DECEMBER 21, 2017 What To Do, What To Do?


What To Do, What To Do?

There will always be people that will judge you.  You may be moving through your life, minding your own business, doing what you do, and there will be someone that finds fault with it.  They may even deem you unworthy or undeserving.  Please remember; meddling in other’s lives give them a reason to ignore what they need to work on and change.  It is much easier to point fingers in other directions that at oneself. (Smiling)

What do you do when these situations present themselves?  Step back and breathe!  Allow your consciousness to catch up with your emotions.  Once your conscious mind realizes what is going on, there is no need to react in a negative way.  Send them Unconditional Love and move along.  You know you are worthy and deserving, you know The Universe ‘has your back’, you know you are perfect in your imperfections.  Stay on your path and all will be well.  ~ Creator


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