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January – 2018 The Pluto/Vega Conjunction

The Pluto/Vega Conjunction

In my most recent note, I explored recent upcoming aspects in relation to the break up of what I called the “oligarchic alignment.”
The oligarchic alignment was my name for the concentration of the three powerful, outer planets (Uranus, Neptune and Pluto) in the signs of the 1% (Libra thru Pisces).
This concentration of planetary power in the signs of the 1% since the early 1970s resulted in a global concentration of political and economic power in the hands of the 1%. It *seemed* obvious that when this concentration of planetary power began breaking up in 2010-11, there would also be a redistribution of global political and economic power.
However, the breakdown of the oligarchic alignment is not going the way a lot of us, including myself, imagined it might. It is breaking down only slowly. And in subtle ways.
Considerable astrological power still resides in the signs of the 1%. And the lion’s share of political and economic power still rests in their hands. There is still a great deal of momentum behind the oligarchic political and economic agenda, also.
It turns out that the breakdown of the oligarchic alignment is not so much about the shift of planetary power from the signs of the 1% to the 99%. It is more about aspects, like the mutable T-Square, that expose, rectify, destroy and/or replace the patterns in consciousness that make up the very foundations of global oligarchy.
It appears to be more about global consciousness raising. With Uranus in Aries, it is also about reawakening the spirit of resistance in the 99%.
Recently, a reader, and a friend, called my attention to the fact that the fixed star Vega is in the middle of Capricorn and that Pluto recently conjoined Vega. It looked like a fairly intense event.
It looks, in fact, like the kind of event that might have been overlooked or neglected by many astrologers. My friend and I wondered, for example, if the Pluto/Vega conjunction might have marked a turning point, a long awaited turning point, in the battle that’s been simmering between the 1% and the 99% for several years.
I think the Pluto/Vega conjunction, in Capricorn, should be examined in light of the oligarchic alignment and its breakdown. For example, did the Pluto/Vega conjunction in Capricorn mark an important turning point, or tipping point, in the breakdown of the oligarchic alignment? When it is examined closely, I think it does appear to mark such a turning point.
Planetary support for the oligarchy is diminishing only slowly. Conversely, new support for the 99% is coming online slowly. The oligarchic era is receding into the past more slowly than we all might have hoped. I discussed this in depth in my last post.
Astrologically, the Uranus Aries ingress of 2010-11 did reduce oligarchic power and increased the power of the 99% – but only marginally. It stimulated the spirit of resistance in the 99% – but not by very much.
The power of the 99% has increased only slowly and fitfully. Resistance to the oligarchic agenda remains mostly ineffective.
Thanks to the mutable T-square of recent years (North Node and Jupiter in Virgo, Saturn in Sagittarius, Neptune, Chiron and Nessus in Pisces) we have grown more aware of the flaws in oligarchic ideas and more openly critical of them. However, oligarchic ideas are still prominent in our politics. The economic and political imbalances typical of oligarchy are still very much with us – on a global scale.
Could the Pluto/Vega conjunction in Capricorn help explain why the vision of the oligarchs remained attractive so long despite the fact that their vision for the world has been seen to fail so often and is increasingly less attractive to so many? That increasing numbers of people are finding the oligarchic vision frightening?
Might the Pluto/Vega conjunction explain why supporters of the oligarchs did so well in the 2016 elections, too? Might it also explain why the recently elected US Congress and US President are aggressively pursuing such a blatantly oligarchic agenda? As we will shortly see, the timing of the Pluto/Vega conjunction strongly suggests such a connection.
Furthermore, the closer I looked at the Pluto/Vega conjunction, the more convinced I became that this conjunction might also mark the tipping point for which so many of us are so eager. Even as the Pluto/Vega conjunction in Capricorn helps explain why the oligarchic era has been receding into the past so very slowly, it points to a tipping point in the breakdown of the oligarchic alignment and the more rapid decline of oligarchic power. The tipping point would actually have occurred early in 2017.

Vegan Charm

Vega is one of the most prominent fixed stars. It is the fifth brightest star in the heavens, and the second brightest star in the northern celestial hemisphere.
Vega grants charismatic appeal and persuasive, seductive, even magical power. Bernadette Brady, a contemporary expert on the fixed stars, sums up the influence of Vega with a single word, “enchantment.” She might well have used the word “charming,” or perhaps “beguiling.”
On one level, Vega is associated with art and music. It is “of the nature of Venus and Mercury.” Vega is in Lyra, the constellation of the lyre, in the sign of Capricorn. The lyre is an ancient, iconic, harp-like instrument. The lyre is still closely associated and prominently associated with Ireland, “the enchanted Isle.”
The ancient Greek myth of Orpheus and Eurydice illustrates themes associated with Vega. Orpheus played the lyre with transcendent, spell-binding skill. When his beautiful wife Eurydice died of snake bite, Orpheus traveled to the underworld with his lyre to rescue her from death.
Orpheus tried to lead Eurydice back to the land of the living with the transcendent (and enchanting) beauty of his playing. Orpheus was succeeding until he looked back at her, which he had been warned not to do, and Eurydice abruptly returned to the underworld.
On another level, Vega grants the charisma and rhetorical power that political leaders need to do their jobs – to exercise power – and that they typically possess. Vega grants charm and persuasive power to those who work in Capricorn’s various realms: government, management and administration.
Persuasiveness, charm, even enchantment, are, indeed, the stock in trade of those who work in Capricorn’s world. This Vegan charm, or persuasive power, would extend to government ideology and political rhetoric. How else could so few people control, or even influence the behavior of so many over such long periods of time.

Plutonian Power

Pluto governs power in its many guises. Pluto represents political power especially – the power to sway the masses – the power of public office holders and executives of all kinds.
In its purest form, at the highest archetypal level, Pluto represents sacred, purifying power. On the higher archetypal levels, Pluto’s power is best envisioned as a blinding, irresistible, purifying light. On other archetypal levels, Pluto’s power breaks down into a wide range of manifestations. Any phenomenon that involves force, or power, most likely involves Pluto.
Generally speaking, also, Pluto adds intensity to every influence with which it combines. It would, for example, intensify Vega’s powers of enchantment – or government’s ability to charm or beguile its citizens into compliance.
Pluto entered Capricorn in 2008. In typically Plutonian style, its cleansing, disruptive, transformative powers were unleashed into the realm of global economic and political power. We probably all recall the near collapse of the global economic systems and, in the months and years immediately following Pluto’s Capricorn ingress. It brought a protracted strain on global political systems.
Pluto did not simply expose the ‘impurities’ in global economic and political systems. It began to purge them. In Capricorn, Pluto’s cleansing and transformative power expresses with great intensity and purity. It will continue to do so. With Pluto transiting Capricorn until 2023-24, its disruptive political and economic effects will continue.
At the time of Pluto’s Capricorn ingress, Uranus was pulling toward a lengthy Uranus/Pluto square. I believe that the Uranus/Pluto square was part of a related sequence of disruptive aspects associated with the slow break down of the oligarchic alignment.

Some Info about my Method

Before I continue, let me pause to explain that, in situations like the current one, I don’t find it useful to think of aspects as having a clearly defined beginning and end. In situations like the present one, during the really long, slow break up of the oligarchic alignment, I find it best to think of aspects as overlapping and/or flowing into and blending with one another.
Just so, I found it helpful to think of the aspects we are now discussing as an ongoing blur, or storm, of transformative astrological astrological energies.
In my mind, then, the astrological events associated with the break down of the oligarchic alignment – for example, the Pluto Capricorn ingress, the Uranus Aries ingress, the Uranus/Pluto square, and the mutable T-Square, etc. – effectively overlap one and blur together. They form a continuous or storm of transformative astrological energies.
The potently disruptive Uranus/Pluto square was part of a storm of related aspects. It was exact seven times between late 2012 and mid-2015. This outpouring of Aries, Uranus, Capricorn and Pluto energies correlated roughly with the “Arab Spring” – a series of uprisings and insurrectionary events in the Arab world where unrest still runs high.
When slow-moving Pluto entered Capricorn, it also began the long approach to its conjunction with Vega which would be exact midway through its transit of Capricorn.
The long, slow run up to the Pluto/Vega conjunction would have become part of an existing storm of astrological energies. Like the other aspects I have been discussing recently, the Pluto/Vega conjunction, in its various stages, would have been a “phase”, or a “moment” in the decline of the oligarchic alignment.
This storm to which I refer is still sweeping across the global social, cultural, political and economic landscapes. This storm of deconstructive and reconstructive astrological energies is blowing under, over, through and around the institutions, policies and programs set in place by the global oligarchy.
These oligarchic institutions, policies and programs do appear to be breaking down, albeit much too slowly to suit most of us. Also, they are proceeding in fits and starts, the pace of decline proceeds a few steps forward, a few steps backward.
The speed of decline varies almost constantly. At a given moment, it can be difficult to tell whether the oligarchy is growing weaker or stronger.

Pluto and Vega together . . .

As already mentioned Pluto is about power. It brings great power and intensity to any astrological energy with which it combines. Vega grants charisma, charm, or enchantment. Situated in Capricorn, Vega bestows the ability to charm, or persuade on the various inhabitants of Capricorn’s various realms – administrators and political leaders of all kinds at various levels.
When Pluto conjoins Vega, which happens every 248 years, it intensifies the charm imparted by Vega. It grant enhanced persuasive abilities to people in positions of power.
So the Pluto/Vega conjunction could explain why the appeal of the oligarchic worldview and its rhetoric remained strong despite 1) Uranus in Aries promoting resistance in the 99% and 2) the deep disillusionment with the oligarchic status quo caused by the mutable T-square.
Pluto’s prolonged approach to conjunction with Vega would have caused the gradual and sustained intensification of the charm contributed by Vega. This would have enhanced the appeal of the prevailing governing philosophy and the persuasive power of those in charge during time of the conjunction and its run up.
Transiting Pluto galvanized the entire sign of Capricorn during its ingress over the course of 2008. Immediately, Pluto’s deeply transformative, and deeply disruptive, energies flowed into the various realm(s) under Capricorn’s influence.
The Pluto/Capricorn energies began destabilizing global governmental power structures immediately. Technically, Pluto would also have begun its approach to conjunction with Vega as soon as it entered Capricorn.
Even as the energies of Pluto in Capricorn began destabilizing global power structures, they would have begun intensifying the charisma and persuasive power of those in power at the time of Pluto’s Capricorn ingress. This would have provided some stability amidst the spreading chaos.
In the years since 2008, Pluto moved steadily closer to conjunction with Vega. An aspect grows in strength as it becomes exact. Thus, as Uranus entered Aries, the mutable T-Square took effect, and the oligarchic alignment began its decline. Meanwhile, Pluto would have been advancing toward its conjunction with Vega, propping up the powers that be. Pluto would have raised hopes of a decline in oligarchic power even as it propped up oligarchic power by burnishing oligarchic rhetoric.
The power of the oligarchy was beginning its long slow decline with 1) the Uranus Aries ingress 2) the Uranus/Pluto square and 3) the mutable T-Square. The approaching Pluto/Vega conjunction was strengthening the oligarch’s hold on the public imagination by intensifying the charismatic appeal of the oligarchs and their ideology.
If the global economic disruptions weakened the oligarchy, Pluto’s intensification and enhancement of Vega’s power would have helped forestall the demise of the oligarchy.. Even as the foundations of global oligarchy began eroding, oligarchy’s hold on collective political and economic imagination would have grown stronger, thanks to the growing Pluto/Vega conjunction. I think the timing of the Pluto/Vega conjunction also explains a lot about why the power of the oligarchs – of the 1% – remains strong today.
The force of the Pluto/Vega conjunction would have developed slowly for nine years, beginning with Pluto’s Capricorn ingress in 2008. Its influence would have culminated as the Pluto/Vega finally became exact. It was exact three times, from late 2013 or early 2014 thru January 2017.
The Pluto/Vega conjunction would have been exact on January 15, 2016, August 5th 2016, and November 15, 2016. It would have remained within orb – within range – until about January 27, 2017. In other words, the power of the Pluto/Vega conjunction would have been peaking during the US primary, the general elections of 2016 and the installation of the newly elected US government. Trump was inaugurated in January 2017 while the Pluto/Vega conjunction was exact for the last time.
The Pluto/Vega conjunction would have shored up the persuasive power of the oligarchs during the recent primary and general election in the US. As disillusionment with and resistance to the oligarchic agenda were gaining traction, the Pluto/Vega conjunction was reinforcing its appeal for the mass mind.
By the time of the primary and general elections in the United States, the real power of the 1% had been eroding for the better part of a decade, possibly as far back as the subprime mortgage crisis. However, the Pluto/Vega conjunction was compensating for, or countering the effects of this real erosion by enhancing the appeal of its vision.
Consequently, during the National Election 2016 in the United States, the voters felt compelled to put supporters of the oligarchic agenda into office. In the US, supporters of the oligarchic agenda were granted control of the Congress, the White House and a large number of state governments.
In short, during the 2016 election, as the force of the Pluto/Vega conjunction was peaking, the voters gave the oligarchs effective control of the United States government. The Pluto/Vega conjunction was moving out of orb for the last time as President Trump and the GOP Congress was taking office in January 2017.
The Pluto/Vega conjunction would have compensated for the influences that were eroding the powers of the oligarchy. The growing Pluto/Vega conjunction effectively prevented, or forestalled, the loss of power by the oligarchs.
The Pluto/Vega conjunction is over, now though. It will no longer compensate for erosion of oligarchic power. Supporters of the olgarchic agenda will remain in power but they can no longer count on the support of the Pluto/Vega conjunction.
As Pluto now moves beyond the Pluto/Vega conjunction, supporters of the oligarchic agenda can no longer depend on the power of the Pluto/Vega energies to mask the failure of oligarchic policies and programs or counteract the erosion of oligarchic power generally.
Hence, the Pluto/Vega conjunction offers at least a partial explanation for the stubborn persistence of oligarchic power during recent months. It also suggests that we have already reached a tipping point in the battle against oligarchic power.
We are seeing, or soon will see, the breakdown of oligarchic power more clearly. This breakdown will no longer be disguised, masked or delayed by the illusory enchantments of Vega, or intensified by its Pluto’s conjunction with Vega.
The bottom line: we should finally see a resetting of the extreme imbalance of economic and political power created during the oligarchic alignment.
We should also start feeling the beneficial effects of Saturn in Capricorn. Saturn in Capricorn should soon trigger governmental reform at all levels. It will also hamper the use and abuse of government power.
Finally, as Saturn conjoins Vega, we will see a more sober, realistic, healthy, critical attitude toward government figures worldwide. Saturn will be moving in and out of conjunction with Vega throughout 2019. It will grant discernment where governments are concerned. Many government leaders could get their long-delayed comeuppance during Saturn’s transit of Capricorn.
Whatever charisma, or charm has sheltered government from fair and honest assessment will abate in 2019. That would include any benefit they derived from the Pluto/Vega conjunction and more generally from Vega’s presence in Capricorn. Government will be constrained by more rational, down-to-earth attitudes on the part of the electorate.
The long awaited erosion of oligarchic power will begin in earnest. This trend will peak during the Saturn/Vega conjunction(s) of 2019. However, we will should begin will to feel those beneficial effects as Saturn continues its transit of Capricorn. I will have more to say about Saturn’s Capricorn transit in upcoming posts.

Some Highly Speculative Closing Thoughts.

The following ideas are speculative. There is no possible way to prove them. They occured to me repeatedly during my years doing personal charts. But they are compelling and they suggest something of the possible power and significance of the Pluto/Vega conjunction. I decided to include them in this post.
Many of us are confused and curious enough about today’s unfamiliar and difficult energies. Some of us are willing, without abandoning all sense of discernment, to listen to alternative ideas.
I did personal chart readings for several years. It was always my impression that strong fixed star contacts gave a chart special significance.
No matter how you slice it, strong fixed star placements don’t look like ordinary influences in a chart. They seem to bespeak a kind of destiny, or even Dharma. Further analysis seemed always to show that their influence colored the whole chart.
It was hard not to see a particularly strong fixed star placement as fateful. The Pluto/Vega conjunction struck me that way. In all of these ways, strong fixed star placements resemble the North Node.
Planetary placements tie our collective consciousness to the collective consciousness of the solar system. My frequent impression was that with fixed stars something comparable was happening cosmic levels. It always seemed to me that people with especially strong fixed star contacts were tied into a cosmic collective consciousness..
What I have just said is highly speculative. It is based just about exclusively on an intuitive sense derived repeatedly from my own intensive astrology work over a period of several years. It was a very compelling idea in the context of individual charts and the lives of the clients to whom the charts belonged, if only on an intuitive level.
Over the years, however, I have found intuitive insights of that kind to be reliable and worthy of serious consideration and so, as I said, I decided to present them here.
Based on this intuitively-based theory, my thought is that the Earth is undergoing energetic changes that are needed to equip members of the human race to adapt to those spiritual moral and ethical values that prevail at a higher, cosmic level than we are accustomed to.

The Purpose of My Astrology Posts

My purpose in doing astrology on Facebook is to show that the Universe gives expression to the compassion and love of the God who created it.


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