Archangel Gabriel Daily Message – Monday, December 10, 2018


Daily Message ~ Monday December 10, 2018

By Trinity Esoterics on Dec 10, 2018 12:04 pm

A major theme of  2018 has been power – what it is, what it isn’t, and how you can step more fully into it in an empowered and authentic way. As you are wrapping up this profound year of transformation, it is important to become aware of any ways you may be continuing to give your power away. It may be through denying yourself to please others, still playing it small in certain areas or not fully shining your light out of fear, continuing old habits that are disempowering, avoiding sitting with your emotions or addressing healing that needs to be done, or waiting for others to tell you what to do rather than assuming the role of empowered leader of your own life expression.

Dear Ones, there is no time that has ever been as supportive of you clearing up these last bits and pieces as right now. It is not more than you can handle, in fact, living with these old energies that are unnecessarily holding you back is far more difficult than finally dealing with them once and for all. It is much like waiting to the last minute to write an exam that is required for school and has been hanging over your head for a long time. Often the resistance to the project was far more uncomfortable than the actual doing of it.

We understand it is difficult for you to truly understand where you are heading right now, but the energies are going to begin to move for you in more tangible ways and this is the final prep work for that forward movement. Of course, you will always be learning, growing, and expanding, but this is the wrapping up of the old energy of where you have been, the final assessments of the first phase of your incarnation, and it is good to be thorough. Before you know it you will be immersed in your new creations and this phase will be long forgotten. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young


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