Another HUmanoid Species

December 12th, 2017

Is there someone who wants to connect?

There is. Yes. I am here.

Hello. Thank you for coming forward.

You are welcome.

Would you introduce yourself please?

Of course. I come to you as a representative of my species. We are a race of humanoid beings with some similar and some not so similar attributes as the human. We are a tall race, which is the dissimilar attribute of ours.

 We are also shaded differently. As the human is on a brown/tan/orange spectrum, we are more of a yellow. Some of us are quite bright.


You cannot picture us as truth. It would seem to be a caricature if you did. I can assure you, it would not be.

We have existed for longer than the human has. That being the case, we have seen more life play out. Your story has been seen before, to some extent. Thus, it is a surprise to the young human, but not to us.

What story are you referring to?

That of a race that has been hijacked to a certain extent and experimented with.

I see. Would you tell me about your race?

As I said, we are humanoid. We live differently than earth humans. Our land, not being as hospitable to sustaining life as your land, forces us inside always.

We live within the land and remove ourselves only for interstellar travel.

There are deep tunneled roadways that exist in the land for all of us to utilize for transport. Our life is facilitated differently. The open caverns approximate a feeling of sky and space.

We are used to artificial light and warmth, the spheres used to supply both appear similar to your sun.

You’d see us as quite youthful compared to the human. Without harsh rays of light and other natural elements, we appear youthful for all of our lives.

We life in structures that most closely resemble your apartment buildings; we are stacked on one another. It looks like that anyway.

Our building material resembles that of clay. There are openings, but not glass, in our housing structures. This is because without harsh elements of nature beating against our buildings, we do not require that level of protection.

We travel in vehicles that hover. Fuel is not pumped into them, they operate on the energy available everywhere. This is the same energy that runs all of our home devices and lights.

The material in our housing structures is sound proof.

Privacy happens when desired in places designated for these things. 

These places are readily available to all members of the colony.

Yes, I said colony.

This does not mean we live in a hive. Colony is the word used to distinguish each living area. They are separated not by artificial lines drawn on maps, but by the caverns and caves themselves. We are not a divided people by origin or flag. We are united and as has been said, connected with a vast highway system of tunnels.

What is it you would ask of me?

Well, longevity, health, system of governance and society. What are the similarities? What are the differences?

There are few similarities at this point. We’ve not been enslaved and intentionally divided. I’ll answer each.

We live a longer time than humans. The average is three hundred of your years.

Our health only changes as a function of use – not so much “time”. It is as if our inner workings have a lifespan of their own that dictates longevity.

We use directed frequencies of energy – light and color – as a healing modality. This when called upon to do so, which is not often. We have no such things as hospitals where the ill are housed. Everyone lives and heals in their home. We have healing centers.

Our system of governance is a global one. Each colony has its own temperament, laws are few and basic.

Governors are chosen by the colony leaders; from their ranks, a global governor’s team is chosen and swapped out often.

I think that the differences are a challenge to explain in a completely satisfactory manner to an enslaved being such as you.

Are you able to send me an image or a feeling?

Why yes, I can do that. Hold on.

I see many people, a covering, yellow and brown; I feel a deep involvement and interest in their work. Not so much a looking at others as an internal focus. Lot’s of activity. Smiles. I do not see children.

Why, what an odd impression yet you are correct. Children are kept indoors until they are able to move freely, independently. Would you like to see them?


I see running. Long yellow legs. I hear laughter. Very bright. Smiles. Some equipment, electronic. But mostly light, rugs, play. Large area. Blue rugs.

Yes. Learning happens in structured and unstructured play.

I see an adult in a white gown or apron, walking around. I don’t feel much from her… Ahhh, yes, now I do; smiles and a huge generous heart.

Yes. Highly accurate. You’ve picked up on one Center.

All children in the colony are at the same place?

Pretty much, yes. The very youngest may often be on their own floor, until mobility of movement ensues.

Okay. Thanks. You’ve given me some nice images.

You are welcome. We are finished now?

Yes, I believe we are! I appreciate the contact.

As do I. Good luck human. Goodbye.

Goodbye and thanks again. 
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©2011-2017  Sophia Love   All Rights Reserved.

We are anchors for the light
We are the ones we’ve been waiting for
Let’s do this

©2011-2017  Sophia Love   All Rights Reserved.

We are anchors for the light
We are the ones we’ve been waiting for
Let’s do this


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