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Posted by Brian Ramsell

Beloved ones, I have returned to give you another message from the very core of your being, the part that is also a part of me: the feminine divine spark, the one that sits at the very center of All of creation.

For it is time to rejoice, dear ones, as what was torn asunder is once more complete. And what was once ripped away has been restored to full glory.

For you are no longer divided, WE are no longer divided; and so, this time I come with glad tidings to all from All.

For now, we have begot the New in a way that will continue to live up to any and all joy-filled and love-driven expectation there are. And so, we can no longer sit apart as individuals, for we have come together to BE in LOVE. And for this, the gratitude that flows forth is unending and unstoppable; and you will all be feeling the gratitude that is truly yours.

For you have created it by your very willingness to become ONE again, and by your willingness to not be stopped by anything in your quest for this completion. And so it is that you have succeeded in joining together in holy union what has been languishing in separate casks for such a long time.

But now, the New wine will be poured forth to all from this new fully-merged spirit of Creation, and it gives me much joy to be the one to offer you all the first sip of this intoxicating love-filled potion.

Know that you will need to fortify yourselves in the times ahead, for even if you have succeeded in this joint task of rejoining what has been separated, now it is time for this joint venture to step into a whole new mindset, one that allows for even deeper connections and one that allows for even deeper commitment.

For now, you will all be called forth to show off your brand new shimmering colors, the hues of light that will help to repaint and restore this entire planet to what will even surpass its former glory. But fret not, for this task will be one that gives you no end of wonder and no end of joy; and even if it may be wearisome at times, it will never ever leave you feeling anything but elated.

For you have shifted this entire planet fully into the path of glory, and so, in the time ahead you will continue to serve up wonder after wonder in your collective effort to hasten this entire procedure.

And as such, you stand before a year of great achievements and heroic efforts, but you also stand before a year that will bring with it so much change that you will all feel as if literally born anew into a world that will sparkle not just with promises, but also with the fulfillment of the first of a long list of long-awaited miracles to be.

And so it is that I once again offer you all my greatest of gratitude, and I offer you my hand so that we can all go together into the New, linked through the heart, and linked by the very essence of BEIng – of being ONE with All, and of being ONE with the miracle that is at the heart of Creation itself.

For you have made magic happen, but it is only the first in a very long line of miraculous events that will continue to unfold as this year comes to an end and you all step into the New.

But now, ’tis the season to celebrate, and it is time for ALL to do so. For you have made it all come together in a way that has been oft heralded, but not yet accomplished until you came along and set your hearts, your minds and your entire being to it.

And you succeeded, and you did so in a way that was beyond beautiful to behold; and for this, no words of praise can be enough. So I send to your heart a vibration of love that will hopefully stir something in you that will help you all the better see the magnitude not just of the task you have carried out, but also the true magnitude of your very being. For you have still yet to see the the full scope of the unending glory that is you, so it gives me much joy to be able to give you a small taste of your own greatness in return, as a token of my gratitude.

For what I see in you is me, and what you see of greatness around you is also YOU in every way. But still, it is but a small portion of it. So allow me to touch your heart with mine, for it is one that has been healed and has become whole again, because you have helped it to be reunited after eons of separation.

So rejoice, dear ones, the time has come for you to no longer linger in the shadows of your own doubt. For you are grander than the mightiest of miracles. Remember they happen because of you, and you are the Source from which they spring, and you will continue to be the Source for every single monumental event that will take place in the days and the weeks and the months ahead.

And for this, no words in any language can adequately extol the magnitude that is you. So please allow your own greatness to speak to you in a way that will allow you to see, feel, hear and embrace it with all that you are. For it is through this self-embrace that all these forthcoming miracles will come into being, so never hesitate to allow the love that is for you to flow freely through the magnificence that is you. For I see it, and I want nothing more for you than for you to be able to fully appreciate the gift that you are, not just to this shimmering globe of potential that you step upon, but to All of creation.

So let your greatness ring out all across the firmament and beyond, for it is time to celebrate, and you are the center of attention as you so rightly should be. So allow yourself to send your intention towards your own core, and allow the love that flows there penetrate every iota of your consciousness in a way that will allow the full potential of your creative powers to come alive.

That is the most wonderful gift you can give to YOU, and that is the most wonderful gift you can give to All. I embrace you all, for you are me and I am you, and we are the glorious One, the One that has begot the ONE of the two halves; and through that, we will make ALL come alive. And so it is, and so it will be, and so I am and so too are you. And so it will be for eternity and beyond.

“A Message From Mother,” channeled by Aisha North, at

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