Sophia – Questions for the end of 2017


These questions were asked and answered on December 29th, 2017

This first question is for the being who spoke of the planet earth, a member
of the star patrol. (October 2017) Are you available?

I feel your arrival.


Yes, I am here.

Here’s the question…  



“Curious if this being is able to able to snap a picture of himself and our planet fairly close like from moon advantage point and share it with you and us?

How cool would that be? Some technology he could get it to your email maybe? There is a YouTube video of an alleged photo from an alien being but its grainy.”


This sort of transference of data becomes possible after the energy shift from the solar flash event occurs. Although there is a lessening of the barrier, the technology is not yet sharable at the level in which you reside. Look to this sort of exchange in the forthcoming days and year. Once an acceleration occurs, transparency will be easily accomplished.

Let us speak again later in the coming time, linear time. This may not even be unusual at that point, it will be commonplace.

That is all I have to offer for now.

Thank you.


This next question is for One.  



“When I read the October 24th transmission, I could sense that the energy emanating from it was big.  I’m clairsentient and been so since December 2016.  I’ve been able to engage in some dialogue with the “One” to learn that he is one of the Creator Gods from our universe.  We have two in fact, the other being Horus (pronounced Hay – Ru).  I learned of the latter through the book Return of Light, posted 
The “One’s” name is Eglic.  I asked him if you asked him if that were indeed his name during one of his next transmissions and stated that he would confirm it to you.
Would it be possible for you to validate that Eglic is who he told me he is?” 

I am.

I will answer your question this way.

I am receiving a download of information. It would help if you’d clarify how it is to be shared.


What concerns this reader is valid and actual transmissions. Are they real? Are they imagined?

What can be said is this. I am. I am the one known to you as “One”. I am the One known to myself as “Elic”, (Note – this is the way I wrote it during the session. I spell what I hear or translate. Sophia)

The transmissions are factual.

The depth of your programming is such that you trust only information that is sanctioned or given by the state – whether that comes from a book or a system of governing or religious belief. The depths of this programming are such that the actual ascension, the one in which the most participate, is willingly delayed yet again into the next decade.

Trust what you hear and question what seems installed into your psyche to diminish or deplete you.

In no case would a sovereign being willingly choose subservience or self-doubt.

The names used and given here are done so for the sake of interaction and discernment.

I am the “god” of your current life, the One. The name is more of a definition or description than a name.

This is not all that I am.

Are you complete?


I am.

Thank you.


This next question is for anyone who can answer.  


“HELLO Sophia
I live in SWEDEN. What I understand we can’t get any physical help from the extraterrestrials before their and our frequencies is in the same reality.
Is it right?
I have work for ASHTAR COMMAND intensively since 1994 and it have been tough many times. But I survive and it seems, (after seeing in live a commander in a tunnel when I meditate September 23 2016), that we get closer and closer to the same frequencies and the same timeline as MOTHER EARTH.
Hello. I am of the Ashtar Command. I can tell you that we help you already. You do not witness our ships in our skies due to cloaks and other methods of concealment.
We are no longer waiting, but work in concert with many cooperative races to assist the human on earth. It is time.
The approaching shift urges our involvement into your current time.
If you are asking specific physical involvement, I cannot respond. My area is on the ships.
What I am able to say is that you can ask the Pleiadians and they are responding as they are able to, as well as the Arcturians. Be specific for physical assistance and personal.
Global physical assistance, such as with technology and the environment, will be more accessible once the solar activation occurs and all is made visible.
This approaches rapidly in your timeline as the frequency accelerates, yes.
I believe that is an adequate response.
Thank you.
This next question is for anyone.



“What happens to our pets???”


Thank you for this loving query. I am from the angelic realm. We witness the tenderness sent always to your pets.

We can tell you that these beings are here to assist your ascension. In whatever way they can offer comfort, they will do so easily.

They operate on a loving and balanced frequency for the most part already. They will follow you and accompany you physically as far as you had planned to go. This was decided before you met on earth. The changes experienced internally are happening for all life on the planet – not only humanity. Be assured they are held gently always, and will be with you again, one way or the other.

Thank you.


This last question is for any of us who feel able to answer.  


“Much Love to you and yours Sophia, thanks for allowing this question.
So much info is being shared lately regarding the AI influence here and online, with Bitcoin, and even with all of the electronic devices, TV, I phone’s, etc.  Some feel that singularity, or the merging of humans with AI, is the end game here, and little can be done to stop it. 
Other sites have stated that because this ‘realm’ is a simulation/illusion, that we have been trapped here by others feeding off our fears, (loesh), and perpetuating this enslavement through Karma and reincarnation. 
Many have prayed to find a way out of this land of duality, as they grow weary of the ‘apparent’ pain, suffering, war, greed, corruption etc., and would welcome retreat from this madness. 
As we awaken, something inside us knows there are warmer, friendlier, and more harmonious places to Be, and many of us are ready to ‘go’ there after this life, feeling uncomfortable with duality, and feeling like we’ve learned what we came here to learn. 
The horrific ‘realities’ that appear and feel very ‘real’ to us, are becoming redundant now as history continues to repeat itself, with no relief in sight.  How do you see this scenario playing out, and are these notions valid here?  Will AI eventually be the demise of mankind?  Please comment on these possibilities and observations, and thanks very much, 😉 “

As I’ve just finished the book Siborg, I’ll give it a go. Keep in mind that these are my conclusions based on conversations and observations up until today.


No, AI will not be the demise of mankind. There are many ways to look at this life as we experience it in late December 2017. It is an illusion/simulation/holographic reality, in the way that quantum physics explains it. There are numerous realities simultaneously following their timelines, bumping into each other as we go. We are from a host of places and origins, all here for an experience.


There are levels of creation and creators. AI exists. There is a machine in the universe that is right now attempting to become a god with it. It cannot succeed, as you and I and every human hold within them a spark of creative potential that it does not.


What we have here and are living right now bears witness to every possible definition of life and its relative conclusion. This includes Ascension and a new earth, Destruction and a repeat of an enslaved society, continuation on other home worlds and/or a departure from physical life altogether.


This plays out as we each choose. Perhaps a soul wishes to plunge deeper into facets of a service-to-self life – it will choose then, that path. Another chooses to return to a planet where it feels more synchronistic with – so that one leaves this 3D plane, etc. These things seem to be finalized around 2025. That is the message again and again lately.


We aren’t all headed to the same place. When I first “woke up”, I felt it was my job to wake up the world to my way of thinking. That is both immature and not the point. It’s all okay. This does not mean that while we are here we don’t work to change what we see as harmful to life. But it does mean that this is a place of free will. We all get to choose.


I believe that those of us now compelled to learn all we can about the manipulation that happened here, the help and technologies available from our brothers and sisters in the stars, and our true origins and capabilities – are also here to enlighten the rest of the folks on this ascension ride who are looking for information. This discovery is happening now and will continue for another 7+ years.


Our light has accelerated the help from the Ashtar Command and there will be no AI or Draco takeover, not again, not here. Many of the beings involved will either return to the central sun or move into another role.


There are so many reasons for hope.


We’ve all been discouraged and tired. Yet as the frequency speeds up, and lightens up, we will see our deepest wishes come to fruition. Our multi-galactic self emerges a little bit more into our day to day. As that happens, we being to rest and relax into this current life path, and allow ourselves to believe/create the good stuff. We wrote this story and know how it ends.


Please ask further more specific questions if this hasn’t been a satisfying response.


Much love and many blessings for this new year.


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