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If you are on an accelerated spiritual path at this time, then you know what unconditional love feels like with all of your being. Once you have felt this love, you can’t believe that you used to live without it. Conditional love just can’t exist for you any more.

The spiritual journey is about saying so long to conditional love for good. It speeds the process of freeing yourself, step by step, from its limitations. This is the gift and the shining challenge of your mastery. But what exactly do I mean by conditional love? I mean bargaining for it.

The old human way was to live in constant fear of not having enough love. And so we looked outside of ourselves to get more of it. We traded and pleaded and performed for the love we craved. We grabbed what little we could get our hands on and carefully measured its exchange. 

Love became a limited commodity, and we bought into the program. All the way. We said, “If you love me, then I will love you in these specific ways that I can afford.” We began controlling others and allowing ourselves to be controlled – all for love and attention. The perpetrator/victim mentality was born. And it completely distorted the very thing that we desired. Love. 

The whole arrangement was flawed from the start because LOVE has no limits. What’s more, when we gave love away, we gave away our own power. Because LIMITLESS LOVE comes from within you, not outside of yourself. Indeed, love has always been who you are. You don’t have to fight to be loved because you already are it. Your spiritual journey powerfully ignites this remembrance in you.

You are made of powerful, unconditional love. You are already spiritually immaculate. Your spiritual process is simply removing anything that obscures this.

You don’t ever have to earn love. You don’t have to limit it any more. So give love freely, and free yourself. Because you don’t ever have to worry about not being loved enough again. 

You are loved so infinitely and completely. You are bathed in spiritual love at every moment of your life. Your spiritual growth is simply revealing this. It is lifting the veil from what always was.


So love your old fears away – the ones that fought for survival in a limited world. That world is disintegrating now. Your old fears began when you didn’t feel loved enough. But now you know that you are loved – unconditionally and forever, and in the ways you have always dreamed.  

As you face your fears, you will see that anything you have judged others for is what you feared most in yourself. Your judgment was showing you the limits you placed on your own love. It was revealing the things that you resisted in yourself because you feared not being loved if you had them. That was your conditioning. 

And so, you hid these traits from the world in order to survive. Now, these secrets are being displayed in sharp relief so that you can finally accept yourself. The comfort zone of your own conditioning is being obliterated so that you can love yourself at last. You are being guided towards your own sublime and ultimate transformation.

It all starts within, where the fight for love began. And it is unconditional love that will free you from your ancient, human struggle. It will lead you to become completely and utterly free in every possible way – not only in your being but in every aspect of your life. This means that you no longer put conditions on yourself or anyone – or anything for that matter. You accept everyone exactly as they are. Once you do, their immaculate beauty will astound you. As will your own.

“So Long Conditional Love”, by Suzanne Baker Hogan, not dated,

Suzanne is the author of Share the Spiritual and Twin Flame Help.





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