting your dream?  

Photo by Renee Turcotte

And we would say, it would be unusual.

At least the alarm clock or phone would beep at you, and you would probably continue to sleep, if that did not happen. 

And we just want to say, though it sounds very strange and unfair, that there are millions and millions and millions of people, yes, on the Earth, and throughout the Galaxy, who would not awaken if they didn’t get some disturbance to shake them out of their dream, or their stupor, or their complacence. 

Now, does one always have to learn by, say, watching this terrible situation of children being separated from their parents at the border, or child trafficking, or pollution, etcetera, or corporations hardly paying a penny in taxes while working people pay a great deal, and on and on and on—medical rights being overridden, etcetera. 

So, the question then is, ‘Well, do we have to feel pain in order to wake up?  Do I have to get a fender-bender in order to realize my thoughts at that moment were on a downward trajectory?’  

And we would say, no! Absolutely not!

You don’t have to have something painful to happen outright. As Lightworkers, you can absolutely learn through Joy. You can learn in peaceful ways. 

But understand that you have lived on a planet in which chaotic behaviors and events have been the way of the world for thousands of years, and that there are many millions who aren’t yet at the place where they will be awakened fully enough by pleasant events, to realize that something has to be done.

Now, we don’t only speak of standing up for human rights, animal rights, environmental protections, etcetera. We speak of the internalrevolution, which the astrological alignments are completely in accord with, starting this year, and very powerfully into the next few years. 

There are also disturbances going on within the new age community, if you want to call yourselves that—the Lightworker community—which we shall speak of in a moment. Because you’re aware that things are really heating up on this Planet!

But just think for a moment. Just consider that even though youdo not need a shake up to wake up to certain realities on the Earth, many millions of others do!

And you holding, as they say, holding space for calm, for Peace, for a centered sense of wellness and well-being—this is just a remarkable, powerful Light transmission beaming out from all of you now, as you gather in a group such as this, not just to moan about how bad and how awful everything is, but to celebrate!  

You know that song, “Seasons of Love,” came from a Broadway play [Rent]. And the film upon which the story was based, was all about people dying of AIDS, artists barely surviving—people squatting in empty tenement buildings in New York City, etc. 

It was really, well—it wasn’t built on sunshine and flowers! And yet, this tremendous song came from this fellow, [the composer] Jonathan Larson, who did not really even live to see the powerful success of his work.

Now, you’ve got an astounding song within you, which all of us in the Higher Realms and here on Earth can hear and feel and see. And we would love very much for you to realize, now is the time for that song to be sung. 

And we wouldn’t wait until it’s a sort of angst-ridden yelp or despair-ridden yelp. We wouldn’t wait.

You know, many a work of genius has been written in times of despair and shock and trauma. We wouldn’t necessarily say that that would be a requirement!

We would say, as you awaken each morning, and call back to yourselves the bits of your spirit and psyche that have been out in the Universe, out flying round the galaxy and beyond—call them back.

‘Come back in! Come back in everyone—all the bits of me, come back into my body. I need my full strength.’

And then what would be wonderful, is if you could say to your Soul and your Higher Self, ‘What is MY greatest song of Joy, of Divine Love? What is MY greatest song to sing?’

And it may surprise you!  

It may come down to volunteer work in your community. 

It may come down to writing that book you have wanted to write over the last 20-some years. 

It may come down to only drink water and never eat meat again, as far as what you drink during the day and the foods you eat. Going very vegetarian, even vegan. 

It may come down to starting something in your community, which is a matter of, say, children getting together to sing in a chorus through Love.

Children who don’t have the money, or their parents don’t have the money, to get them involved in other organizations. 

It could be a thousand different things. Or it could be a literal song or poem, or anything that you feel motivated to create.

Now, we want to remind you of several things, dear ones: You are your own authority!

When you have a question, please do go to your Higher Self and say to him or her, ‘I need your wisdom, your counsel on this.’ 

Every morning, say to him or her, ‘What do I need to know?’

Sometimes people don’t hear as clearly as they would like to.

They don’t, in other words, receive actual words from their Higher Self or their Spirit Guide. That’s all right. 

Say to them, ‘Look, I’m not hearing you! Download me with your wisdom, and your ideas. Just send me the energy. I know the ideas will pop up into my mind in the perfect time and way.’

[That wisdom and guidance will] come up in your own thoughts. They’ll have a beautiful Light around them.

You’ll have a beautiful sense of assurance—’Yes, that’s what I need to do. I understand now about that.’ 

They can clue you in, as to what’s going on in other people’s heart-minds.

If you’re confused about a relationship with a coworker, a friend, a loved one, etcetera.

They can also clue you in about things that are coming up within the next few months.

Even though things are happening very rapidly on the Earth, they know your life chart inside and out, and they can let you know what’s going on with you, in ways that you haven’t quite thought of yet. 

You haven’t quite worked it out, because all the evidence isn’t in yet, as far as what you in your human form can see.

You may get intuitive nudges, and we encourage you to listen to those and try them out.

Don’t be afraid to follow them! 

But really, dear ones, we’re not your authority. There’s no savior. There’s no one authority or expert who’s going to zoom in to rescue everyone, whether on a very fancy, very amazing starship, or anything else. 

You are the ones you have been waiting for, as the beautiful old saying goes.

And we rejoice with you in that, every day!

What we ask, is that you grasp that with both hands, and really celebrate it, and know you have within you the wisdom and the power of thousands of gods and goddesses, because you’ve all been that at one point.

You just happen to be in this very vulnerable, human element at the moment. 

Don’t be fooled by that, dear ones, please!

You have thousands of years of wisdom and understanding, even millions of years of wisdom and understanding, locked away deep in the recesses of the heart-mind, and the soul. All you have to do is call upon it.

All you have to do is expect it to be there, require it to be there for you.

Now, we want to say, in conjunction with that whole situation about how your higher self—you, in other words—you are your own authority.

You and your soul and higher self. 

Now, in these days, there will be many coming, saying that they are the Light, and you have read this in many sacred texts—you will come across many who say, ‘Oh, if you’re not following this group or this person, or listening to this guru, you’re missing it!’ 

And we would say, that that’s fine, if you want to listen to them. 

Check in inwardly: How are you doing, when you hear them speak or write what they’ve written?

Are you feeling lighter? Is your energy expanding? Or has it contracted a bit?

Has your Light dimmed a bit? Are you having to make yourself a bit smaller, because they’re criticizing something you’re doing?

Or are they criticizing someone else?

Generally, people who are in the Light won’t spend a lot of time picking out the villains.

They’ll say, ‘Never mind them. They’ve got their tasks. Let them do what they need to do, but here’s what you and I need to do, in my opinion.’  

And then you jump in and say, ‘Well, all right, what about this or, what about that?’ And everyone gets a say.

But it isn’t so much a question of, ‘If you’re listening to this, if you’re following this, you’re completely mad—I’m the only one who’s got it right!’ 

So just be aware, dear ones. Check in, in the heart-space, in the gut, in the body. 

Try the muscle testing, which we very much encourage. There are different forms.

Some people prefer the pendulum, etc. But just ask yourself—say the right hand holds the answer Yes, and the left hand holds the answer No. 

And sit with palms facing up, and say, ‘Is this ringing true with me, this thing I just read?’

And see which hand raises itself, because the body is beautifully tied into the intuition, and it will not lie to you.

So we ask you, dear ones, and some [of these] are very tough tasks in these days—which is, as we were saying in our Message to Lightworkersof a few days ago, please do not stare at the ugliness, and feel that that defines the era you are in, or defines where you are in your life, or defines Earth life. 

And as the dear one said, the lovely Greeter [for this Ashtar Legacy call], who was saying Hello to everyone, There is so much beauty on this Earth!

And we could not possibly agree more. 

And it’s your job—we task you with this: Every day this week, go around and notice things that are beautiful. 

Maybe it’s a bag—it’s electric blue, a bag or a box or a door. Maybe it’s one little weed that dared to sprout up out of the snow or the mud.

Maybe it’s a child smiling, seemingly for no reason, as they walk by you. 

Maybe it’s an elderly person gathering their groceries, still doing what they need to do, even if the body is in pain, still believing in life, still moving forward.

It might be a grand mountain or a grand sunset—that’s fine. 

But you only really find beauty where you expect to find it, dear ones.

So we give you this, asking, please do not just watch the news, and decide ‘It’s all gone to heck, and I’m just going to give up!’ 

No, it hasn’t! There are, shall we say, some people who are counting on you giving up, and dimming your Light—it’s something that they are interested in.

And they send out little beams [of energy] to ensure that any time you’re feeling dreadful, you get encouragement to feel even worse.

And we want you to affirm, as you’ve been doing on the Abundance Group calls, ‘This is my body. I claim it fully. Only that which is of Divine Love and Divine Light is allowed to live here. And I love myself, and I spread Light everywhere I go.’  

Affirm this daily, dear ones. Affirm that you are pure Light and pure Love, and nothing can destroy that.

Nothing can put that aside, absolutely nothing!

So we ask you to trust your intuition, to seek beauty, to not feel that the ugliness defines anything, defines a moment in time.

It doesn’t even define the full makeup, nor the soul intention and the soul mission, of those you feel are perhaps being victimized. 

We would like you to release that word ‘victim’ and understand, people come in with agreements. They want to experience life in particular terms and, all of us, despite our preference for Joy in experience, and all of you, must allow that freedom, allow them that path. 

Bless it as sacred. It’s as sacred as that child smiling for no reason, absolutely, dear ones.

So, we give thanks for you constantly—your bravery, your beauty, the power of your Light beaming out so far beyond the Earth! It’s actually creating new pathways, sort of like when new neural pathways are formed in the brain. 

Your Light is creating new pathways for a higher Light to come into the Planet, cleanse the Planet of toxicity, lessen the effects of painful history, lift the human consciousness, lift all plant life, animal life, air and water, in terms of their purity, and reminds you over and over, how powerful you are!

Now, those neural pathways, lines of Light being sent out from all of you now, also make it far easier for your Galactic and etheric friends and family to flow in on much more easily. 

You’re going to hear them more easily. You’re going to see them more easily, sense their presence more easily, and know their Love far more easily.

Now, we are getting a sort of group message from your twin flames. So we’re just going to listen. Just one moment . . . 

So what they’re saying is, You’re all doing an absolutely outstanding job! They would like you to remember that they’re there, your beloveds, your true mate, your true highest form of Soul mate. 

This is the other half of your Soul in a sense, the other part of that flame. 

And they’re saying, ‘Call on us, if you need encouragement, if you feel you need a hug, if you feel you need a beautiful surprise for the end of the day, or the end of the week!’  

Call on them. All of your soul families are desiring to give you that hand, but your twin flames are here very powerfully now.

So we’re going to ask them to send a transmission of Light and Love and encouragement to all of you now, on a heart level.

We’re working with you energetically this whole time, as we’ve been speaking. 

We’ve been working with you, working with your higher selves, that you see more of your life’s path in more joyful, lively ways, less of the ‘Uh, oh, I’ve got that bill to pay’ sort of pressure, more of the ‘Well, everything just always works out perfectly for me’ sort of thought and feeling.

So we’re going to just flow all of that to you, dear ones, and Beloveds likewise, and Twin Flames flowing that to you. Wonderful!  

We see a lot of you setting down heavy sacks — heavy burdens, one might say.

They’re just disappearing, as you let go of them. You’re standing up straighter, arms out, palms up, receiving this beautiful transmission of Light.

We’ve been joined by the Soul, the Spirit of the gentleman [Jonathan Larson] who wrote “Seasons of Love.” Welcome, dear one!

And he’s thanking Lightworkers for sending so much Light, that he was able to transfer his energies, to transition safely and happily to the higher realms, because his energies were very low when he left the Earth.

You have no idea of the miracles that you are creating every day, which we know aren’t really miracles!

They’re just natural outcomes of how beautiful and astounding you are. 

So we send our Love, dear ones, and this energy work we’re doing now will continue with you as long as you wish. 

Call on any of us! We are multitudes of Angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters, Faery Elders, and certainly your Galactic Family members.

And those Earth Elementals who are, one might say, the Spirits, the personified aspects of Earth, Air, Wind, Fire, etc.

And we are constantly with you. There’s no reason to feel ‘Oh, I’m spiraling down again in my thoughts and feelings.’  

Bless and thank those feelings, for whatever message they carry.

Hug the child who has suddenly walked into the room because he or she needs that Love, that little one whom you used to be, and say, ‘It’s all right, absolutely all right! I’ll keep us safe.’

And so we’re sending Light to all of your child selves in past lives as well. A lot is crowding forward now to be healed. So a big task, yes!

But we would say, for most of you, this is your last go-round in the third dimension.

Understandable—not the easiest place to spend one’s time!

And yet, the adventure—absolutely astounding!

So we send all our Love, dear ones. Namaste!

Channeled by Caroline Oceana Ryan 
on the Ashtar Legacy Family Call, March 12, 2019

Copyright Caroline Oceana Ryan 2019
All Rights Reserved.


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Caroline Oceana Ryan is an author, speaker, and channneler, and host of “The Empowered Lightworker.” She currently channels the higher wisdom and guidance of the Collective, a group of higher beings assisting humanity as we Ascend into fifth dimensional life.


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