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August 7th, 2018

I reach out now from a point of pure love to a point of pure love. I have questions from readers. This query is for One.

I am here Sophia. It is I. It is One.

Here is the question, separated into several parts:

“In the May newsletter, ONE stated: “None of this was meant to be easy. You agreed to this when you signed up.”

1. “Not meant to be easy.”

WHY NOT?!? Why would LOVE hurt? Why is this existence so painful, so hurtful? This is not a LOVE creation. This matrix is user unfriendly, mean, contradictory, full of pain and hurt. Why? Is it all of 3D? When we get to 5D, 6D etc, will they be the same? When and where do we finally find LOVE? How can we become LOVE and get ahead when we are in so much pain? I personally find it very difficult to concentrate on LOVE when I am in pain. It is all encompassing. Pain and fear are programmed into us. They did it to us through analog TV. Then when computers and cell phones came along, they found out they could control us even better through digital. So, in 2007, they mandated everyone buy a digital TV. Now there is cable, cell towers, smart meters, CERN, HAARP and ELF. How can we become LOVE we are constantly bombarded by all this? All these things are why it’s taking so long to wake up.”

The truth of your existence is that it was chosen. Chosen by you in a moment of non-existence, non-physical sentience, non-human form. In this state, clarity is your biggest asset. There are no outliers, hanging there and blocking your vision. You are, in this state, pure love.

From this state you “see” the necessary elements, those as yet un-comprehended. You may think of them as missing pieces to the puzzle that, when put together, makes you.

What is the name of this puzzle, you may wonder from your human perspective, from your physical point of view? For, most certainly, you would correctly deduce you are pure love (in that state), what could be missing?

The name of this puzzle is a term you often use to specify the being or force responsible for it all – Creator or Source.

You see, this lifetime is about filling gaps in awareness that can only be filled by actualizing the sentiment. It is a bit like empathy. It arises in you most acutely when you witness someone experiencing the exact same condition that you have already experienced. You do not, at that moment, know exactly what their reaction will be, yet you know precisely what they are feeling physically and emotionally.

This life is chosen now, and by now is meant this specific life on earth in this timeline and moment, to accelerate learning. Unfortunately, this learning comes with a good deal of pain. The pain has, as its root cause, other systems and/or beings who are, as well, rounding out their life experience.

To move from “third” to another, faster frequency is not so much of a move as it is a shift. The term “assumption” is appropriate here. For, while you remain focused now on this pain and this heartache you see, you are accompanied by other versions of life occupying the same space who are not focused on these things and therefore vibrate differently.

As your frequency shifts things look different to you. This sort of learning, as an actual, physical adjustment, is the most powerful sort of learning. It has staying power and is remembered both physically and spiritually.

For, in truth, you have already, YOU ARE ALREADY experiencing other assumptions/dimensions. You came “back” to this “time” to re-experience emergence into them, which is a delight.

This is the secret that those controlling you now on this planet never want you to realize.

You are correct, you’ve been manipulated at every turn to give up. And yet here you are, struggling still, not giving up on what it is you know that you are – LOVE.

“2. “You agreed to this.”

Then why don’t we REMEMBER? I feel this loss of memory is really domination and control.

A. How can I do clearings to heal myself if I don’t remember? How do I know if I’m clearing the correct things or if I’m doing it properly?

B. How can I become enlightened and know LOVE if I can’t remember who I AM? Loss of memory is loss of knowledge of who I AM and loss of knowledge of LOVE. Everyone keeps saying “we are LOVE.” But if we don’t remember we are LOVE, how can we BE LOVE? “

A beautiful question you’ve posed. It illustrates the game perfectly. At the point now that you’ve asked it, you’ve woken up. No longer do you accept that love or even life, hurts. You question your reality. This is the beginning of awareness; the start of your enlightenment.

Not remembering is part of the game. It was the only way to viscerally “get” each facet of life.

You wanted to get every possibility for life’s expression in order to attain wisdom and then, create.

Self-healing and clearing happens with self-awareness and trust. There is no one way, no “right” way to do these things. There is your way. This is a path to self-discovery and you are fast and far along on it.

It is the ego who rails “I don’t know who I am”. It is self that knows. The one beneath the question, the self who knows she is unexpressed completely, and yearns for her full coming out.

Know this, the strength and power and intensity of your cries are indicative of the strength, intensity and power of your light. A brilliant being of light is who you are and your light shines through every utterance, even those steeped in frustration.

You have not been abandoned. You have correctly identified the one thing you cannot find. Sit quiet or walk alone for a moment and seek her. She is right now waiting to be recognized. Once seen, she will fill your tears with joy and it is that joy that will be a salve to what now brings discomfort and trauma. She is who you have hidden but not forgotten. She is the one who knows. She is the source, your source, for this love you seek yet cannot find. She is not found in any other. She is found within. Love is found when felt for self.

“3. Dear ONE: No person has ever given a definitive answer/reason as to why are we going through all this. What is this existence, all these reincarnations, supposed to prove? When will the pain end? When will we know and become LOVE and stop hurting ourselves and each other?
Thank you so much for any answers. Love and Light.”

Dear, dear human.

All of what you are going through was allowed by creation as an experiment. You were willing participants. The conclusion, once reached, would inform life itself of just how much a single aspect who imagined itself alone would or could endure to reach for the light, to seek the truth of its very nature.

The experiment has come to its natural conclusion. The human has chosen, rather than an outside force ending it, and “inside job”. This becomes then the only way to guarantee as many of you “join the party” of enlightenment as is possible. This takes time and again, is how you chose it to go.

This is a reference to the “collective you” and is how all time frames and events are determined.

Know that all of this will ultimately be the highest and best outcome for your entire spectrum of selves, and that yes, there is an incredibly vast expanse of love encasing all of it.

That is all.

Due to the lengthy question and answer, that is it for questions in this edition. It’s a powerful one and speaks to and for all of us. Such love was felt throughout, such tenderness, specifically at the end. Thank you.

Next, I have a beautiful story that was sent to me by a reader. It validates the changes in frequency we are experiencing. Enjoy…

“Yesterday morning I was walking with my dogs, and there is this big old tree that I usually stop at to pray and reflect at and feed the birds with food that I always bring for them, some weeks ago a male pheasant starting showing up for the food so I christened him Jack and he now shows up most mornings, and for the last two weeks he has a lady friend with him which I naturally christened Jill, well yesterday morning as I arrived at the tree I saw Jack lying on the ground and thought oh shit the fox has killed him, but no to my surprise he was fast asleep and to his right there was Jill also fast asleep, they both woke up not a bit phased by my presence and just walked a few meters away as they always do as they are wild birds, I was absolutely stunned to witness this because they are quit nervous especially around humans and dogs, they seem to have no fear of me whatsoever,

I returned home after my walk and as I walked up the drive the two resident collard doves were feeding on the ground and the dogs just walked past them and the doves stayed feeding wow! They say that the animals are the first to witness change in the environment and that certainly seems to be the case. “

Thanks everyone! Please continue to send in your questions and stories!
Much love and light,


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