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My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Imagine that all your problems are simply dreams from which you have to awaken. Imagine that you could wake up tomorrow morning, and before you even open your eyes, you think to yourself, “Oh wow!!! I remember I am an amazing creator! I had a dream that I forgot! How awful. How unpleasant. Thank Goodness, I remember now!”

Then, lying there in your bed you begin to consciously design your day. You think about all you wish to accomplish, and ask your angels for help. You go through a list of people you care about and imagine each one happy and healthy. You imagine your body feeling strong and healthy. And then you imagine yourself, laying here in bed at the end of the day, feeling completely satisfied, loved, and happy about your day.

Now, dear ones, you are ready to put your feet upon the floor and get on with life!

You are creators. The more deliberately you decide upon, feel, and focus on what you wish for on a daily basis, the more your lives will begin to conform to your will, rather than you conforming to the whims and wiles of the world.

There are exceptions of course. You may not get the exact form of your dream. Instead you’ll get “that or better.” You can’t create for someone else but you can support what he or she is creating. You can even “invite” him or her into a better reality by imagining them healthy, happy, abundant, expressed or whatever it is you wish for them.

Start your days, dear ones, consciously. Rather than rolling out of bed groaning about your days, wake up and say, “Oh yes! I am a creator! This is what I wish to create today! This is what I want help with! Thank you God! Thank you Angels! I can imagine how wonderful I will feel at the end of this day!” Keep practicing this and soon you will see your day to day reality transform into a much happier and more miracle filled existence.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels

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Message from Ann…
Messages from Ann
Hi Everyone,

I had a wild dream the other night. I dreamt that I was dreaming and waking up – over and over again. It was like a life review, in which I saw various scenes from my life. After each one I dreamed that I was “waking up from a dream” (while still in my nightly dream) with complete understanding about what I had learned.

I saw and felt very difficult times and felt the relief of “waking up” knowing they never hurt the real me – they were just lessons. I saw incredibly happy times and “woke up” (still in my nightly dream) feeling joyous about my adventures. Thus, while dreaming I saw my situations as a dream within a dream, and awakened time and again with renewed understanding about my life.

At long last, the alarm went off and I woke up in this 3D world, feeling profound love for everyone – even the ones that hurt me. Seen in the light of my dream, they were just characters who supported my awakening.

Imagine that this reality is the soul’s dream. Imagine that we are only sleeping, unaware of our true nature and trying to remember… as surely as may people try to awaken within their nightly dreams and experience the absolute freedom that lucidity brings? Imagine we can become lucid in this dream and take charge of our universe. I believe we can.

I do start every morning off with my “honey-do” list for the universe! (Honey do this. Honey do that!) I tell the angels what it is I choose to create. I decide what I want to feel at the end of the day. Then throughout the day I notice when I’m straying from my goals, when I’m feeling other than how I decided to feel, when I’m pretending to be a victim rather than a creator. Starting my day off this way totally transforms my experience. If I don’t know what I want, I just intend for a very loving day! I’m certainly not the first to share this idea! It works however. It is worth doing. Things flow with greater ease.

I even break it down at times into the “next phase” of life… I caught myself rushing around the other morning, because I had awakened later than usual, and I felt I could not get everything I needed to do before work. I stopped, visualized and asked for help… “Universe, before work I want to do yoga, stretching, sit-ups, eat a good breakfast, read a few minutes of something inspirational, answer emails, get ready for work, and have ten minutes to spare.” Presto, I stopped rushing and time warped. I got it all in.

We’re just tuning into various realities in a matrix of infinite possibility. Why not tune into what we want?

Last Sunday I decided to go up north. I always program my fun days like this…”I surround me and my car with protection. I bless all drivers on the road. I ask for the most loving, magical, amazing day possible. I want to experience the beauty of nature, the depth of my own soul. Make my interactions with others loving and kind. Give me treats and magical surprises…” and so on.

Drivers were kind to me or I don’t notice them. I was guided to a spot by the creek where the roaring water sent me into an instant meditation. Inspired by my recent explorations of how cold can catalyze us to go quickly into our own depths, I put my feet in the icy creek, breathed and went within, then got so warm I had to peel off layers!

Joyously energized I drove down the creek. I got stuck in a traffic jam and read several chapters of an inspiring book. In town again, a car pulled out in front of me so I got a parking space in an otherwise insanely crowded area.

Feeling guided I parked right in front of a shop with great coffee and a candy store where I got a single piece of decadent dark chocolate. While enjoying my treats and blessing life, I ran into a painter whose doggy gave me a heaping dose of furry love, before driving home and giving thanks for life for the next two hours. What a beautiful dream for my soul! What a beautiful day in 3D for my human self!

Here are some powerful ways you can play with the notion that this human life is the soul’s dream…

1. Imagine you dreamed your painful times…

After reading this close your eyes. Imagine a painful time in your life. Imagine now that you are in bed waking up. You remember the painful time was just a dream! It is over! You feel HUGE relief! You feel wonderful. You look at it symbolically… What did you learn? Give thanks you are awake in your wonderful “New Now!” Allow yourself to feel that a bad dream is over. You are awake now.

2. Imagine you can wake up from current challenges…

After reading this close your eyes. Take one circumstance in your life that you don’t care for now. Imagine waking up tomorrow morning with a totally different and better reality. Imagine waking up with insight about how to solve the problem. Imagine waking up feeling healthy, happy, abundant, or whatever it is you want to feel. Keep imagining this until it actually happens one day.

3. Imagine today is YOUR dream…

When you wake up, imagine your day as you wish it to be. Imagine how that would feel. When you get stressed, stop and remind yourself, “This is my dream!” Imagine things how you want them to go. When life shows you different, go back to the dream and keep creating.

If someone is unkind, imagine they’re just a character in your dream. When you have a debt imagine it is just a symbol of where you feel you owe the world. When you have a health challenge, imagine it is just forgetting your perfection. Shift to what you want to feel. Keep it up until you become the author of this “3D Dream.”

I love my nighttime dreams, but the more I play with waking life as if it were a dream, the more fun life becomes. Try it; you just might be waving your own magic wand, creating more than you ever thought possible!

Love you all!

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