Daily Message ~ Wednesday December 5, 2018


Daily Message ~ Wednesday December 5, 2018

By Trinity Esoterics on Dec 05, 2018 11:49 am

If you are wishing to draw a straight line, the most important factor is to keep your eye on the target mark. By doing so, all your body’s systems will work together to cooperate in reaching that final destination. There is no real thought involved with the motion itself, rather, it is an act of faith and trust that all will come together and do their individual jobs to make it happen. You choose the goal and move into the action of unfoldment to reach it. You might make an adjustment or two on the way, but you will reach your target in a fairly direct fashion.

The same it is with your manifestations. Choose the essence of what it is you would like to experience and allow all systems to come together to lead you there. You do not need to know what each individual step is, the flow will activate and find the way.  Your job is to simply lead through your focus, which is your blessing of continuation, and not stall yourself with the whys and hows. That is the specialty of the universe, and it is our greatest service and joy to orchestrate it all for you.  ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young


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