Emotional Forecast for June 2018


Emotional Forecast for June 2018

As we celebrate the welcoming of a new solstice, we enter into a new phase of our journey more emotionally cleansed than ever before. Maybe you feel more so wrung out than cleansed at the moment, but with time, you may come to see the brand new beginning that has opened for you.

Perhaps ramping up over the past several months and hitting its crescendo this past weekend was a movement of energies that truly highlighted the theme of spring cleaning. Similar to the renewed space we feel in our homes when parting with things that no longer serve us, the past few months has acted like a mid-year life review for souls incarnated on Earth.

As a result of this mid-year life review, it would be no surprise if you find yourself either opening up to brand new relationship possibilities or questioning the benefits of previously-established bonds.

Whether aware of it or not, this mid-year life review is where many souls meet with their team of spirit guides to determine whether their earthly self is ready to advance to the next chapter of expansion. Most importantly is deciding who are the people to move forward with that are the best-suited for your journey ahead. This is not as much as a pass or fail, as it is a decision of fierce compassion. While a child is eager to advance to higher grade levels, it would be cruel to place a child in a more advanced environment of learning than they are ready to face.

As a result of this mid-year life review, it would be no surprise if you find yourself either opening up to brand new relationship possibilities or questioning the benefits of previously-established bonds. There comes a time in every journey, where with no blame cast towards any character, we simply must go our own way, in order to be who we are destined to become.

If you find yourself re-evaluating who is in and who is out throughout your inner circle of influence, you are acting in accordance with the conversations had in the ethers between your soul and spirits guides.

Particularly with yesterday’s energy signature, Sunday was referred to by the Universe as the “Day of Reckoning”. It symbolized a moment in time where souls decided how fast, how slowly, and how deeply their earthly self was ready to step forward into the next chapter of evolution.

Knowing it isn’t just a matter of the gifts each chapter offers, but recognizing how much work has been done to further embody and ground the light of our soul with greater alignment toward acting out the choices that honor our deepest core values.

Throughout this brand new beginning, there are renewed waves of flow, synchronicity, and miraculous orchestrations of grace revealing how profoundly the light is working on behalf of those who serve the light in the most dedicated and faithful way.

Whether you are finding the strength to close old chapters, feeling the loss of ending relationships, sensing renewed hope for the welcoming of new bonds and opportunities, now is the time to focus on aligning with the light as consistently and deliberately as possible.

The anchoring of light is the internal and external spreading of well-being, no matter the process of transformation you are in. Whether life feels like it’s falling apart, or finally coming back together again, in order to serve the light at full capacity, we cannot wait for outer circumstances to shift before we permit ourselves to shine.

To help you align with the light with joy, simplicity, and ease, please consider the following tips:

Light brightens in moments of gratitude. How many times a day can you pause and find something or someone to be grateful for? If unable to be grateful, simply pause 5-10 times a day and declare: “May all beings be blessed with gratitude and may it begin with me.” Whether you are able to find evidence in your own life or remain faithfully dedicated to offering this prayer, you are simultaneously raising your vibration to the frequency of grace while creating waves of energy that assist others in healing their heart.

Light is attracted to praise. Whenever we praise ourselves or others for the things done right, we are instructing the light to pour more of our spiritual essence into our physical bodies. The more our spiritual essence occupies space in our bodies, the more well-being we experience on all levels. Whether desiring resolve from a healing crisis, craving a fresh new start, or simply ready to bring old reoccurring dynamics of conditioning to an end, simply take time to praise yourself and others for what is right.

Take the time to acknowledge the gifts others embody, even if it’s a gift of always triggering the deeper layers of healing that ensure you are progressing forward in your journey. Praise is a celebration that only occurs in the Here and now. Instead of projecting praise into the future once all the pieces of your plan have fallen into place, the energy of praise invites you to enter present moment time as someone who lets yourself and others know they possess a deeply fulfilling higher purpose in life that is unfolding with perfection just as we are. In order to detox from the patterning of our human conditioning and transcend the limited beliefs and view points of 3D consciousness, the energy of praise escorts us into the light of unity through a 4th dimensional corridor of time, as we embrace moments where the gift of praise is given.

The light supports expressions of honesty. While many energetically sensitive beings are afraid to be honest out of a fear of hurting another, as a result, they often live in disempowered patterns of codependency. When this occurs, they are unable to follow their hearts desires until other people are ok with their personal decisions. Opposite from a Narcissist, who only care about their wants, needs, and desires, even at the expense of others, those who are energetically-sensitive are so preoccupied with care-taking, they often live as faithful supporting characters in other people’s movie, instead of playing out the starting role in their life’s feature film. When you authentically follow your heart, you may in fact experience the hurt of others, as they are equally redirected toward their souls highest destiny.
Whether they interpret this redirection as a form of rejection is determined by how much of their core wound remains to be healed. Even when we feel guilty or shameful for how bad other people feel when speaking our truth or following our hearts, it only serves to unearth deeper layers of core wounding that each moment in time helps to clear. Speaking your truth is not a judgment against another or a desire to spiritually correct anyone for any reason. It is an opportunity to become more in-tune with what is most meaningful for your life by evaluating the choices your heart urges you to make. Whether with fear or courageously aligned, each decision serves to move you beyond the conditioning of each core wound, so you may embody the light that awakens the world as one.
May we be gentle with ourselves, forgiving of others, and respectful of a world taking a giant leap out of the dark ages of object consciousness and into new horizons of interconnected heart-centered intelligence.

I am here loving you through each hardship, but as of today, may we wait no longer to get this party started. We are the light. We are born fueled by spiritual purpose and we now step forward to usher humanity into the grace of accelerated times. Some won’t be able to hold the frequency but they only venture as far in their journey as they were destined to go.

No matter the circumstances of your journey up to this point, how brightly are you willing to shine — right here, right now?

Our time has come. Love Revolution unite!

All For Love,
Matt Kahn


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