December 15, 2018
Super You!

Super You!
by jenniferfarley

Irreverent, unconventional, odd, weird, bizarre; in the past, these words may have been used to generate feelings of guilt or shame, a way for others to ‘put you in your place’ or a way to project what they were feeling. This, my love, no longer needs to apply. The further along your Earth plane moves in the shift, the less important these words become. This is The Universe’s way of letting you know that, regardless of how others have looked at you or you have looked at yourself, it is time to embrace them! It is time to view them with a sense of pride and, yes, even accomplishment. Because of you, and the way you are, is one of the reasons your world has come as far as it has in such a short amount of time! Be unique and know that you are loved and supported just as you are. ~ Creator


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