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DECEMBER 11, 2018
Worthy & Deserving

Worthy & Deserving
by jenniferfarley

Before you start being hard on yourself, The Universe is asking you to answer a couple of questions:

Is what you are saying to yourself something created in the moment or is it a ‘playback’ from the past?

Was there some trigger or way you are being treated that begins this cycle of negative self-talk?

Do you really deserve the words echoing in your head to be heard by yourself?

The Universe is here to tell you that regardless of what you learned, what the triggers are or how many times negatives have been said/heard, you no longer need to experience it. With and in Unconditional Love for yourself, change the narrative! (Smiling) Change the not so good things to beautiful, awesome, amazing words for yourself. You have been doing your inner work, practicing compassion and kindness as well as holding honesty and integrity in the highest regard. You are worthy and deserving of the reward of positive self-talk! ~ Creator


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