Good Vibrations from SIRIUS 20141106 Heavenletters via Gloria Wendroff: Self-Discovery


Heaven 6-11

Posted by Kathleen W

Heavenletter #5092 Self-Discovery

God said:

Now you have a clue as to Who you are and what your life is for. It used to be that you didn’t have a clue, and now you have a clue. You are still suspicious, yet you have a glimpse. This glimpse makes all the difference in the world.

If I were telling a tale, I would say that you are Columbus discovering a new world. Columbus discovered what he dreamed of. He was a discoverer, and so are you.

Ultimately, Columbus discovered himself in a New World. At the moment of this all-important startling self-discovery, Columbus blended with Me, and so will you. Every discovery has something to do with discovering yourself. You are entering a New World.

The path that Columbus had was very clear. It wasn’t an easy path, yet it was easy in that it became clear to him. At some point, Columbus had no doubt what his path was. He may not have thought of it as a path, yet he knew where he wanted to go. He got there. It didn’t matter that where he landed bore a different name from what he had thought. There was no mistake even as he had been mistaken.

You are on the course of your life, and you are getting here. Yet the direction you are going in is not so clearly defined. It is hazy. It is as though you are in the mist. What’s ahead is not so clear to you, and yet you are going there just the same.

Beloveds, whatever you pursue, you are in pursuit of yourself. When you reach the Heights of Discovery, then you are clearly able to let go of your individuality, and your life becomes Mine with alacrity. You are happy to turn in your individual life for Mine.

You have always known there was something great in the offing, and now you discover your very Greatness. You give yourself over to it. Without the will of ego, you recognize that your will and Mine are One and the Same. This is your Self-Discovery. This is what you are on Earth for.

This is a full-hearted discovery. This is what you have wanted all along, only what you really wanted wasn’t clear to you. Suddenly, it is clear, and what you want, now you have it. Ego dropped out of the race and left you in your True Glory. What a great place to be. You are, indeed, the Shining Light of the World. It is not that I move over. It is that you move up, and your light encompasses All That Is. You are no longer on the outskirts. You are no longer on a point of departure. You are arrived. You take off your disguises with sweeping gestures, and you are no longer surprised. You have caught up to yourself. Welcome, I say. Welcome to My Heart of Joy.

You give up nothing. You find everything. Ego slips away, and now you are the Sun That Shines in its full glory. It is High Noon now. You are a Blazing Sun, and that is enough. What more do you want? What more is there anyway? There is only less, and there is no going back. You are on Sacred Ground. Littleness has been overtaken. Littleness has been dissuaded. Littleness no longer exists. Everything you have ever wanted, even without knowing its name, is yours. You may have tiptoed here, yet you are here. You may have opened an unmarked door. It closed after you, and there is no going back. There is no wanting to go back. You have found the New Land. You have arrived.

Barriers no longer exist. Your feet are on Earth, and your heart is in Heaven. We are enjoined in Love. This is Oneness. Welcome Home, My Self.




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