Pleiadian Pipeline via Sophia Love

December 23rd, 2017

Is there a message for my friends from the Pleiadian Pipeline?

Yes! Is now the time for you to receive it?

It is, yes.

Okay then.

Hello, our dear, dear humans.

Brothers and sisters of the stars, we wanted to share with you our
deep love and honor for just exactly who you are. Even in the throws
of such turmoil and chaos – you create beauty and love for your brethren.

There is not one among you who will not reach beyond his or her
own pain and turmoil to help another of you.

Do you know this?

It is, your greatest attribute. Your compassion.

We stand in awe of the race that you are, and humbly lower our heads to you in admiration and respect.

This is our message.

Thank you. It will be given.
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